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  1. The BBC (Scotland)

    My "homosexual" friends that use the same language to me can't be as forthright as him? Tell you what he won't be happy about that! NOT AT ALLL.
  2. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    What the f*ck are you saying???
  3. The BBC (Scotland)

    again a deliberate misquote, you wags!
  4. The BBC (Scotland)

    I'm a bell end for saying I don't watch much telly?
  5. The BBC (Scotland)

    I think you'll find I did. And I'm not this fellow you all keep going on about, he must have wound a few of you up.
  6. The BBC (Scotland)

    its a figure of speech. Oh hell I spelled it's wrong! ☠
  7. The BBC (Scotland)

    just telling how it is
  8. Catalonia

    I refer to your post on Tuesday at 23:45 which apparently quotes me.
  9. The BBC (Scotland)

    Don't remember the last time I watched BBC News... or the BBC... or STV... in fact any TV channel. 99% of their output is sh*te, I mean it's like Groundhog Day, the same programmes on every day!
  10. Catalonia

    You appear to have quoted me on something I didn't print. Idiot.
  11. Catalonia

    who the F**CK is mc spreader, is he a rapper or something? You guys have a big beef against him!
  12. Catalonia

    I've not apologised, so there is none to accept.
  13. Catalonia

    Not you specifically, but you have quoted others who have.
  14. Catalonia

    Nope, none the wiser. Please explain, if possible in words that don't include swearing. That's if you can.
  15. Catalonia

    a picture of Poirot... God knows what that means.