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  1. Girvan Job

    Just heard Gallagher from Craigmark who played with Girvan has been offered the job to do it with Lawrie Dinwoodie who’s there just now as acting manager. Anybody else heard? Is this true?
  2. What game are we going to today ?

    Thinking of going along to the Lugar game this Saturday (if it’s on) as the welcome Linlithgow Rose. Has anybody seen how Lugar are playing this season?
  3. Auchinleck Vs Cumnock

    Was a great game for the neutral today, thoroughly enjoyed it. Well played both teams, gave everything today as you’d expect in this fixture.
  4. ADL Season 17/18

    A lot of goals scored in the district league today, would be great if you could get in play bets on it for goals & corners on 1 of the betting apps
  5. ADL Season 17/18

    He must have taken a step back then, I was down over there for their game against Troon in the Ardagh and a couple of the committee were saying they were co-managers and very excited about the club this season. The wiki page had them as co-managers at the time as well.
  6. What game are we going to today ?

    Auchinleck v Cumnock
  7. Auchinleck Vs Cumnock

    Looking forward to this match today, think the game could end up a close one.
  8. ADL Season 17/18

    According to their committee, from a quick chat after a match, and their wikepedia page it’s co-management.
  9. ADL Season 17/18

    All I was saying lineo that when I found out their management team I’m not surprised the club clearly appear to have improved from previous years given their Ardagh & early league results. I do however think they’ll fall away with Irvine Vics going on to win the league. I also think Winton will put together a strong run and finish second. Just 1 mans opinion though.
  10. ADL Season 17/18

    Manager - Kevin Muirhead Assistant Manager - Brian Roberts Coach - Mark O'Neill Physio - Laura McCardle
  11. ADL Season 17/18

    He must have been with them before I had time (retirement) to properly follow Ayrshire Junior football. Is that who Peter signed him from? I remember him years ago when Maybole won the league and knew Peter took him to Girvan when they went the season unbeaten. I see Muirkirk have announced a new squad of signings in recent weeks. I’ve been trying to look into them but appear to all be from the new managers old amateur team.
  12. ADL Season 17/18

    Seen that Craigmark have started well this year and noticed that a lot of people are surprised. Genuinely don’t know why having seen the clubs management team: Co-managers: Greg Gallagher - his job is a football coach full time, worked for SFA with youth national teams & Kilmarnock FC elite squads. Played all his junior career under Peter Leonard. Ian Patterson - been involved as a coach in junior football for years with a number clubs. GK coach: Keith Ross - Beith legend winning multiple league titles & Scottish cup as well as full time at Morton. coach: lloyd Murphy - was full time at Rangers & played junior football for a number of years. im definitely not surprised to see this team develop and improve however I don’t think they’ll last in the top 3. Inevitably the stronger teams will keep going while I can’t see Craigmark continuing to perform at they level they appear to have been. Especially with the winter months coming in.