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  1. Ton v sons

  2. Agreed. He played (out of position) at the back for us and in his natural midfield role. Ithought he would have been a decent back up option. I wondered if something had happened to hasten his departure because it was fairly unexpected i thought. Should do well at east fife
  3. A weird 15 year old . Really. ? A bit rich coming from you and your dysfunctional group of 30 year olds who've issued literally thousands of red dots to posters you dislike on .org Not to mention the numerous puppet accounts you created to dish out even more reds. Yet you still bump your gums when you get some back. What a pathetic w**k you are
  4. Classic case of a picture painting a thousand words. Good post. Be interesting to see how we fare against dunfermline. The last two results have given Duffy a bit of breathing space and (unfortunately) may reinforce his make do approach to the squad.
  5. You can understand it though. Watching your teams title challenge evaporating before your eyes and a relatively unknown rookie waltzes through your team and scores ,seemingly effortlessly. I would have been going off my nut also. Big jeebsy loves a celebration... here' s hoping he has plenty more to enjoy this season.
  6. I've got Morton on my line but you're right... regardless of form Dumbarton can be cornflake pishers for any opposition (almost) The pain of the last goalless game at your place has almost faded and I'm fancying a visit to the rock despite the ludicrous pricing. I feel that , at least you are upfront thieving bastrts as a opposed to Morton who are fannying the support about with their 18/20 pound farce. potentially 2/1 or 3/1 to Morton.
  7. Not really - it's for the away fans. The heated cushions were in the laundry that particular day. The retractable roof is just out of shot (under the main stand) That picture doesn't do the stadium justice I think they were trying to make the strip look glamorous by comparison. Personally the strip is growing on me... it's a slow burner.
  8. I believe the united fans will be in the shed tomorrow. Having said this... I can see nothing to this effect on the Morton or Utd sites. So maybe not happening ?
  9. St Mirren v Morton

    There's definitely the potential for us to get pummelled in this one. Almost Impossible to see an away win with St Mirrens home form/ league position. versus our pedestrian midfield (probably minus Tidser as well). Our defence will have to do well (as they have so far) There's always the chance that Quitongo lights up the game for us I can see the usual full blooded encounter with a penalty/sending off incident tipping the balance. These games are rarely boring so despite the risk of a 'reverse' - I'm really looking forward to it
  10. To be fair to the wean... me and my company were asking the same when we played them at Dumbarton. Hope fully a couple of goals to liven things up a bit. Today's game gets a mention in last weeks Brechin thread on .org btw - if you can be bothered with the surrounding pish
  11. Another tough game (aren't hey all ?) A home defeat would be hard to take right enough so there would be a lot of 'gone ' heads if that happened. Hopefully Quitongo is on song and lasts for most of the game anyway , and we see the 'good' side of Morton - in which case there's a home win on the cards. But we can also appear clueless at times -so who knows . The only certainty here is... it has to be a better game than the one at the Your Bet Butler radio insurance stadium. Unusually , that was a shit day out.
  12. OK... Let me guess - you don't know each other...
  13. Not strictly true. There's no malice in sheep as far as I'm aware.