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  1. Come this weekend, history could be made. Brechin to be first team relegated from championship without a win all season. They will be first team relegated in snowy conditions. Their hedge has yet to grow. Could the demise of the Dabs going under save them
  2. The turnarounds vs the roundabouts

    http://www.google.co.uk/url?q=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D_3Fvk2zPIeg&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjtmZeN2Y_ZAhWBDsAKHZB4BNcQ3ywIDzAA&usg=AOvVaw2gkLGL4P3ws1WwZm8PXukO One for Lithgow and the macaronis to bash one off on
  3. The turnarounds vs the roundabouts

    Sick paedo pervert No, that's the dirty b*****d Lithgow!
  4. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    See you have signed Myles Hippolyte from us. I hope your racism will stop NOW! I see from another post you have called someone a dark troll. Do you ever stop?
  5. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Stop being attention seeking!
  6. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Your posts remind me of my blunt pencil. POINTLESS!
  7. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Yet more insults. The Saints are a great club as well. Clowns in every support. You are a disgrace Zebra. Even your own fans think so
  8. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Basically, you make racist comments, bully other posters, tell lies. Zebras don't bury their heads in the sand. Time to change your name to Demented Ostrich
  9. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    OMG! Losing a days wages as well. Has he no shame ? He's racist, aggressive, abusive, threatening, can't spell, and cannot see the error of his ways. I'm sure with the other poster going to the authorities, his time will be up soon. Usually with these cases I am led to believe the police can call at anytime of the morning. Knock knock Mr Zebra!
  10. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    I think he should be ashamed of himself. All this abuse. He clearly has some underlying issues. Has he not even apologised to you ?
  11. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Why all the racism in this thread ? Yes, the poster going to the police is doing the right thing. Pie and Bovril owners will be able to assist with 'Demented Zebras' IP address. He will lose his job, have a criminal record, and may end up in Her Majesty's Hotel. The abuse he then gave to another poster I am astonished at. Calling him a wimp is scandalous! Two superb teams in our league, who probably will both be promoted this season. Its a shame Demented Zebra has destroyed this good thread with vile abusive racism and abusive aggressive perceived behaviour.
  12. The turnarounds vs the roundabouts

    Will you 4 Tony Come aloneys shut up!
  13. The turnarounds vs the roundabouts

    The drum was the second seat!
  14. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Got to disagree with you. Next season will give you that opportunity. I believe you will then be Seaside League Champions 19/20. Lots of Highland Derbies to look forward to. Brechin, Arbroath, Forfar, Montrose, Peterhead
  15. We are playing brilliantly. Another great win today has probably secured Hartley as MOM (just) over Jack Ross. This will be a tough encounter, but I can see us win a low scoring game