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  1. Kilwinning want talbot keeper?

    Hurlford hope he'll leave for The Buffs before the final! Heard Celtic were thinking of making an offer.
  2. Kilwinning want talbot keeper?

    A vote of confidence for the current Buffs keeper...not!
  3. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    But it will! Most senior teams with grass do their park maintenance in May/June. Talbot to win, again...but you never know in a cup final.
  4. Hurlford United 17/18

    Well done to Hurlford in reaching another final.
  5. Lochee Utd 0 (1-2) 2 Auchinleck Talbot

    Summer football anyone? Talbot looked to proficient for Lochee...in all areas. It did look like Lochee had a good shout for a penalty with the trip on the edge of the box or at least a freekick! Nonetheless Talbot were too good. Lochee looked like a pale imitation of the team that played at Bellsdale 5 weeks ago...where they were more technically gifted than Beith, quick on the break while being solid in defence, none of that was evident yesterday! Well done Talbot (choke choke), seriously (choke)!
  6. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Unlucky Wishaw... you did your team and town proud. I hope you have given insperation to other teams.
  7. Talbot v Lochee Lochee v Talbot

    What ever Talbot take to the game; the Scottish Junior Cup and Lochee utd will benefit from their presence. Wish we were still in it...should be a cracking game!!
  8. Talbot v Lochee Lochee v Talbot

    Lochee utd brought about 50-60 fans with them to our game at Bellsdale, so unless there are a few neutral fans, can't think there would be a big crowd. Talbot will take about 400 with them. Looking at the highlights; it looked like one way traffic towards the Lochee goal. That said, when we played them; Lochee had a well structured and mobile defence as well as being quick on the break. So difficult to gauge an overall Victor. Talbot will have to pile forward early leaving gaps at the back!
  9. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Where did you's come from? Honestly well done and good luck in the semi'. It will be truly remarkable achevement. ..not taking away the work in your team and committee. ☺
  10. Ross McPherson - Available for Transfer

    Just noticed this thread..so a bit of a rant! Not surprised that 'archy' had thought of going; as there was times during the season where he was not happy being pulled or sitting on the bench. I love his energy, enthusiasm and robustness ..but something has been missing for him since around October time? Archy, like two or three others in the beith team spend huge amounts of energy running to and fro in front of goals and not producing much ( reference yesterday's game against the buff) and Milky is one of them. Is he out of position, as he is played as an out and out striker? Individually, we have, on paper, some of the best forwards in the junior game, but against good opposition we struggle to get a shot at goal. I hope we are not in decline...as quoted earlier and will bounce back!! Fees etc should be kept in discussion within the club's.
  11. Scottish Cup 1/4's and 6yh round tie.

    It wis that cauld? Ice on the inside of yer windae,s wis always handy for putting in yer ginger before we had fridges!
  12. Scottish Cup 1/4's and 6yh round tie.

    Beith well beaten by a fitter, determined and more technically gifted Lochee Utd. Beith were caught out again by some woeful cumbersome defending; they looked and played like they were still in friendly game mode! Missed second penalty by Beith didn't help!! Tommy Martin best for Beith.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Oh dear..where do we go with this thread? I don't think there will be any resolved outcome to the summer v winter debate. Summer football: the lack of grass, with no recovery time will lead to the inevitable 4G pitch scenario, reduced crowds, players on holiday and gravitating to senior football during the winter break. Winter football: status quo...with nothing changing,;again move toward 4G pitches. I like winter football, but I like watching a game feeling comfortable , but what else would I do on December Saturday.. ..shopping...bowling! Mmmm, Let's all watch indoor bowling!

    4 G anyone?