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  1. OK... Let me guess - you don't know each other...
  2. Not strictly true. There's no malice in sheep as far as I'm aware.
  3. Largston said a few posts ago that you don't actually know each other Yet you speak on their behalf. Mind you... a clique that don't know each other Dumb and dumber it is then.
  4. Booted off for racism ? Shocked and appalled, frankly. Wouldn't happen nowadays. and btw... I had the bunting out on the back of your disdain' Must commend you on a lovely turn of phrase there.
  5. Aye , and the fkn Avengers... bring them on !
  6. Branchton, Bing and others have mainly answered the question. You certainly have a blind spot when it comes to the 'clique' abusing a number of posters (who have nothing to do with the stars night) About 5 guys with various puppet accounts descending on individuals and hounding every post they make. Doesn't make for good reading really. The stars pish has been going on for SEVEN fkn years - and there has been a lot of unsavoury stuff which I don't condone in any way. They say that MJ has stopped blogging so maybe there's a chance of people moving on. Will it stop the 'clique' from bullying posters they don't like - I doubt it.
  7. Oh, will it ? If you are referring to Bawheid... he may have been an idiot but he was just one of many you and your cronies tried to bully off the board (That's your MO after all) Your very good mate - banned from here- said he was a fine chap in real life and he was happy to be in his company. I don't doubt that - despite never having the pleasure of meeting him. His posts were mostly unintelligible and definitely inappropriate at times but I usually gave them a miss to tell the truth . As Bing says you/Largston/the apologist are starting your pish on here now. Sad.
  8. No show without punch. Did VT message you, or are you two joined at the hip ? Good try btw, but complete deflection as usual
  9. As I said, yer outing yourself dough heid.
  10. I've made ONE report ever in over 15 years on messageboards. Which was, as you know, related to a disgraceful racist rant by your pal. Even a couple of his other mates acknowledged that he went too far. But tellingly, not you. As I said previously, you're clearly not as bright as you think you are. You're well known as a condescending 'know it all' on here and on .org, You're outing yourself as an apologist for racism now. Well done you.
  11. Hmmm. Why do they chose to be anonymous ? Is it because they've fucked up a great messageboard. ? There's been about one post on there in three days (approx.) It was much better when Div. ran the show. I wouldn't trust the current mods to go for a loaf.
  12. Ask your pals on the moderating team. They'll be more than happy to fill you in
  13. Quitongo IN - Good chance of a win. Quitongo OUT - Result is in doubt.
  14. Aye, thank feck there's no tedious shite on .org these days
  15. Your VT lite patter doesn't do you any favours either btw