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  1. I had no idea this game took place. When was it? LOVE this thread!
  2. Fair enough, never crossed my mind as a way to get to the football. In saying that I once went to a match in Beijing and the vast majority of the 30,000 ish crowd arrived on "boris bikes" . The shared ones. The streets were filled with mountains of discarded yellow bikes at kick off time! Hell of a walk from the train station to Kingswells. Not convinced walking is feasible, so car, bus or bike it will have to be!
  3. Summer Football

    Exactly this. The Summer v Winter argument is totally moot. We already play summer football. Eiefa have already decided this is when outback teams start their European campaigns. Aberdeen started durin the first week of Wimbledon. Rangers were a week or so before that. Some of our clubs now have competitive fixture in all 12 months of the year. The debate is how to accommodate all the fixtures. Personally I wouldn't keep the cups short and scheduled as they are at the moment. Have a longer break over winter am doing have the league start earlier to give our clubs some competitive games over summer. Alternatively, don't give our European qualifiers a bye throughout the group stages of the league cup.
  4. 3 Best & Worst signings your club has made

    Worst signings 1. Robbie Winters for Billy Dodds plus cash. Winters was distinctly average and Dodds went on to be a regular for Scotland 2. Jackie Macnamara. Absolute past it Charlatan and wage thief. lived off his reputation of what he achieved at Celtic and contributed sweet FA with an Arrogant attitude. Never been so angry with one of our own after the QoTS semi debacle. 3. Calvin Zola A big useless tree. Best signings. 1.Hans Gillhaus. Signed to PSV Eindhoven as a replacement for Ruud Gullit, and was an integral part of their treble winning season including the European cup. Signed to Aberdeen after being relegated to the bench the following season after the acquisition of Romario. Played at Italia 90 for Holland. On his Debut for Aberdeen scored a brace including an overhead kick. The following week scored the only goal in a match v Rangers. 2. Charlie Nicholas. I just remember the buzz around school when he signed. Definitely the most exiting signing ever. A genuine household name. At one time the highest paid player in the U.K . Finished joint top scorer in the Scots Premier leaugue. Those who have only watched football through the sky TV -/ Champions league era will scarecely believe Aberdeen and Scottish football could attract such a high calibrate of player. Modern football really is terrible. 3. Duncan Shearer. Bought from Blackburn where he played alongside Alan Shearer, headline writers had fun at dons fans expense with " Shearer moves from Blackburn to Aberdeen" type headlines. Abolute hero, prolific scorer and scorer of important goals. His half volley to clinch the dons 3rd in the nervy first leg relegation playoff and his goal in the 1995 league cup final are 2 of my favourite moments supporting the dons.
  5. When will indyref2 happen?

