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  1. Thought Stuart Armstrong was excellent last night, wasn't man city's strongest team but he played well, looks like a more intelligent player football wise than Scott Brown. Would imagine he will be in the next squad.
  2. No, if you want to play in the scottish cup, join the lowland or highland league.
  3. How can 15 minutes extra play for both teams be irrelevant? How can the ref not know that it was straight to penalties, it's not a mistake it is lack of knowledge of your job.
  4. Of course it should be replayed, anyone saying otherwise has a biased agenda, you can't just make up the rules as you go along. Sounds like the ref has went 'shit, lads its getting dark lets just go to penalties'. What sort of training are these refs getting, already this season we have had a ref who can't tell the time and now one who doesn't know the rules in the juniors biggest competition.
  5. Bankies 1-2 Renfrew. Two poor teams and a whistle happy ref produced 90 minutes of dire football.
  6. Draw for the worlds. http://www.pdc.tv/news/article/rjunk8z09id61e6iz0u3ahfyc/title/william-hill-world-darts-championship-draw I would say about ten seeds will go out first round, some really interesting match ups. Highlights for me. Huybrechts v Wilson Smith v Evans Barney v Kong The impressive corey cadby in line to play joe cullen if he gets through his pre lim.
  7. Chuck norris nine darter! Beats bully smith 6-4.
  8. A very scrappy final but mvg got it done in the end. Players championship finals next week and then on to the world championships. Odds on in most places to win his second title but the worlds is different, strange things can happen. You have got Anderson defending his title, wright playing the best darts of his life and phil taylor looking for a last hurrah. Going to be great. Edit, Jan dekker almost qualified for the worlds tonight but lost out 6-4 to Jerry Hendriks in the final of the central europe qualifier.
  9. MVG 16-12 Wade 180's MVG
  10. MVG steps it up a gear to win comfortably in the end. another ten darter finishing on double 1. Madness.
  11. Wright still in it, was poised to go ahead for the first time but mvg took out a 139. Just hit a ten darter. Averaging 112, wright doing well to still be in touch.
  12. MVG 16-12 Peter WrightGary Anderson 16-11 James Wade180s - MVG
  13. Wright was excellent last night, now above Taylor in the rankings. He could produce the same sort of average tomorrow and still get soundly beat given how good MVG is. .
  14. Well done to rags like the sun and daily record making the boy think he is a superstar at 13. They will now label him a traitor and demand he is hung drawn and quattered.
  15. Van gerwen 16-10 Brendan Dolan Peter Wright 12-16 Phil Taylor. 180's MVG. James Wade 16-9 Chris Dobey Raymond van Barneveld 16-13 Gary Anderson 180's Anderson