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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Where is there an embargo on licensing for eosfl clubs outwith the end of this season? There appears to be absolutely nothing changed other than no applications being accepted for one meeting. A tad hasty in my opinion..... Clubs will only get licensed by committing to the pyramid, the sjfa have a long way to go before any move takes place. There is no consensus as to what the sjfa are negotiating for and has not been agreed by the sjfa clubs. If you want to be part of the pyramid and get licensed why not join and try to progress your club towards gaining a licence. Although, if you don't want a licence and want to remain junior, then remain. Either way clubs will soon have to commit to whatever choice they make and function the the consequences, both positive and negative.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    My take is that the SFA are simply not hearing the applications over this summer other than the ones that have already been submitted. Until someone officially confirms they are not accepting licence applications from new clubs in the eosfl then I will continue to presume that the status quo will remain for next season. The statement issued says nothing about any new clubs or that the licensing process will change going forward.
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    I was merely attempting to suggest that anything put forward will have to pass through both the pyramid working group and an sjfa vote via an agm/egm. To simply assume that any of the current tier 5 or 6 sides will willingly give up their position for the juniors to join the pyramid would be a tad hasty. For me, if I were a current tier 5 or 6 delegate, I would not forgo the best interests of my members to allow another association, who denied the opportunity 6 years ago, to enter at the same level or the level above now they wish to play the game. In short this is like turning down an invite to a wedding then turning up on the day expecting a seat at the top table with a full compliment of meal and entertainment. The way that this process will work will be the 6 associations voting on what they think is best...... If I were a LL, HL, Eosfl or the Sosfl delegate I certainly wouldn't be voting to the detriment of my members.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    What we all should keep in mind is that the pyramid group will collectively decide the future/resolution to the matter. It won't simply be the sjfa and SFA putting proposals into place. Plans will be drawn, negotiations had and a collective vote/agreement had. The reason I say this is that the Highland league, lowland league won't want another feeder league at tier 5.....there are already two and there is no need for another. In the west there would appear to be a gap at tier 6, so it would make sense to have the west juniors as tier 6 there alongside the sosfl and eosfl. In the east there is already a recognised and established league at tier 6 and no requirement for another, I would expect the juniors in the East to move at tier 7. However, any agreement reached will include a 6 way agreement with the hfl, slfl, SFA, eosfl, sjfa and the sosfl. As for the sjfa, they would have to ballot their members and gain agreement to move forward with anything that is proposed. Not a quick or easy process by any means.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    I would be astounded if the SFA, an association who wants as many clubs licensed and part of the pyramid as they can, would consider ruling the roost over the Eosfl application process. It would fly in the face of everything they claim to stand for. I suspect this has been diluted or misreported in some fashion, for what reason I don't know. However if someone has concrete evidence and not a wee bird told me story then please share.
  6. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    This is why I like football, so many different opinions on how a game pans out. I like that people spend time doing match reports, helps for those who can't attend to get a feel for a game. This being said, I was in attendance yesterday and felt it was Dunipace who had attempted to play football, on a fiery surface. From where I was ashfield went long, on the diagonal all game, from either their keeper or from one of the cbs. This is where there goal came from to be fair, but for me possession in bulk is a description of a footballing side, not long ball teams. I do though concede that ashfield won the game fair and square with this tactic, however I certainly wouldn't wish to watch that style for a prolonged period. Only my opinions though, maybe I don't see certain things when at the football. Anyway, all the best for next season ashfield, hopefully get back up the leagues again.
