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  1. Didn't see that coming whatsoever. I was thinking that a draw would be a good result. Still too early to predict how these teams will do but I expect us and the Midden to be top half anyway. If we're both doing fairly well as the season progresses - watch for some very decent attendances at our games, which is how it should be. Quitongo's an exciting player and I'd love to see him stay with us for a bit, but he has the potential to attract the 'English gold' and we'll lose him at some point. Whoever the poor guy was who collapsed at the game... I hope he makes a good recovery and is soon back watching his team.
  2. I'm a bit worried that O'Ware and Oliver won't be quite up to speed in their first game back from injury (if they even play) Oliver hadn't recaptured his sparkle since his previous injury. As others have said- this game might be a bit too early for us. If our forwards click today however, we could have a cracker of a game.
  3. Saw 2 locals selecting the Bucky from the fridge in a Moss Street (Paisley) emporium. I thought it was a wee touch of class.
  4. Don't feckin' start.
  5. Absolutely. As long as they don't do that shouting/singing/jumping about thing that they did at their last visit It ruins the game.
  6. Quite pleased that we don't have to face him tbh Would be hard to stomach him after scoring his inevitable goal against us
  7. I could muster some sympathy for them too if they hadn't left it to the eleventh hour to get a contingency plan to deal with this shambles. ( 3 days before a derby) Old habits die hard at Cappielow.
  8. Don't know about Saturday but I believe we may see the wee man in a 'ton shirt again. I trust the person who told me although he didn't reveal his source. Could be a load of bilge of course but I'd also love to have him back.
  9. The last meeting was shambolic for us and St Mirren were rampant. Even when St Mirren were rotten - we struggled to beat them. After the respective displays on Saturday it's hard to be anything other than concerned. I can't conceive a home win unfortunately (unless we have more than our share of luck) Definitely settle for a draw here
  10. I'd still go for Lennon.
  11. Again he's another who has his sights set higher, but the evidence so far is that he can run riot at League one level - as he did for us, but he's not proven at a higher level
  12. Can understand the lack of enthusiasm for Bollan. I wonder how the paper can report he's the 'front runner' ? Who the feck could be trailing behind him ? (Dick Campbell seems to be a non runner ) I think i'd be happier to see Danny Lennon as one of the favourites - but he'd be reluctant to apply if he's already been passed over (twice ? As I've mentioned in a previous post -managers are a bit of a lottery...maybe Bollan would do just fine for you. On the subject of players who'd do a job in league one... I was thinking that Lawrence Shankland would probably do very well. He obviously has higher aspirations but he's already failed to impress at St Mirren and Morton. I think there's a very good L1 player in there and if he can motivate himself - who knows ? He could yet end up at Dumbarton or another championship side and would no doubt come back to haunt us
  13. Absolutely rattled
  14. You don't sound like a supercilious wee dick, much. While you maybe watching from the 'box seats' now, you don't seem to recall us being perilously close to being out of the game altogether , then scrambling about the third division (not to mention getting pumped by 5/6 goals off 'shan' outfits such as Ayr Utd) For one so interested in history, I'd have thought you'd be more wary of grave dancing. and for the record, I'm not on the verge of tears (or scrambling for fkn relevance)
  15. Agree with Dunning about Scullion -although he should have gone earlier (when Duffy clearly had no intention of giving him game time) But I wish him well and would be very interested to see how he goes if given a genuine chance.