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  1. All the best to the Whe Ho for an immediate bounce back. It's always better when we're in same league - altho I'm obvs happier to have been promoted ☺
  2. He was our second choice keeper around 2011 or so. Not sure he played any games but good big keeper. Seems to have shed some beef which can only help
  3. sad to hear about the young lad - hope its not serious. Some season you've had
  4. one off Auld Heid. Gordon was one of the blokes that was instrumental in our return and was heavily involved in the fans side in Senior Days. He was also a UEFA B licence holder. unusual set of circumstances that are unlikely to arise again. He did a great job and will be hugely missed
  5. Ladeside have 2 good guys there. Bit gutted maself - but hope they finish just behind us in 2nd place
  6. I stay in Maryhill but Kilsyrh is pretty accessible over the back road. Cracking set up too
  7. Lol I didn't mean easier as in easier to beat ... but easier to get to. We sure took a pummeling that day though
  8. All the best in the play off ... Kilsyth an easier trip than Kilwinning
  9. We'll done Girvan ... comfortable win today and deserved Champs.
  10. I don't think either team would get away with playing out an obvious draw without some show of annoyance from the terraces this weekend. Can't see either team doing that though
  11. There's a wee bit of friendly "joshing" going on here methinks. We all know that Budgie is a class act - if we finish above Kilbirnie next season I think we'll have done well
  12. apart from the wee fracas near the end, the game was played in a good spirit JF Jnr. Wish you guys well
  13. All the very very best to Budge ... a great guy as well as a great manager
  14. Good win for Kilsyth - easy to lose focus against a team already relegated and nothing to lose. Hard game for us on Saturday against a team that similarly have nothing to lose - but who will undoubtedly be wanting to spoil the party - and us dropping anything would leave the way open for Kilsyth to nab an automatic spot. Exciting end to the season
  15. I think it could've been possible yes although the lack of consistency was a worry. However the new guys haven't really brought anyone in - indeed the squad is smaller now. Anyhoo we are where we are and the new guys deserve our support and they've certainly presided over a great run recently and put us in a great position - so that must be lauded wholeheartedly.