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  1. I wonder if the club will go for Joe Thomson again?
  2. Even though he left acrimoniously, Mark Kerr is just the sort of midfielder Queens require.
  3. Dunfermline v Queens

    Lyle to score a hat-trick and level Black's total of 120 club goals.
  4. Naysmith agreed to postponement but Hewitson never.
  5. Aidan Smith always seemed to score against Rangers.
  6. How do you reach that opinion?
  7. Not heard that tbh. He's been out far too long for a hamstring.
  8. I presume it is the same groin injury that Carmichael picked up at Hibernian but the club are not saying how long he will be out for.
  9. The club haven't given us that information on Carmichael's recovery. I do know he was given 5 or 6 weeks off, either side of the TNS match.
  10. Carmichael is still injured.
  11. Dykes was utter rubbish. Kept getting knocked off the ball too easily.
  12. I was speaking to Fordyce when leaving the game and he said Tapping got the own goal.
  13. I bet you would, although unfortunately Faddy is a Queens player.
  14. I think I'd replace Fordyce with Brownlie now as he had the poorest game so far this season and it was against a former club.