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  1. Best chip shop

    There’s a guy who has a van in birkie Dundee that’s meant to be good. Few of the regulars get a fish supper from him on a Saturday. Might try it one day
  2. Marks and Spencer’s grub. Best of gear
  3. Best chip shop

    Dora’s is pish mate. Busy as f**k at dinner time as well. Don’t think there is a decent chipper in that area of Dundee unfortunately
  4. Will be having a few pints of T tomorrow in the birkie.
  5. Gangs Of .....

    Tweet tweet
  6. Lochee Harp

    Meant it was a decent junior ground. Actually worked inside the club rooms. ( like a tardis inside btw🤣).
  7. The earphones thread

    Quite like Bose headphones. Quality stuff
  8. Gangs Of .....

    Remember getting told the gangs in Dundee in the 70’s had gang jerseys. Anyone from Dundee that age group remember??
  9. Lochee Harp

    Old ground completely gone now. Shame because I thought it was a tidy little ground. Sharing with downfield for one season I think. Will find out and post at a later date
  10. Aberdeen European Tour 2018/2019

    Good luck guys against Burnley. Hope you beat them but can’t see it. Pittodrie full house for this??
  11. Dundee Crawl Mk III: POLL

    There’s a Janny from a primary school in Dundee on here every Saturday called jim the Janny. He’s actually no bad
  12. Gangs Of .....

    Growing up in Dundee i remember Lochee fleet Beechie mob Kirkton **** Fintry shams Hilltown **** Whitfield shams Ardler pak Meenie utility Sure the Hilltown had more but can’t remember the names. Thank f**k the gang culture is no more now. Only seems to be wee neds now
  13. Podcasts

  14. All things Dundee FC

    Still no rumours regarding players then lads? No half boring eh [emoji849][emoji849]