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  1. Joking aside, i can't remember in my lifetime Scotland ever playing free flowing attacking football. Big Sam might be old school but he gets results with average players which suits us down to the ground.
  2. 1 game 1 win as an international manager.
  3. How the f**k do similar countires like switzerland and iceland manage to produce players able to qualify for tournaments while we have produced nothing in 20 years. It is a disgrace.
  4. f**k off strachan and take that moron mchgee with you. Players who should never play for scotland again. Forrest, The two fletchers christophe fucking berra.
  5. Strachan can f**k off, can't beat lithuania at home at cant defend for 3 minutes against england, had to win tonight against a team who had nothing to play for and got thoroughly outplayed. Your luck will run out eventually and strachan and the shite players he picks have been shown up.
  6. Looks like we are going for it, two up front and forrest dropped, thank f**k. Phillips concerns me looked a right lazy shite on thursday and was blowing out his arse after half an hour. 2 nil Scotland, Griffiths and Martin.
  7. Goals, & gossip. Saturday 07 Oct.

    Really poor result today as thought first half pollok looked bang average. Quality opener and then we gifted them 3 goals. Josh at fault for two and then Gow got caught in possession. We offer nothing up front if Shelvey is not on the pitch, the two young lads we have brought in are simply not up to it at this level, You need experience in this league, our first signing in the summer should have been a no nonsense centre forward. From what i have seen so far i would be surprised if we finish in the top ten.
  8. Darts...

    Pipe gets beat and takes the hump. Chuck kicking off 160 numerous times.
  9. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    Well worth the win yesterday, whole team was superb but shelvey was outstanding, he should be starting up front every week. Thought the big cumnock forward could have walked for his first elbow on vezza which looked nasty enough to warrant a straight red.
  10. Darts...

    Emerging Polish star Krzysztof Ratajski takes the title becoming the first player to win from the last 256 since robert thornton in 2007. Seeds were introduced shortly after and were parachuted in at a later stage. Ratajski has made the most of the PDC expanding into eastern europe, taking part in most euro tours this year and is now in the unusual situation of holding an entry for both world championships. Scotsman Cameron Menzies had a good run getting to the semis, could be a dark horse for lakeside if he makes it.
  11. Darts...

    BDO masters live on eurosprt this evening and tomorrow.
  12. Central Sectional Cup final

    Sent us down to Girvan last season on day of Scotland game as well. Almost as if it happens on purpose.
  13. Central Sectional Cup final

    So the final gets played on a friday or sunday to attract more neutrals. Its not hard to work out if you played this on a saturday there would be more fans there with it being an interntional break. Not everyone lives within a mile radius of their teams. I will be travelling down on the thursday night for game at hampden then probably again for this on the friday night, also fans from both teams probably heading out to watch scotland in slovenia. Im sure we were told before junior fans don't go to scotland games...
  14. Central Sectional Cup final

    So the neutrals take precedence over the average fan?