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  1. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    snowflake A hypersensitive, irrational person who can't stand to have their world views challenged, or be offended in any perceived or even slightest of ways; they willhave any number of emotional reactions: impuning character and/or motives, blocking on social media, shouting, interrupting, threatening, assaulting, etc. They often live in an echo chamber of their own beliefs and surround themselves exclusively with people and opinions that agree with their own. This term is most often use to describe people left-leaning people, but can be applied both left and right wing people.
  2. He isnt the first young lad that said something daft and regretted it f**k sake we were all young once and some still are, People make mistakes thats how we learn. He's had a rude awakening for saying something daft and paying the penalty for it. Long Story short Mocking a person affliction = Bad 8 Game ban = harsh life goes on f**k sake can we move on with our lives now thats been established.
  3. Seriously mate ? , so am guessing your the kind of person lets go round in circles till i get the answer i want. Your the exact type of person thats caused the world we live in i dont like the answer so am stamping my feet till i get what i want. The same type of person that sacked his job as a teacher cause he didnt get finished till half 6 in the evening. Mate just stop going to football in fact f**k it am going to ask DAFC if they can install safe spaces for offensive singing by your support next time at East End. So everyones allowed to have an opinion as long as it agrees with yours. I didnt see many of your support mentioning the racial abuse directed at Hippolyte and Austin. Its only offensive if you choose it to be offensive, you do realise that its possible to be annoyed about something acknowledge it and move on with your life ffs get a grip. I hope your going to apologise to all those people you have slagged off took the piss out off or offended then or you took the piss out of, by the way that includes Irish Jokes, Jokes about sexuuality people being ugly, thick etc
  4. Are you trying to tell me you have never in your life said something that offended someone or mocked someone for race, religion body size mentally challeneged etc gtf . like i say lot of folk that claim to be holier than thou on this one that have never uttered a bad word against anyone or said anything in jest to anyone.
  5. There is a lot of people on this trying to claim a moral high ground, lot of people that have never said something offensive or offended anyone in their lives.
  6. and your excuse for Dunfermline fans giving racial abuse ? hypocrisy knows no boundaries with you lot
  7. Am not condoning mocking Shiels disability its the fact no matter what someones opinion or thoughts are your guaranteed to offend someone. But as i mentioned if its good enough to punish O Hara for mocking Shiels then its good enough for Dunfermline as a club to be punished for racial abuse by their own fans for abuse directed at 2 Falkirk players for having a different skin colour. as your saying its not ok to mock a mans disability but feel free to hurl racial abuse. Either way your hurling abuse at someone for one or the other reason doesnt mean ones more acceptable than the other. Whatever argument there is your opining a can of worms so next game at east end park and abuse is hurled at Falkirk supporters do we write a letter of complaint to Dunfermline because your abuse directed at our support crossed the line and offended us or vice versa . See the point am trying to make here, wheres the line drawn.
  8. So i will grant some of the Fifers comments on here but where do you draw the line, O Hara was responsible for say comments to Shiels but on that logic surely Dunfermline are just as culpable for racial abuse directed at Hippolyte and Austin from their fans. You still get Celtic with the IRA songs and Sevco being up to their knees in ****** blood but nothing is done about them so where do you actually draw the line with any of it as all are just as equally as bad. Its a snow flake generation where everyone is offended by something in fact f**k it lets go for safe spaces at football stadiums for those that cant stand the chants etc directed at them.
  9. Dunfermline becoming a bit of a snowflake club, between the Hippolyte dive and now this
  10. Surely they should be able to appeal the severity of the ban, the only thing excessive is the amount of games he will miss.
  11. You can also look at the fact you had to get a penalty to score, whats your point ?
  12. On a plus point if he keeps it up he might have a permanent move to Edinburgh City am sure the club could wave any fee to let him move on.
  13. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    According to Sky sports lining up like this:
  14. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    I reckon most of us could name 6 off the top of our head Sheps included who shouldnt be there i wouldnt have thought Blues and Gallagher mind you but there's your 8 added to the below 6 Thomson, Watson, Luca, Sheps, Kidd, Kerr (past it but been a good servant to the club)
  15. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Watched the Pre Dunfermline with Jimmy Nic on FTV last night and by the sounds i think there will be a few more to follow out the door. Think they see what the fans see and obviously working on it going to take time but i reckon we have a fair few to follow the Shepherd route (on loan) i think but i reckon most will have their contract terminated by mutual consent.