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  1. Did Alloa not reduce the width of their pitch when Jack Ross was there for a game against us ? On another note seen the article about Alex Smith being in the dug out again and looks like it will be a couple of weeks till someone is announced going by his comments: http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/15556854.Alex_Smith_expresses_shock_at_return_to_the_dugout_at_age_of_77/ “They’ll be gaining experience in the next few weeks and whilst they’re doing that they’ll be helping the club come through this.
  2. Just seen there Joe McLaughlin name also being linked with replacing Houston
  3. Admittedly it would be good to see who the applicants are but surely to f**k they wouldnt go anywhere near a majority of those names been banded about i mean Cathro ffs, Holt and Hughes shouldnt even be in the mix never mind near the club. They need to get this one right or the fans will be on the boards case from the start of the next appointment.
  4. agreed on them ones and wouldnt be surprised to see Gasparotto in there either, he seemed fine when he was at Morton but f**k knows whats happened to him.
  5. If you liisten to Houstons post match interviews and then Taiwos and Kerrs theres something went on between the players that we dont know i reckon, Whoever comes in needs to sort it and wouldnt be surprised to see a few players leaving in January.
  6. Left to take up a position at Norwich, by all accounts according to someone ITK at the club he was clueless as a manager and wasnt overly liked by the players.
  7. Latapy could be a shout whether he would be any good or not is the question
  8. Out of that list only Hartley and Coyle give me any sort of hope the rest can go and do one but knowing us we will probably appoint Pressley or Holt. Wouldnt surprise me to see someone different in the list apart from the usual suspects though.
  9. Board statement to be released saying the manager has the boards full backing. any other club that means your either on a shoogly peg or your gone within the week. At Falkirk it means he does have the boards full backing
  10. Just watched Kerrs interview on FTV he mentioned that some players arent giving there all, think that says it all.
  11. If you read it he states we have punched above our weight in regards we finished 2nd in a league with Rangers and Hibs, 2nd again with a league with Hibs and Dundee Utd and a play off spot in a league that had Hearts and Hibs in it all with much bigger budgets than what we had so in those terms he is right.
  12. Agree on the issue with player power but it says a lot when they would gladly f**k the supporters over for getting rid of the Manager we cant have a full clear out so the only option is a change in the management team agreed on the McDonaugh as well as retaining part of the problem isnt a solution the only issue with the squad is and we have all been there at some point in our lives the grass isnt always greener on the other side if they do get what they want.
  13. Seen his comments on the Sun online accept wanting to buy some time for himself and look at the past 2 seasons ,but we are past that stage now and to give anymore time we risk dropping even more points: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1605243/falkirk-0-livingston-2-peter-houston-not-walking-away/ Houston said: “That’s up the board, although if you look at what we’ve done in the last three years we’ve punched above our weight. “The fans aren’t happy and that can change directors’ thoughts. “If they decide tomorrow morning to make the call then I accept it but it won’t be my decision. “I don’t worry about it if that’s what they want to do. I’m too long in the tooth for that. “But I want to stay here and get this team out the rut it’s in.” Houston, who kept his squad in the dressing room for almost an hour after this latest defeat, added: “I accept the criticism.
  14. I honestly dont think our board will act until they see how pissed off fans are though and i really hope they dont go with a Maybury/McDonaugh option as a replacement.
  15. You would like to think the Board will act but i think as mentioned previously the last manager we sacked was Eamonn Bannon and that was during the Fulston era. If it means they have to pay money to get rid then theres no chance.