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  1. Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage
  2. It was a reckless challenged that deserved a booking. The "wee lad" is in his 40s, mate.
  3. Formartine or Annan at home in the Scottish Cup.
  4. Bollocks. He didn't make contact, but the intent was there. It was a late lunge borne of frustration after Barton ripped the piss out of him.
  5. Barton *did* do well for the most part, but he ran away from Dodoo at the winner. Devine would've been crucified for that. And I'll say again that Garner was luckier to escape a yellow for his late lunge on Barton than he was a straight red for the elbow. The BBC neglected to show that on Sportscene, focusing on Forrester's penalty claim instead.
  6. Those PotY predictions...
  7. The sharing of screenshots was clearly a reference to the sharing of the tweet 8MileBU sent Skidmarks. Any suggestion that Skidmarks or TGIG stalked 8MileBU and pulled off pics of him and his daughter is a risible deflection.
  8. Aye. Cross from the right, IIRC.
  9. Boyd's was better than either of them.