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  1. So if you win the lowland league for example, your automatically promoted into division 2? Is that how this works? Same with winners of the EOS or SOS, are they automatically promoted to the lowland leagues?
  2. Best/worst grounds in junior football history.

    Wasn’t it supposed to be happening at the end of last season?
  3. This thread is giving me Diabetes.
  4. Clydebank v Auchinleck

    OooOooo. After some strong words on the recent thread, should be an interesting one. Thoughts? With only 2 wins for the bankies this season, do they have a decent chance?
  5. Yoker news today

    Do you yoker pull a decent crowd on average?
  6. Best/worst grounds in junior football history.

    Ok, every ground is amazing. La liga stuff.
  7. Bankies nxt season

    You talk nonsense.
  8. Best/worst grounds in junior football history.

    And? It’s a football forum. Can’t handle opinions/banter then... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Scores

    Cracked me up that [emoji23]
  10. Scores

    Girvan 0 Clydebank 2
  11. Best/worst grounds in junior football history.

    Peasy park only lacks atmosphere when there’s a poor crowd.
  12. As it says on the lid. Ek thistles is a shambles tbh. Horrible place to watch a game.
  13. Bankies nxt season

    No, it definitely isn’t. In my opinion.
  14. Bankies nxt season

    Doesn't being in the EOS or SOS mean that if you win the league you get promotion to the LL? If the team/teams in question have the correct facilities or could be upgraded to fit the standard, and would winning the LL grant entry to league 2? Is that how this pyramid works or is it more complicated than that? Can't find a straight answer.
  15. Bankies nxt season