    Remember when the last referendum started, the first year or so of the debate was about what the question should be, a straight yes no, or a series of different constitutional options. SNP expected to go for full Indy, tories anti everything and labour and lib dems were expected to back " devo plus" or "devo max "etc. It came as a bit of a shock when they fully backed what was essentially a Tory position. I think if deco max had been an option it would have won handsomely and is what I would have voted for. A gradual teasing apart of the ties of union would probably be more palatable to a lot of people than a big upheaval. From that point of view I came to the conclusion that if I believed some extra powers to Scotland would be benificial, then surely 100% of powers would be even better, certainly than no change at all. Next time it will be an even starker choice, we are starting to see the Tory power grab of Holyrood powers. We are starting to enter the constitutional end game where there will only be 2 choices, full independence, or the closure of the Scottish parliament and Scotland fully demoted to a region of "one nation" GB . I can't see any other alternatives long term.
  6. You might be on to something! There are already cycle lanes between Kingswells and Westhills. Maybe a huge multi story bike park like they have in Amsterdam might solve the transport problems!
  7. Exactly why I think it is a terrible idea, open invitation to II bike thieves. Wait until later the match starts then you have a leisurely 90mins and more to help yourself. Plus a lot of grounds , including tyncastle, involve walking down narrow streets full of people on match day, so again, not ideal on a bike. Plus going to the match often involves a few refreshments , which inhibits balance which is kind of an important part of cycling! It'll never catch on!
  8. I quite like this but it does raise the question: Had anyone ever in the history of Scottish football ever cycled to a match? Seems a bit wierd to me, and I like cycling!
  9. I suppose not . The real problem here isn't Hamden, it is the lack of any stadium in Scotland with a capacity of 30,000.
  10. I think we should keep Hampden for big internationals and cup finals but bin it for Scottish cup Semis unless both clubs want it there. Especially if the authorities insist on 12.15 kick offs for TV. A rush for tickets and 20,000 inside Tynecastle where generally those with the highest loyalty points will get tickets will be a far better match to attend than 30,000 inside Hampden with a load of day trippers.
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    The 3 lions aren't even lions, they are leopards. https://www.historyextra.com/period/medieval/when-did-the-leopards-on-the-royal-arms-of-england-become-the-lions-depicted-today/
  12. I'll bite. 1)Which magical money tree is his £100 million coming from? Surely if it was there the clubs would already have it. 2) Can't see anything wrong with this proposition. 3) Again, I think this is sensible, but has to be the right time. With European ties getting earlier and earlier in summer ( my team played during the first week of Wimbledon!) the league needs to start earlier to give our teams a better start. It should be January through to Early March in my opinion as that is generally the worst of the weather. 4) Sorry, terrible idea. Small clubs playing other small clubs in distant places in a third rate competition is not what produces interesting matches or good atmospheres. Who is going to travel to Estonia on a Wednesday night to see their team play a nomark team no one has heard of? I would suggest the opposite, regionalise the early challenge cup games to increase the amount of derbys, making relatively large away supports more likely. 5) I don't get people's obsession with what people outside Scotland think of our game. We are not England and our clubs aren't global brands and never will be. That is both a strength and weakness of Scottish clubs. We will never have the finance of clubs down south but our clubs will also never sell their souls or traditions either. Clubs here still represent and are a focal point for the communities that gave birth to them. We need to sell our parochialism as the antithesis to corporate sanitised elite football, not try to be a third rate copy of it.
  13. Worst new phrases in football

    Statistics preceded by the phrase, " since the premier league began in 1992..." f**k right off with that , Sky sports did NOT invent football ! Also never understood when fans doing something unsavoury, fighting, letting off flares, singing unpleasant chants etc are described as " not real fans." Really! People so passionate about their clubs, they spend a small fortune travelling the length and bredth of the country following their team, and are literally willing to break the law for their team. But their "not real fans" Bellends, certainly, but not real fans?
  14. My main argument against video refs is this. Saying rugby uses video refs but football doesn't isn't accurate. Very elite level ruby ( six nations, World Cup etc) uses video refs. The rest of rugby doesn't. While in rugby , this isn't really an issue as has already been pointed out, no one actually gives a f**k about rugby apart from the occasional international for a social occasion. Few people, even the most ardent of rugby advocates follow rugby week in week out at domestic or local level. So having video refs for those few games that garner any interest isn't really a problem. Football on the other hand is about far more than elite levels and has a strong following all over the world and right down through the levels. So while it might be possible to have video refs in the EPL , champions league or World Cup, it is not an option to have it in say the Juniors or league of Ireland. One of the joys of football and why it is far superior to rugby is that a game of football can be enjoyable at any level, as the game is exactly the same, be it pub league or World Cup final. Video refs make elite football a different game.
  15. Rangers and Celtic to merge?

    It amazes me wen people come out with this "Scottish football without the OF would collapse " nonsense. OF seem to struggle with this basic logic. When I am watching my team , Aberdeen, play say Kilmarnock, 100% of my attention is on that game. Who the old firm or anyone else are playing is a complete afterthought and has no affect on my desire to attend that game or support my team. It is the same for all non OF supporters and their teams. The idea that I would suddenly stop supporting my team because 2 teams I despise are no longer in the league is a ludicrous suggestion.