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  1. Darts...

    Taylor has sold his shares in the PDC and Barry Hearn confirmed the other day he is handing back his tour card. So whatever happens this will be the last we see of him playing darts on tv.
  2. Darts...

    Dobey is more than capable. One of the names the seeds would have been looking to avoid. Can't see many major shocks happening first round, Evetts to beat price maybe, would give schindler a good chance against whitlock too.
  3. Darts...

    It would be hard to argue with cross being in there on form, but i think it could be a case of too much too soon. How often have we seen players go to pot after getting tanked in the pl week after week. Think Barney will be in there whatever. Hopefully lewis and wade get the boot. That was an easy victory for wright against durrant there, scoreline made it seem more respectable than it really was.
  4. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Big games should be played at parkhead, best ground in the country. If we are playing diddy teams play in Edinburgh or Aberdeen.
  5. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Phillips is a winger, why is he playing up front and how in the name of f**k is christophe berra still being selected.
  6. Aye, but who is your big team?
  7. Darts...

    This has been comfortable for Anderson. Wade has no scoring power to keep with him. An Ando v MVG final would be ideal.
  8. Central Sectional Cup final

    The whole team to a man was outstanding today, forsyth more than redeemed himself, the gaffer was a calming influence in midfield. Johnny Allan and Black seemed to cover every blade of grass and our keeper was rarely troubled. Well done to everyone. If we have that level of commitment and effort every week we will soon start to climb the table.
  9. Central Sectional Cup final

    I just hope there is some sort of response after last weeks collapse. Pollok obviously the worthy favourites but thought the 4-0 few weeks ago flattered them, we gifted them 2 of the goals. Hopefully with Shelvey upfront this time we will pose more of a threat.
  10. Today's scores

    The pitch was bumpy all over, couple of times it kicked up before a player kicked it. Took a bobble and almost went right over the keepers head in the second half. Seen many better pitches in the east.
  11. Today's scores

    We chucked it away big time today, what on earth was Forsyth thinking, ref had already talked to him and then he jumps into the guy anyway. Pearson was dreadful, gave the ball away all game. The manager does not fill me with confidence. Was always going to be a bit of a lottery with the wind, but to be two one up with 5 minutes left and lose in those circumstances is unacceptable. The surface was not the best but it is a neat little ground kennoway have and they tried to play football all game from the back, best of luck to them in the next round.
  12. Surely result of the day has to be Thorniewood beating Dundonald.

    You really think the main priority of government should be football pitches.
  14. Darts...

    Van gerwen pulls out of the ongoing tournament in Germany with a foot injury.
  15. Darts...

    The PDC have pulled a seedy trick to get Smith and Ratajski to alexandra palace for sure. They have essentially been given wildcards. Smith has 'qualified' as the highest ranking Canadian ? something that i was unaware of being a criteria for qualifying. The ratajski case is even more clear, he had played in a qualifier (eastern european) and been beat in the semis therefore barring him from competing in any other qualifying event. Granted he could have got prize money in the upcoming events before the world's but that must be unlikely. Ratajski turned down the chance to go to lakeside, where presumably he would have been one of the favourites and a genuine contender. I would find it hard to believe he done so without some sort of agreement that he would be at the PDC worlds whatever happened. Appears to me more a move to weaken the quality and devalue lakeside, smith a previous finalist and ratajski just won the masters.