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  1. Grand slam qualifiers. Rab Thornton, Dimitri van den Bergh, Ted Evetts, Brendan Dolan, Chris Dobey, James Wilson, Nathan Derry and Darren Webster. A mixed bag really, Kim Huybrechts and Jelle Klaasen lost out in the final games so it could have been better. V den Bergh, evetts and dobey all young up and coming players. World series. Simon Whitlock, Steve Beaton, Brendan Dolan and Joe Murnan. Dolan beat Terry Jenkins in the final game and Murnan beat Chuck Norris to seal his spot. That was disappointing, Norris would have loved to have played in Glasgow i'm sure.
  2. More tickets released at noon tomorrow, any one any idea how many it is likely to be?.
  3. How did the guy get into a position of being a ref without being able to tell the time.
  4. Aye, nice little win for chuck. Draw also done for the European championships last weekend in October. Session Schedule Friday October 28 Afternoon Session (1.45pm-6pm local time, 12.45pm-5pm UK time)First Round x8Jamie Caven v James RichardsonDaryl Gurney v Gerwyn PriceChris Dobey v Joe CullenIan White v Terry JenkinsCristo Reyes v Robert ThorntonMervyn King v Devon PetersenMichael Smith v Stephen BuntingMax Hopp v Benito van de PasEvening Session (8pm-12am local time, 7pm-11pm UK time)First Round x8Jelle Klaasen (8) v Steve WestKim Huybrechts (5) v James WilsonDave Chisnall (6) v Kyle AndersonMensur Suljovic (2) v Jermaine WattimenaPeter Wright (3) v Justin PipeAlan Norris (7) v Phil TaylorMichael van Gerwen (1) v Simon WhitlockJames Wade (4) v Gary Anderson World series at Braehead the weekend after and then Grand Slam, Players championship and the worlds in December, great time of the year. Busy day on Sunday as players try to qualify for Grand slam and world series places.
  5. What an all round farce, sums up the west region sjfa.
  6. Politicians lying, strewth, whatever next.
  7. 1.Johnny Russell. 2.Craig Conway. 3.Ross Wallace. 4.George Boyd. 5.Matt Phillips.
  8. Piss poor start to the season continues.
  9. Funny if neilston won the replay.
  10. Tierney was our best player. Snodgrass is overrated, two shite games in a row. Steven Fletcher is still a carthorse and Darren Fletcher should have retired with Scott Brown.
  11. Anyone know if the SFA do refunds on season tickets?
  12. MVG unstoppable once again as he picked up his third Grand prix title. Didn't see the final as was at Hampden but caught up with it on youtube and MVG was brilliant in the first 3 sets. Good week for Van de pas and Whitlock is back in some form, he looked to be going the way of Newton and Hamilton sliding down the rankings. Poor again in a major from Adrian Lewis who should be in his prime but is spending his best years being flogged doing exhibitions in social clubs by Keith Deller.
  13. Griffiths and Martin should have been two up front from the start, martin done well holding up the ball and winning flick ons but there was no one near him, we have no plan B and can't break down the shittiest of teams who just get 10 men behind the ball and nick a goal on the break.
  14. Sounds like a big 3 points in a game which could be our last league game for a month. Well done all.