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  1. I'll keep my comments brief... Jamie Hammill is a detestable fat f*ck.
  2. Hopefully his brother can come and watch him every week.
  3. It was Pogba's brother.
  4. Jury's still out on Muzzy. He had a few standout performances last season, but O'Donnell contributed so much more. Remain to be convinced.
  5. Ditto. What a waste.
  6. Michael McGovern boarding my flight to Norwich. One rumour the media seem to have got spot on.
  7. Has Crawford kept more clean sheets that Scully already?
  8. The only issue I have with him is that f*cking alice band.
  9. Ta ra, mate.
  10. I banned him for two reasons: One: He's a bully - the Grimbo thread was bang out of order. Two: The warning points issued to that thread meant he'd amassed a grand total of 15. He's no stranger to the moderating team. Jarko's gone, too.
  11. Fair doos.
  12. Ta. Wonder if the first league game will see us start with: Cerny Syme Gordon Devine Booth Osman Welsh Amoo Erskine Lawless Doolan