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  1. Me and Romeo Cultssheep
  2. ^ excellent video.
  3. Is sampled in... and and and much, much more.
  4. Ach, just fire a song in a post together with a few tracks that sample it. The original concept was probably over-complicated.
  5. This season reminds me of our first year back in the top flight already.
  6. Reports I've received suggest we're playing well. Surprised to see players being singled out for criticism.
  7. 4-1-3-2 for Thistle, or Archie pushing square pegs in round holes?
  8. Why were Forfar represented by a soiled sanitary towel?
  9. I didn't bother with Pete Rock last night. I stumbled across his Instagram rant about Young Thug wearing a dress on his album cover and decided Pete's a c*ck who doesn't deserve any more of my money.
  11. Disgusting challenge.