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  1. Levein following in the footsteps of Wee Doddie
  2. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Christ, that's relevant.
  3. Hearts v Aberdeen

    A green for a green there.
  4. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Aye, open top buses aren't really a 'Hibs thing' are they?
  5. Probably a lego figure that looks like it's been hit by the bus.
  6. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Och, that's a wee bit cruel
  7. Hearts v Aberdeen

    No bother. At least you got a point closer to the mutton boys.
  8. Ross County vs Hibs

    Title is still on for Hibs.
  9. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Nice in Dingwall today I believe.
  10. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Tally Ho Hearts.
  11. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Don't say I didn't promise
  12. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Aye, ye cannae whack a wee bit Auld Reekie banter now can you. Since it's you though, I'll have a wee word with CL and the boys. Long live Edinburgh.