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  1. I'd still go for Lennon.
  2. Again he's another who has his sights set higher, but the evidence so far is that he can run riot at League one level - as he did for us, but he's not proven at a higher level
  3. Can understand the lack of enthusiasm for Bollan. I wonder how the paper can report he's the 'front runner' ? Who the feck could be trailing behind him ? (Dick Campbell seems to be a non runner ) I think i'd be happier to see Danny Lennon as one of the favourites - but he'd be reluctant to apply if he's already been passed over (twice ? As I've mentioned in a previous post -managers are a bit of a lottery...maybe Bollan would do just fine for you. On the subject of players who'd do a job in league one... I was thinking that Lawrence Shankland would probably do very well. He obviously has higher aspirations but he's already failed to impress at St Mirren and Morton. I think there's a very good L1 player in there and if he can motivate himself - who knows ? He could yet end up at Dumbarton or another championship side and would no doubt come back to haunt us
  4. Absolutely rattled
  5. You don't sound like a supercilious wee dick, much. While you maybe watching from the 'box seats' now, you don't seem to recall us being perilously close to being out of the game altogether , then scrambling about the third division (not to mention getting pumped by 5/6 goals off 'shan' outfits such as Ayr Utd) For one so interested in history, I'd have thought you'd be more wary of grave dancing. and for the record, I'm not on the verge of tears (or scrambling for fkn relevance)
  6. Agree with Dunning about Scullion -although he should have gone earlier (when Duffy clearly had no intention of giving him game time) But I wish him well and would be very interested to see how he goes if given a genuine chance.
  7. Can understand the fans anger there really. Fair enough bb - I've only read the last hundred pages or so I still believe that getting a manager isn't an exact science unless he the candidate has outed himself like yogi.
  8. While Locke and Hughes appointments bow look like terrible business by Drysdale (I don't know much else about his stewardship tbh) Was there much of an outcry or scepticism on the part of the fans at the time, and before it all went 'tits' ? I ask this because Dougie Rae at Morton has been slammed for the managers he employed and their subsequent underperforming/ failure. On the face of it none of them attracted much criticism at the time (oddly enough I believe Duffy might have been the most controversial signing for some fans - and it took him some time to get their backing) My point is that managerial appointments are a bit of a lottery ( many thought Murray looked like a good appointment at St Mirren eg) and we fans all have 20/20 hindsight. I'm not defending Drysdale btw and Yogi has done himself no favours to say the least. I do hope that you get lucky with your next appointment - and the least you can hope for is a 'man manager' who doesn't burn the players publicly when things aren't working.
  9. Think Nesbitt was unwell for the last game ? So hopefully he's available this time. As I said earlier - I think there's a goal threat there which he hasn't really produced so far.
  10. and another thing... I wouldn't be overly worried if we had young McGowan between the sticks for this one. There is obviously an element of risk but is it any higher than playing the current 'goal-a-game Gaston' ? Over the piece he's done a turn for us but he clearly has the yips this weather which is unfortunate, to say the least. I'd have been much more comfortable with the much maligned Andy Mcneil in place , but that boat sailed off to China.
  11. A one goal deficit was pretty much the tipping point for remaining in the tie I believe, so mibbe. Duffy's most important call this time is the team selection, and it's one that doesn't include Shanks in the in the starting line up. The fact he persisted with him for 80 minutes on Tuesday undoubtedly led to the situation where we were trying to hang on to a narrow defeat at the end. We need more mobility up front which Oyenuga ( or even McDonagh would give us) I also hope Nesbitt is fit again. If so, I'll predict a goal from him.
  12. According to your site you'll have a choice of the main (DVT alert) stand or the cowshed as the Wee Dublin End is allegedly not being used. I didn't get to Saturday's game - were the Utd fans not in the cowshed then ?
  13. Utd can't possibly f**k this up surely ? They've got everything to play for and all we want is to avoid is a humiliation which undermines us for the playoffs. I think 23/20 for Utd. is fairly decent in the circumstances. Like last Saturday ...I can't conceive a Morton win unless we have a lazarus like appearance from Jai Quitongo or if Mckinnon flips and fields a weaker team
  14. Having staggered into the playoffs, I think we're closed for business until they start I can only see a Pars win unfortunately. Shandon Par says we might have a two goal start... they'll need to come from Dunfermline own goals then. I would be surprised if our players didn't rise to the occasion of the playoffs though. (They've been great for the best part of this season and I've got every confidence in them when that time comes) Saturdays a write off for me however and I've already got a home win on my line