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  1. **** v Thistle

    'the ra' F*ck off.
  2. **** v Thistle

    Did I imagine the hounding handed out to your team by Celtic last season? It *was* your heaviest ever defeat at Ibrox, wasn't it? Anyway, the most startling thing about your post is the admission that the only tops you own are the freebies Asda dishes out to its employees. That £5.99 could have been better spent elsewhere.
  3. Most underrated player

    Callum Booth.
  4. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Bring back Michael Max, say bring back Michael Max.
  5. Not a free-kick according to McCoist.
  6. Same tackle as Jack's.
  7. "There's only only one man who knows whether there was intent." Yes. Ryan Jack.
  8. Been a while, but I've updated the OP.