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  1. Rob Roy v Linlithgow highlights

    Bradley must have been pig sick at the end after his team blowing a 0-3 lead , in his interview he could have said the politically correct stuff of well done rob Roy , best wishes next round etc etc but would he have really meant it the way he was probably feeling ? Think he would just have wanted that interview to end and get on the team bus , probably quite commendable that he gave the linlithgow producer an interview at all .
  2. Passion of the Scottish cup

    Don't think pollock have much to worry about there to be honest .......
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Yeah the BR coach with the wooly hat gave it a huge giruy gesture to our staff after they scored the pen , right in our guys faces ,there was no need in particular as it was a pen that took away the randomness of his act as there was a fair chance of scoring anyway , that guy set the tone for the rest of the match and I've never saw that before to be honest . Anyway great result yesterday and cmon the underdogs
  4. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Bonnyrigg pen was dubious , our pen was dubious , 11 v 11 with 8 minutes to go , bonnyrigg indiscipline can't be helped when the little fanny of a coach with the wooly hat on gave it get it up you signals right in our staffs faces when BR scored the opener , I've never saw that type of conduct anywhere before even in the Ayrshire hotbed , he was a disgrace to be honest , game was scrappy on a glue pot pitch but delighted to come through it , best away day ever
  5. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    These parks are becoming more and more prominent, I understand the benefits for training and such like but these are destroying the soul of junior football for me , can't stand them one bit , give me a junior cup tie in the mud any day of the week rather than on the carpet
  6. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow lads , looking at the bookies prices tomorrow and it's bonnyrigg 10/11 and beith 7/4. Thats about correct for me with beith being the underdogs against a very good bonnyrigg rose outfit , bonnyrigg are possibly the best team in Scotland for me and I really hope beith can compete tomorrow .
  7. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    Im fairly certain Ryan deas was at Renfrew too before he went to largs , think he had a midfield partnership with Graham mort with Mort sitting and deas bursting forward .
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    You can't really compare like for like at the moment though as there's currently no need to finish on time for the LL playoffs , if need be then the juniors would make sure that the season is tweaked to do so, they would do what it takes to do so therefore it's not really a relative point just now .
  9. Depression and football as an escape

    That's a brilliant piece and well done to the guy for being up front and honest , often as fans we see junior footballers as confident and cocky at times and think because they can go out there and often play to relatively large crowds that they're free of any real problems and worries , the guy gets nothing but respect from me and well done sir .
  10. Freebies for the committee

    Have known of committee guys who still pay annual fees to supporters buses that they use rather fleetingly as they more often than not use their own petrol to help deliver the strips etc for away days so these same guys deserve a wee freebie now and again , without them there is no fitba , quite often it can cost money to be on a committee and seldom do you see these guys taking anything out the game , indeed and more often than not they're the types who hand any raffle money , hidden team card , Irish bingo money winnings etc etc straight back to the club's so aye for me they deserve a wee freebie in terms of entry , it's the least they deserve so long as it's not a taking the piss exercise .
  11. Fluid Fans?

    Fluid fans Jesus Christ
  12. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    I'm sure everyone knew what was intended ? No big deal surely