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  1. Clydebank v Auchinleck

    Smashin second half ... Talbor left chasing shadows
  2. Clydebank v Auchinleck

    lol that made me chuckle
  3. Bankies nxt season

    Isa's awrite ... at least his musical taste is spot on
  4. Yoker news today

    The Lithgae match was a strange one ... Yoker were 3 nil down really late in the game and scored a couple of late ones - although it never really seemed on the cards. I'd obviously like to see my Yoker pals progress but I'd hope it's a decent game. Weather forecast is for rain later in the week so hopefully the park avoids the worst of it.
  5. Bankies nxt season

    ive been very clear about my regard for Talbot ... indeed ive rarely come across folk i didnt like in the Juniors. Good folk and good times. I told Tam Johnson before we were accepted into the Juniors that our longer term aim was a return to Senior football when it was possible - but in the meantime we'd try to be good and positive members of the SJFA. I think we've been that. We've given it a good go and I hope we will continue to be this while we are a Junior club. If / when we do move to another grade it will be with a tinge of sadness for what we leave behind but also with hope and optimism for what lies ahead
  6. Bankies nxt season

    Thing is Isa ... Talbot have done really well for what - 30 years now ? Just how can they progress from here ? Where can they go ? But that's your concern ... im not going to start a several hundred post thread about your glass ceiling.
  7. Bankies nxt season

    No skin off your nose then ?
  8. Bankies nxt season

    Look time will tell about how we do. Bankies went into administration because the owners sold the ground and moved out the town ... In the few years before leaving Kilbowie we reached the Cup Semifinal , drew with Aberdeen at Pittodrie and put St Mirren out in a replay ... that wasnt a million years ago. That won't return immediately but a refurbished ground and some hard work will get us part of the way along. A lot of the comment is based on the premise that we're getting ahead of ourselves... id not worry about that ...
  9. Bankies nxt season

    Talbot are a fantastic example of how a small club can build sustainably and be incredibly well run and stable. You shouldnt feel any ill-will against them .. they are remarkable in a lot of ways. Isa is just sooooo pro-Talbot that he finds it hard to be objective at times. Harry - just not sure where that's coming from tbh.
  10. Bankies nxt season

    Hes a Talbot fan yes and if it helps him through the day then bless him. Its a bit mental and kinda like a jilted partner reaction. Talbot will continue to be well run and they will do what's right for them. We're trying to do the same thing ... no disrespect intended to anyone else.
  11. Bankies nxt season

    Ah i didnt pick up on that
  12. Bankies nxt season

    Are BSC looking to start another side ? Think they're more likely to be looking upwards as they're second in the Lowland League currently
  13. Bankies nxt season

    Yeah ... the Steedmans pocketed a fair sum for it.
  14. Bankies nxt season

    The crowd at Cambuslang indicated that it was indeed too wee. Struggling to see your point
  15. Bankies nxt season

    Thanks - your gracious best wishes are the perfect validation of the members vote.