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  1. Sounds like something Ludo would say.
  2. Dat penalty claim... Hahaha!
  3. I was bored by the end of it. They can't help padding these out.
  4. Well, this is a bit creepy.
  5. His dad was sitting next to us on Saturday - he'd f*cking smash you. Tread carefully.
  6. I'd stick with Saturday's formation, providing Lindsay is fit. Fuctifano mentioned that Erskine was hobbling along the side of the pitch on Saturday. I heard that he's due a scan on his knee this week. Bitter blow - he could've done so much more with the space Edwards was afforded on Saturday.
  7. That's the worst I've seen Gardyne. Genuinely forget he'd played until you mentioned him.
  8. Aye, very strange. You'd have thought he would've celebrated with the 30 bumpkins who made the long trip south. File him in the 'complete pr*ck' category next to Nacho Novo.
  9. Find myself disagreeing with Fuctifano on one point: I think the anxiety is being transmitted form the pitch to the stands, not the other way around. Burke's introduction is an indication that County will spend their way out of trouble again.