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  1. Mate of mines is a Dundee fan so went along to see them play Raith on Tuesday. El Bak certainly wasn't playing with the same confidence he showed with us, one of his key attributes used to be his ability to trap a ball, yet he just constantly kept giving it away each time. The Dundee fans don't seem to enamoured with him either.
  2. Usual Scottish team in Europe scenes here.
  3. Subject to change before the season starts of course, yet unless we bring in some decent signings, can't see us improving on last year at all. 1. Dundee Utd 2. Inverness 3. Falkirk 4. St Mirren 5. Morton 6. Dunfermline 7. Livingston 8. Dumbarton 9. QOTS 10. Brechin
  4. Meh. Really surprised he's stayed in all honesty, Johnston didn't exactly play him much.
  5. Probably will be Shankland, he's played upfront with McManus in the past.
  6. So three signings, two of whom were part of a side who got relegated from our league and a dude who hasn't played in a year... Awesome.
  7. Raith are clearly going baws out this season. Could be financial turmoil if they don't go straight back up.
  8. Looking at the squad, i think Murdoch, Ashcroft, Morris, Higginbotham, Wedderburn and Clark are players of the quality for a side pushing for a promotion play off spot. No clue how M'Voto will fit in, the likes of Talbot and Williamson are average enough, though i had hoped the latter would have progressed a bit further than he has. Can't say i'm fussed about McCabe going, in fact i don't think we should have kept any of the players who have left so far. Paton's the only player whose future still needs resolved, yet is he good enough if we want to move forward as a club? For me, the likes of Martin, Cardle and Hopkirk aren't cut out for this level, how Hopkirk managed to get a two year deal despite not even being a regular when we were in League 1 is bizarre. Still a long way to go if we're going to have a team that's good enough to push for a top four finish.
  9. Brechin away will do.
  10. The puss on Theresa May
  11. 7 votes Just embarrassing yourself live on TV.
  12. Erm erm erm erm, quite the speech.
  13. Absolute madness seeing folk favouring the Tories over Labour in Scotland.
  14. Willie might be in with a shot, seems like he has a wee fanny.