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  1. Queens v Morton

    The video included in the Queens match report suggests that there are no missing images from the photos and the ball never did cross the goal-line.
  2. Queens v Morton

    The video on the Queens match report is pretty conclusive that the ball didnt cross the goal-line. Amazing how Gaston ended up in the back of the net before recovering. Just a pity no Queens player could race in to beat him to the ball.
  3. Queens v Morton

    I reckon it is set-up very much like hawk-eye in tennis, cricket etc. There are so many cameras covering all areas of the goal. The referee does indeed wear a watch that alerts him to whether the full ball has crossed the goal-line.
  4. Queens v Morton

    Hats off to Gaston for an incredible save and to the officials for getting the decision correct.
  5. Queens v Morton

  6. Queens v Morton

    Which Twitter Account is it on?
  7. Queens v Morton

    Morton's bus driver told me that the ball hadn't crossed the line. Has to be the whole ball right enough. He was standing beside the photographers.
  8. Clark scored 41 goals in the 2012-13 season....
  9. Queens v Morton

    Thanks for the backing.
  10. Queens v Morton

    Thanks for that. Most appreciated.
  11. Queens v Morton

    Key for Queens us that they've only played Dundee Utd once so far this season, so two home games and one away.
  12. The main stand has been up since the early Sixties, so is approaching 60 years old with the roof covered in moss. The present BOD seem to have a plan to rebuild with a casino and various other businesses included that seems a rather pie in the sky idea.
  13. Queens v Morton

    Not as far as I know. Will be interesting to see how many changes Naysmith executes.