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  1. If Scotland were...

    Saudi Arabia & Panama are not better than Scotland. If Scotland were in the Asian or North American route, qualification would be very well possible.
  2. Various club name issues

    It's the same club, taken over by Red Bull.
  3. 2018/19 Dutch football

    I like Maastricht as a city. When I still lived in The Netherlands we played them the last game of the season one year. With a group of friends we made it a weekend away & had a great time.
  4. Various club name issues

    Locally it sometimes gets called "County Ground". I used to live in the area. But you're right that it isn't the actual name of the ground.
  5. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Thank you, that's my ticket sorted.
  6. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    I'd still like to go, shame I can't buy online as I need to get a ticket somehow...
  7. Various club name issues

    No, I'm not claiming they should change the names, but these events did throw up this oddity. Nottingham Forest was already "odd" though, as also before the reorganisation their ground wasn't based in the city (back then a borough within the county of Nottinghamshire), but in the district of West Bridgford.
  8. Various club name issues

    In The Netherlands, Rangers always get referred to as "Glasgow Rangers" and Celtic as just Celtic. As far as I know, adding place names with both is not an official part of the name, just used abroad to make clear where they are based. Same other way around, with PSV being referred to as "PSV Eindhoven" in UK media, yet their name is just PSV.
  9. Various club name issues

    Neither Scotland, nor juniors, but Nottingham has also a nice naming oddity. The city of Nottingham and county of Nottinghamshire are 2 separate local authorities, with Nottingham politically not being a part of the county named after it. Notts County have a name referring to Nottinghamshire, yet play inside the City boundaries. Nottingham Forest have a name referring to the city, yet play outside the City boundaries in the county. Funnily enough (as most people will know!) the 2 grounds are virtually next to each other, only the river Trent separating them. But that river is the boundary...
  10. East Region Superleague

    I know there are a lot of opinions about what is happening in the East, but can I suggest that we keep that to threads like "junior football, what is the future?", "east region restructuring" & the appropriate threads in the EOS forum? Let's keep one to just discuss the league that is being played in the upcoming season, regardless of how it came to be.
  11. East Region Superleague

    Other than them, I guess yourselves & Carnoustie must have hope of winning it. Could be interesting at the top!
  12. East Region Superleague

    I would guess Lochee United & Broughty Athletic are joint favourites to win the league. Better?
  13. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Ok, thanks!
  14. East Region Superleague

    To be honest, there could easily be some smaller south division side (or north division sides south of the Tay) who do want to move over, but don't fancy a transitional season with a few heavy pumpings by big teams only to end up in the same division as they'd be in if they move in 2019. So then you might as well wait a year... Anyway, now we know what the league looks like, it will be interesting to follow for any football fans in Tayside, like myself. There are 5 teams in this division I haven't been to yet, including fairly local ones like Downfield, Kirrie and Tayport (Whitburn/Glenrothes are the others I haven't been yet, not too far either tbh). I'm definitely planning to visit these 5. I would guess Lochee United are the favourites to win the league.
  15. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    There is a lot that needs to be improved to the pyramid, but I'm hopeful. Change is now coming from below. With the big junior sides getting into the pyramid and some possibly making their way towards the SPFL, they will force change through as it will become clear it can't stay the way it is.