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  1. What the **** was Devine playing at at the equaliser?
  2. Cannae be. He's a Motherwell man.
  3. City don't want him to play, but their hands are tied...
  4. I'm not convinced it was a penalty. I think Lawless tried to let it run for Booth and ended himself in a panic when he realised how close Tyson. Bizarre when he'd already scored, but, barring his goal, he was shot-shy all afternoon.
  5. I reckon Welsh is more likely to start on Saturday than Barton. If the latter makes an appearance then it's more likely to be in place of Devine. My predicted line-up: Scully Gordon Devine/Barton Lindsay Booth Welsh Edwards Amoo Erskine Lawless Doolan
  6. Where the f*ck was Azeez's last-minute effort?
  7. Yes. But try giving them a rub with a wet-wipe first.
  8. Will Rangers v Ross County be the last game on as the weekend's only goalless draw?
  9. Didn't put a foot wrong yesterday. More performances like that, please.
  10. You saw the goal, right?