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  1. f**k sake. Away to girvan on day of the scotland game.
  2. 2016 Unibet World Grand Prix Sunday October 2 (7pm) First Round x8 Kyle Anderson 2-1 Cristo Reyes Ian White 1-2 Kim Huybrechts James Wade 2-0 Terry Jenkins Gerwyn Price 1-2 Benito van de Pas Adrian Lewis (3) 2-0 Jelle Klaasen Robert Thornton 1-2 Stephen Bunting Gary Anderson 2-0 Jamie Caven Mervyn King 2-1 Raymond van Barneveld 180's Adrian Lewis Monday October 3 (7pm) First Round x8 Dave Chisnall 2-0 Robbie Green Mick McGowan 1-2 James Wilson Mensur Suljovic 2-0 Daryl Gurney Michael Smith 2-0 Alan Norris Joe Cullen 1-2 Simon Whitlock Phil Taylor 2-0 Steve West Michael van Gerwen 2-0 Steve Beaton Peter Wright 2-0 Brendan Dolan 180's Dave Chisnall
  3. Martin Adams undergoing treatment for Prostate cancer.
  4. The production from the bbc for this is spot on, nice touch to have a dartboard in the studio to have some insight how the players throw etc, much better than having sky promos rammed down your throat every 5 minutes, also nicholson very good pundit and miles away from the bad boy persona he created when he was playing. As for the darts itself the feel a bit meaningless but this tournament is all about the pdc getting their foot in the door on the bbc.
  5. Another defeat today, and one point from the last nine available, its a tough league and no one will run away with it so not really concerned yet. But, why we have two strikers on the bench but play our best midfielder up front was just odd. When burbidge went off we were goosed, seems the game plan is just kick it in his direction, Mackinnon and Haddow had good games in midfield but we need Barclay or Allan back in their as soon as possible. Absolutely toothless up front, brought joel on and played him on the wing and he never touched the ball for the twenty minutes he was on.
  6. We are down to play Blantyre at Holm park next week.
  7. http://www.pdc.tv/news/article/ay7rjg4py2k113ydayxwp1umh/title/ladbrokes-world-series-finals-invitations Info about the world series at Braehead in November. Got tickets for the saturday, would imagine the young lad cadby will get an invite after beating taylor, suljovic has been playing some great darts in the european tour so wouldn't be suprised if he got in. The floor qualifier will probably be the likes of darren webster and wayne jones ...
  8. Encouraging news, surface not an issue as 3g and the like is the future and is used in countries that perform better than Scotland on the international stage. Only wonder how much change can be made on the surroundings of the ground with a road on one side and the clyde on the other.
  9. Agreed yoker by far the better team and could have scored more with the chances they created. Need to forget about it and move on to next week, its a marathon and not a sprint etc etc.
  10. That was embarrassing at times today, lumsden set the tone with a poor kick and passing it to a yoker player within the first ten seconds. First goal simple corner not defended,second looked over the line to me but no way the ref could be sure from where he was standing, he looked at his lino but he didn't have a clue either. 2 nil down and we finally start playing, get a goal back and give away a stupid penalty and it was game over from there. Darroch had a really poor game, lyden was worse, although being played out of position doesn't help his cause, we have good players who can play nice football but continue to hit the ball high towards two small wingers, its food and drink for any defender in the air.
  11. Game rescheduled for tomorrow?
  12. 24th is when 1st round games are being played. Hope we have asked for a game.
  13. See the rangers v celtic thread.
  14. Why the hold up for league fixtures on the 24th. We all know what teams are in action in the junior cup so no reason why league fixtures have not been announced,
  15. The 'TA' foot soldiers will be seething.