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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    I mean their specific goal Burnie_man ... which I guess is how they see their goal as you express it being manifested
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Look the point of Kelty joining the EOS league wasn't because they thought the standard was higher than the Juniors. They've scored 47 goals in their 6 league games - that would seem to indicate that it's not. Kelty will win the EOS this year -they will gain promotion to Lowland League. They will be one of the strongest teams in the league. The benefits to them are : Automatic entry to Scottish Cup Entry to Scottish League Cup Group Stage ( if you finish top the year before and don't get promoted to SPFL2) Entry to Challenge Cup ( top 4 ) group stages Sponsorship payments and SFA payments This is about future ambition to be a member of the Scottish League not about local rivalries or cheap fitba
  3. Central Sectional Cup final

    we've done a joint programme for the last few finals. Can be a bit problematic if the sellers start to compete a bit too robustly for sales. I'm surprised there weren't fisty-cuffs at a cpl of the games
  4. Girvan job

    Ex-Maybole guy ?
  5. Central Sectional Cup final

    Well the Scottish can be a bugger for any arrangement at that time of year. At least it's in a suitable ground and on a day when hopefully most people are able to go. Of it is subject to postponement due to replays then so be it ... not like there's tickets to be printed and a weeks notice into the bargain
  6. Re facilities

    is it an arms length company then ? Probably needs to be with so much public money invested. Hopefully they'll be co-operative with regards to bringing on facilities as you go on. Wish you all the best
  7. Re facilities

    RT-76 - I believe the total cost was not far off £10m ... with a lot of that due to the state of the ground underneath of course. With that said - how much say does Rossvale have in the letting of the facilities and do you pay for them yourselves ??
  8. Fixtures

    It's bizarre and unfair is what it is.
  9. Goals, & gossip. Saturday 07 Oct.

    I think we're in a league of 4. Ourselves, Cumnock, Arthurlie and Girvan. We get enough points in that mix then we'll be ok. Anything else will be a bonus. Too small a squad and too short ( of options ) esp up front. We need to keep with it.
  10. Scottish 2nd round draw

    Damned If they do ... damned if they don't etc etc. As long as they get it right and the draw is communicated - normally is by twitter from one of the committee / Scott Campbell etc - then this really isn't a biggie
  11. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    The statement on the website makes it clear that the club supports the decision so I'm happy with that
  12. Central Sectional Cup final

    Sounds like peoples' concerns taken on board. Hopefully the decision gives the committee the chance to plan and promote it so that it's a real set piece and one to remember. Also I trust no-one at Benburb sees this as a slight on their facility which has been widely praised ... just not for this final
  13. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    Aye I added a bit on for non-paying "customers" - who presumably will still actually want to see the game tb74
  14. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    11th May - given as 1000 on some sites but 750 on here by some. I've no been to the ground but others I've spoken to have expressed their surprise at using the venue for this game. I believe the last 2 finals between the sides ( at Maryhill ) has seen around 1400 ( 2006 ) and around 1000 ( 2014 ) ... Don't know what the position was with Lochburn availability although it may be the quality of the pitch at this time of the year ... mibbee one of the Maryhill lads can shout up about that.
  15. Player available for transfer

    Any truth in rumour he's off to Wishaw High FP?