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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    ... Yoker were in the Renfrewshire Cup in the 1880s...
  2. Hampden Park before it went all seater

    I don't have them to hand but 'Roar of the Crowd' by David Ross or an old SFH which has Hampden capacity statistics from Forrest Robertson are out there. Mine's are in boxes but I can look them out over the next few days unless HJ can lay his hands on his earlier.
  3. BBC bias

    Of course not, the questions were irritable...
  4. Crumble or Pie?

    Cold rhubarb crumble ate the day after it was made, mmmmm...m!
  5. Crumble or Pie?

    We call 'em dough boys, why I don't know. They are the greatest when cooked right!
  6. Crumble or Pie?

    Crumble is the greatest. Nuff said.
  7. Ant McPartlin

    Huh, tata
  8. Ant McPartlin

    Don't really care...
  9. Ant McPartlin

    eff off. From Robin's Nest, spinoff from George and Mildred which was a spinoff from Man about the House.
  10. Ant McPartlin

    Nice one!
  11. Ant McPartlin

    why show a picture of a one armed Irish dishwasher?
  12. Ant McPartlin

    the sky?
  13. Ant McPartlin

  14. Ant McPartlin

    never heard of it.