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  1. Crocker thinks this is the last "Glasgow derby" of the season. Naw mate.
  2. That's why most posters' teams are made up predominantly of Celtic players m8.
  3. Following on from Radford's thread on the PotY, what's your Premiership Team of the Year - that is, a team comprising players picked from Premiership sides. We all know some smart-a**e - Romeo, probably - will chime in with 'Celtic'. Feel free to through in a Premiership Duds XI, too. Lewis Logan....Simunovic....Lindsay....Tierney Brown....Armstrong Hayes....Swanson....Sinclair Dembele
  4. It's sourced from the print edition. Imagine it's a NIB and won't be much longer than the BBC's two-liner.
  5. Can we say that Ade Azeez almost made the full England squad as a youngster because he was capped at U19 level?
  6. Sean Welsh is injured?
  7. So, they're much of a muchness then?
  8. Here's a Ryan much better, if at all, than Jimmy C? I'd say it's debateable.
  9. He's also been playing with an injury. As has Booth.
  10. Erskine's only one off that total (in the league) this season, to be fair to him.
  11. He has nice hair?
  12. I'll say one thing for Christie...his professionalism is equalled only by Kris Doolan.
  13. Edwards is going to win the popular vote, isn't he?