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  1. Hurlford United 17/18

    Given the level of shite trolling on here its hard to stress how serious im being, but I genuinely thought we were the better team from start to finish. The good news from a Hurlford perspective is we made 3 mistakes over 90mins and Hurlford scored 3 goals. If that was most first division teams it would've been a 3/4-0 Largs
  2. Hurlford United 17/18

    Thanks to Hurlford the hospitality this evening. A game we dominated almost start to finish. We do seem to raise it against bigger teams though.
  3. Good win for Largs today. Really can't see us not finishing in the top 6 now. Get 2 or 3 wins out the last 3 and we'll be up
  4. Hurlford United 17/18

    Sorry to disrupt the topic from your Scottish cup semi (obviously more important) But im travelling down from Glasgow for the Ayrshire Cup game against Largs on public transport. What's the best way to get down?
  5. Fixture man strikes again

    One of my biggest problems with the region is the treatment of the WoS Cup. Their biggest cup competition and apart from the 1st round & the final it seems to be a complete afterthought
  6. Think we can put that one firmly in the chinese whispers category. If you were at the game im sure youll agree 100% of the needle was on the pitch. So unless a player had a pie (lets not rule that out) we can dismiss that one
  7. Nail on head. In my opinion (and lang fans will probably disagree) simply sending off their manager wouldve done it. He was involved from what i could see and was already on a warning during the half. The sight of a red wouldve probably ended the whole thing without having to lose another player
  8. This is 100% correct. I get why fans of other teams are baffled by this but honestly nothing (or very close to nothing) actually happened. Couldve been sorted by giving both teams a talking to at half time
  9. Scottish Cup

    The reason the Largs fans arent saying anything is because theres nothing to say. A small scuffle (think Lennon-McCoist) and maybe a punch thrown (although I didnt see it). No fans from either side involved. The most mental thing ive ever seen in years watching junior football, its the type of scuffle you see 4 or 5 times a season.