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  1. Wade 3 v 7 LewisChisnall 4 v 7 Van GerwenTaylor 3 v 7 Wright Anderson 7 v 4 Van BarneveldLewis 2 v 7 Van Gerwen180s Van Gerwen
  2. Girvan were playing a friendly last night ffs.
  3. Are Girvan immune from midweek games or are they getting special treatment once more. 19 games played but not playing this week. Obviously the travelling has to be taken into account but they will have to play midweek matches at some point surely.
  4. Why would anyone in Scotland vote for lib dems, claiming they can change the direction of brexit, they are fence sitting shitebags who will cosy up to the tories at the first opportunity. I hope that the liar Carmichael up north loses his seat, that would be the highlight of the election.
  5. It's all bollocks, MP's in west minister have no power over a scottish referendum, so if the tories win a few more seats which most expect, so what. Christ, got a tory leaflet through the door today,they are even campaigning on independence in the council elections. What the f**k can a a councillor do about that. Straight in the bin.
  6. Best we have played all season.It reminded me of the Cumnock game at lugar last season, totally dominated and every player was up for it from the first whistle. If we win the rest of our games it will be interesting to see where we finish. Kilsyth under pressure now with the games coming thick and fast for them. Other teams at the top losing, a good day all round for us.
  7. Opposing fans celebrating a win. How very dare they !!
  8. Sickening news, winning stages during the week and last picture he tweeted last night was him and his two kids.Was set to lead his team at the 100th giro next month.Just shows how fragile life is.
  9. Dave Chisnall 6-6 Adrian Lewis Phil Taylor 5-7 Gary Anderson Peter Wright 7-4 James Wade Michael van Gerwen 7-4 Raymond van Barneveld Dave Chisnall 4-7 Phil Taylor 180s: Chisnall
  10. Comfortable in the end today, frizzell changed the game when he came on and nicky little's goal was a nicely taken. Well done to josh today, can't have been an easy week for him but he made two big saves with the score at 0-0. A tougher task next week for sure.
  11. Anderson 7-4 ChisnallVan Gerwen 7-5 WrightLewis 7-4 RVBTaylor 6-6 WadeWright 6-6 Anderson180s Anderson
  12. Looks like he has been dropped for fletcher who scored twice recently for the game against Newcastle. A new low.
  13. Beaten 3-0 by maryhill who had ten men for 50 minutes. Surely questions have to start being asked if mcanespie was the right appointment. Whats that, 2 wins in around 7 games and the team going backwards. Either way a major clear out is needed in the summer as there is some passengers and a few just not good enough in the squad right now.
  14. Wade 3-7 van Gerwen Barney 6-6 Taylor Chisnall 4-7 Wright Lewis 4-7 Anderson Wade 7-5 Barney 180s -Wright
  15. Phil Taylor 7-4 Jelle Klaasen Gary Anderson 6-6 Adrian Lewis Raymond van Barneveld 7-4 James Wade Michael van Gerwen 7-4 Dave Chisnall 180s - Anderson