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  1. It must be amazing to possess mind-reading skills.
  2. I'm not. Someone asked a question and I answered it.
  3. I've quickly looked at the number of goals scored against us last season in the final 10 minutes of games - 12. Nine of them were scored while Azeez was on the pitch.
  4. It might have been a standard Roses crowd, but I wouldn't say it was representative of Scotland's gig-goers. So aye, you must be a bam.
  5. Why don't they, then?
  6. It's not my bag, but he's an undeniably talented b*****d. A guitar, a few pedals and a completely captivated audience.
  7. Rodgers and this current iteration of Chic are phenomenal.
  8. Reni played all over the top of Mani and Squire last night - I found it really irritating.
  9. His dad dancing was excruciating. I've avoided seeing them up until last night out of fear of disappointent. I really wish I hadn't bothered.
  10. Primal Scream were worth the £35 I paid for Hampden. But this crowd...f*cking horrible.
  11. What's the genesis of that rumour? I've seen it mentioned a few times.
  12. That's the lad who kept Liam Lindsay out of the Scotland U21 squad, aye?
  13. Neither do I. Crackpots. We should be looking to improve on last season...that means taking points from the likes of Aberdeen and Rangers. We need to play every side, anyway.