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  1. 'From Here On In' by South
  2. St Johnstone away in the next round of the cup. Yay.
  3. Retirement home for washed-up former ****.
  4. Yup. That's them.
  5. 99 Hanover Street? I know a few guys who play there, plus a few regulars. What/where/when is MFSB?
  6. I thought my dancing days were behind me, but I see that Gilles Peterson is playing Melting Pot at Sub Club on 24 March. If there's one man, one club night and one club that can coax me out of early retirement then this is it.
  7. Gonna spend a hungover day going through the tracks that have posted since I last dipped in. Here's my favourite Parliament Funkadelic thang in the meantime...
  8. We need another CH regardless of whether Lindsay leaves or not.
  9. No. But it's paved the way for him to call one of the burglars a slag.
  10. Plenty of nawty language in tonight's ep. We've had a "b*st*rd", "arse" and two uses of "shagging". I'll be writing a strongly worded letter of complaint to the Beeb.
  11. I drank in the Royalty pre and post-match for years. One of the barmaids was a particular favourite of mine.
  12. Same or similar age as Doolan when he signed eight years ago to this very day and look what he's gone on to achieve. Folk have been too quick to write Azeez off.