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  1. echo that Mike ...
  2. impressed with our performance against the double winners. An even first half with only a cheap goal ( good finish from Joe Andrew ) separating the teams. Bankies by far the better team in second half but you need to take your chances. Loch Park facilities coming on a treat. We do need a goalscorer though
  3. why do you have this pleasure?
  4. dunno
  5. He was out of contract ... he chose to leave
  6. exackerly Davie ...
  7. away to double winners ... it absolutely gets no tougher. Hopefully the lads are up to the challenge. if not then we'll see how far away we are
  8. Yoker can justifiably feel aggrieved at the result last night - we didn't play at all and could have no complaints if we'd been beaten by a Cpl of goals. However we got the counter and can move on and probably draw a veil over the game. Big Rab strolled through the game last night and im sure he will do well in the Central 1st. All the best to our pals. That's 2 Central League 1 sides, A Super 1st side and a Central 2nd side we've had in our group. The 2 Central 1 sides look well able to compete at that level.
  9. Same again tomorrow
  10. We have 8 league fixtures up already ... 4 home and 4 away. Better than anything we've had in the past I'd suggest ... so no issues here. However the Neilston situation doesn't seem right - although the individual club page shows them with 5 at home and 2 away. Maybe there's specific circumstances ?
  11. Best of luck Stevie and the rest of the Board. Crucial time in the development of the club
  12. you build a mould and pour concrete into it ?
  13. How can you move terracing ?
  14. I don't think anyone was however shouldn't take anything away from GP who were very competetive and dangerous going forward
  15. Shire were impressive second half against us and could easily have had a point ... should be quite tough - esp away from Holm