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  1. Tidy, but I doubt I'll be parting with the readies having bought a few pairs recently. Also, we had a loft ladder fitted at the weekend meaning the missus has a route up there. Nowhere to hide any clandestine purchases.
  2. Thistle fans singing our manager's name, Hearts fans wondering who the f*ck the imposter is in their dugout.
  3. Hertz are muck. Cathro's Steve Paterson minus the drink problem.
  4. I'm still alive. Just picked up a pair of Stan Smith primeknit in TK Maxx for £30.
  5. It's hard to talk with your mouth full, but did you say you were sucking his grandad's knob? Sounds about right.
  6. No compo - they've terminated his contract.
  7. Did someone say "managerial vacancy"?
  8. Ade. [emoji7]
  9. Well, no. It was outside the box, so it shouldn't have been a penalty. Celtic should have been down to ten men, though. But you don't benefit from controversial decisions.
  10. Gordon's foul on Azeez at Firhill that should've resulted the former receiving a red card?