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  1. First half was dire, strachan parked the bus and england ran out of ideas fairly quick although kane had a few half chances.Morrison was a passenger, Anya worse game he has had for us and Snodgrass was invisible.Would be astounded if he was still at West Ham in a years time. Some blaming gordon for the first goal but looked to have taken a massive deflection from where i was watching. Step up Griffiths, two world class free kicks in the space of 2 minutes, unreal scenes. Then the ultimate kick in the guts all we have to do is clear it but somehow it ends up coming back into our box. Felt like a defeat, as good a defeat in the circumstances. Just an absolute sickner.
  2. Dropping 7 points already and the two friendlies against them in recent times can't have helped.
  3. We have never really been pumped at hampden have we ? It will be tight but would imagine it will be the same as wembley and england will be clinical take their chances. I would start with Griffiths up front, he has pace and can get in behind. Snodgrass has been poor last couple of games, need a big performance from him if we are to get anything. How i would line up. Gordon Tierney Martin Mulgrew Robertson Fraser Brown Armstrong Fletcher Snodgrass Griffiths. Only changes i can see strachan making is martin up top and his pet forrest on the wing. Berra is a bombscare so hopefully he is nowhere near the starting 11.
  4. I did, also handed out some leaflets for him. Tories and lib dems take votes off each other and he wins by 2. Glorious scenes in a former lib dem safe seat still SNP. Would have paid good money to see wullie rennies glakit puss when the result was announced.
  5. Bump. He has been talking pish again this week claiming tomorrow is a 'must not lose'. Is he deluded or just stupid? Quite obviously 2nd place is not going to get a play off spot in this group, does he know this? does mark mcghee know this ? Leaving aside the fact it is a home game against an historic rival, we are in fourth spot. say we do draw we would still be 6 points behind england and still in fourth spot with slovakia and slovenia likely to pull further away. The man is a clown.
  6. THis brexit thing isn't going to happen is it?
  7. What an absolute shambles scottish labour are. Dugdale should be out the door. Labour gains were due to corbyn and his message.
  8. SNP party need to do some soul searching. Disgusting seeing 13 tory seats in Scotland. Will be another election this year i would imagine. Best news is woke up to is top boy Gethins beating the lib dems by TWO votes in fife north east.Hopefully that really sticks in Willie Rennies craw.
  9. What time is fife north east called, want to see that result then im fucking off.
  10. teuchter fucking twats.
  11. Sounds like big angus has been beat.
  12. SNP holding seats and red jez doing the business in england. What a night this could be.
  13. God bless Dundee.
  14. Tories in second place in dundee east. Fucking hellfire.
  15. Top shagger hosie re-elected.