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  1. Having staggered into the playoffs, I think we're closed for business until they start I can only see a Pars win unfortunately. Shandon Par says we might have a two goal start... they'll need to come from Dunfermline own goals then. I would be surprised if our players didn't rise to the occasion of the playoffs though. (They've been great for the best part of this season and I've got every confidence in them when that time comes) Saturdays a write off for me however and I've already got a home win on my line
  2. We scored 4 goals in the last Ayr game... but we've scored the same total in our last 8 games. Is Oliver suddenly going to get his mojo back for this one or are we looking for somebody else to take the lead ? I'm hoping McDonagh can give us a bit of a spark tomorrow and I'd love to see Nesbitt coming up with more of an end product. Obviously any kind of win will do tomorrow but I think we need a lift if we're going to do anything in the playoffs. Ayr will clearly have other ideas - and we seem to do better against the top half teams for some reason. Pivotal game for both sides.
  3. We seem to have run out of steam at the business end of the season and I'm struggling to see us getting a win today -particularly with Raith's improving home record ? We've virtually no goals in us this weather and I don't see how that will change. I'd like to see McDonagh on at some point today as he's more mobile/adventurous than Shankland. I'll predict my usual draw (and I'd be happy to come away with a point tbh)
  4. The Norseman's pre -theatre deal is excellent just now. Quality cuisine with competitive pricing. (Actually, I think there are a few decent restaurants in the town - I just don't know them personally)
  5. ...or thud and blunder maybe. St Mirren are inching their way out of danger and coming up with some important results they didn't seem capable of earlier in the season. We are a bit out of sorts just now and struggling to score goals/win games, but we can forget the form for this game - it has the makings of a cracker. I can't see why either side would be particularly confident tbh. A draw is my guess but I wouldn't be shocked at an away win (gutted, aye) Perhaps it's time for Shankland to take centre stage after his goal yesterday. If he doesn't rise to this occasion, then he never will imo. Prediction 2- 2 and at least one red card.
  6. Yeah, there's a great feeling down our way, right now
  7. I was, and have backed the win at the seemingly generous odds. But (mainly for the reasons mentioned by VT ) my confidence has evaporated and I fear we are being set up for a bit of a struggle tomorrow. I don't underestimate the resilience of our team but I feel the omens are bad. The fact that I bet on us doesn't help matters If we do happen to win, my confidence will have no bounds for the rest of the season.
  8. Brilliant news. He's been in the wars this season with the boot in the face at Greenhill Road followed by this injury. He (and the squad) must be due a bit of luck on the injury front. It's amazing that we've done so well after losing so many key players.
  9. Hopefully 'Linseed oil' are fit for this one and we run up another cricket score. Although the 8 goal swing over the two games at Palmerston highlights the unpredictability of this fixture. Narrow home win I think.
  10. He has a point. You are in second place to a superior Hibs team (who have themselves struggled to get out of this league) You retained your great home record after playing another top four team... and you're considering not going back this season. What, even for the playoffs ? In terms of Dundee Utd's history these are clearly lean times but surely this is when your support is most needed. I suspect you over reacted to Saturday's poorish game - but the result was a fairly obvious one tbf
  11. Agreed. Utd should be clear favourites to win this given their home record (I didn't realise they hadn't been beaten in the league) and our vulnerability away from home. The draw at 3/1 looks fairly tempting and I'd be more than happy with a point from this one. I'd love it even more (obviously) if we could be the first to get the 3 points out of Tannadice. I'll go with cowshed118's 2-2 prediction.
  12. Credit to Keithgy then. Good job
  13. You're points are very valid Shagger. Up until fairly recently Morton did very little to encourage home fans to attend as the commercial/marketing side was shocking. Catering for away fans comfort is virtually non existent. You will inevitably have the very short sighted VT on saying 'tough' and hoping it pishes down on the WDE etc etc as he does ad nauseum. I love going to Cappielow, but the fact remains that in this day and age people are reluctant to pay 18/20 quid and get soaked /frozen/cramped because there is zero effort to accommodate them as an away fan.
  14. Disappointed that our attendances haven't picked up by much. Hopefully if we can keep the momentum going and the playoffs become a reality, the interest will build. The playoffs would generate a couple of bumper attendances (fingers crossed)