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  1. Been a while, but I've updated the OP.
  2. ^^^ on the register
  3. Just seen the highlights...oh, Kris.
  4. Three correct calls yesterday.
  5. You scored against County.
  6. One of whom was Pat Bonner... Unattractive doesn't mean ineffective. I'll trust my own judgement, thanks.
  7. It took a massive deflection.
  8. wut Good debut. He's going to be an asset.
  9. ^^^ this c*nt
  10. He's our third-choice striker. I couldn't give two hoots if you and the fans of every other club he's ever played for think he's sh*te. If he scores five goals for us this season I'll be happy. That shouldn't be too hard to comprehend, unless you're an idiot... No, mate. I'm saying Kirk Broadfoot is sh*t. Next question.