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    I have taken a keen interest in this topic and the debate is good. There appears to be lots of differing opinions on what is for the best, which probably makes a fully integrated pyramid even harder to achieve in the long run (amateur all the way to professional/senior level) What is clear is that most of the arguments are based on the here and now, on the field success of clubs, which I can understand completely. This appears based on the fact that a lot of the more recently successful junior sides feel as though they deserve to be recognised for their efforts in building a level of sustainable on field success. However, from my understanding the pyramid is set up to be about a whole lot more than a strong team on the field. Some time ago we took to following others nations paths in community/youth orientated football set ups, then added girls/ladies and over 35's to the mix. We now look for business plans, community plans, stadia requirements, accounts and the level of coaching through the entire club set up. This is what the pyramid is about, building the foundations for a sustainable club where a player can begin playing at 5 and continue playing until 40/50. Not simply about winning leagues and cups for years with no off field direction or progression. Yes licensing seems straight forward enough but will require redirecting funds, how many clubs would accept lowering their on field success to achieve this? When considering what the eosfl offer in aid, to help progress clubs to get their licence, if they wish to, it appears a far better option for most clubs to attempt to utilise. Take Blackburn as an example, relatively good on field success recently, but what a fantastic set up they have built. They have probably sacrificed more on field success to get their foundations set up for a sustainable future and will no doubt progress upwards if accepted to the Eosfl. For those who feel their clubs should stay junior and wait, that is perfectly acceptable tbh. If you don't want to join the pyramid you should not be pressured or forced in any way. But to diminish the work it has taken for those who do wish to apply, dismiss the quality of club in both the eosfl and LL and believe that a clubs on field success should guarantee them entry to a higher level surely can't be right? I believe that the pyramid is positive, everyone will find their operating level in time. However there can be no jumping leagues or place fixing going on, out of fairness to those who have worked hard to get where they are in the eosfl and LL. As an example, if your club chose to move - a West club went from west to east in the juniors would they go straight from superleague to superleague? I wouldn't think that would happen, would they not start at the beginning and work upwards? Anyway, just my attempt at an objective look at the debate. Good luck to your club whatever they choose as best for their future.
  8. Junior Clubs in the Senior Pyramid

    I was attempting to speak regarding the teams towards the top end of the junior grade, I didn't think the OP was for one second suggesting teams in the lower end of the junior structure could hold their own. What I was attempting to get over was that many junior fans believe they are as good as some teams playing in the lowland league and/or league Two. I personally disagree with this, although I concede that there are the odd team in the LL that the top junior sides would currently turn over weekly (and be better in the pyramid). I concur that the top junior sides have some very experienced talented players, undoubtedly. However, most of the senior sides I have watched (both lowland and league two) have a far greater level of game intelligence, tactical understanding and more styles of play than the junior sides I have observed. I believe junior sides will be able to achieve this level with the right direction and in time, but at this stage I believe this is the main difference, particularly when thinking of teams in league Two.
  9. Junior Clubs in the Senior Pyramid

    I realise this is another pyramid thread and without wishing to add to the numerous other threads I have to give my thoughts on the comments above. I have often read about how junior clubs would hold there own in the senior leagues.... What I would like to know is what is this based on? I ask this as an intrigued neutral but someone who has played junior and coached in the pyramid. From my experience there is a visible difference between the junior grade and the Senior grade, most of the differences lie in game intelligence and game management and in some cases sheer ability of the players at each level. Now if a junior club manages to get through the pyramid to senior they will attract better players and coaches and potentially in time become sustainable in the senior leagues, but to suggest in the current set up they would do well up until league one I don't think is realistic. For most it will take a Considerable period of adjustment, and expectations would have to be balanced. Again this is from my personal experience of the level of game intelligence and tactical understanding of both coaches and players currently plying their trade at senior level..... Something I have rarely seen or experienced in the junior game in 10 years of playing.
  10. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    Exactly the point I was not articulating well in my earlier post, I feel alot of people mistake age for being more experienced, particularly when speaking about a teams weaknesses. From what I understand, Cumbernaulds budget is nowhere near the same level of others in either the lowland league or the junior game. To suggest that every defeat or poor performance comes down to a lack of experience (based on a person's age and not their ability) is simply misinformed. Could Cumbernauld be doing with better players year on year, absolutely, but so could every other team at every other level of the game. This sometimes isn't possible. But to be clear - what I was meaning (maybe not clearly) was that it is far too simple an argument to suggest that having an older team will bring more success to a team.
  11. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    Jinky, I remain interested in what you would deem experience in football terms. Having followed this thread you have passed comment on the colts lack of experience for this level, at least a couple of times now, I am unsure as to the benefit of continuous comments regarding experience? From what I gather you are referring to age, assuming that your previous posts about the age of colts squad, are linked with what you would deem experience or inexperience. Now in my view, having played at every level of the adult game, some of the worst players I have played with have been older and some of the youngest have shown an understanding of the game that is far better than their older team mates. I simply cannot understand why a person's age would ever be deemed to guarantee a level of experience...........