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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    dunno. A quick goal and they could salvage a draw. Celtic are bobbins!
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    It is.
  3. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Trying too hard.
  4. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    removing your Kilmarnock blinkers will let you see KT is about 1000 times better.
  5. Anas Sarwar

    Nice rehash job. Change in the UK has been a "real possibility" for centuries. You're championing of the failed nation state absolutely show degrees of delusion, with blinkers on if you can't see any left-wing policies from the SG. Given that you've failed with the "change is more probable with Westminister" Schtick, perhaps you might outline how the UK has served Scotland well fiscally and why we'd be uniquely the only country in the world unable to control tax and spend?
  6. Anas Sarwar

    Yet your argument unravels during sentence one. You complain about me waiting on the hypothetical scenario of indyref2, or if you prefer 3 years. You're clinging to hope about real change at Westminister. I've seen nothing but a switch to neo-liberal ideologies during my lifetime at Westminister from parties blue and red. You've endured a lifetime of disappointment waiting for change, which won't happen. I'm happy to wait a year or two for indyref2.
  7. Anas Sarwar

    Perhaps you should have said "better off fiscally". Because that's a million miles away from "Fiscally unviable". Your vote for Labour doesn't really square with getting the best deal for Scotland though, does it? Given that their inability to run the country has saddled the taxpayer with 12 figure PFI debt and they were happy to cut Scotland's budget by up to £8billion per annum.
  8. Anas Sarwar

    The suggestion that Scotland is uniquely fiscally unviable has been a well-played, if overused card by those determined to frighten folk into backing the status quo. Scotland in the EEA, or Scotland in the EU, both are perfectly viable. I find it embarrassing than anyone could use it as an argument against Scotland being a normal country.
  9. Stucking stuff...

    I was stuck in a traffic jam on the A720 the other week. 90 min delay. Meant I was late home and had no time for the vacuuming.
  10. Its a learning curve. I dont think there will be anyone on here who hasn't been affected by it. Joking about somebody getting cancer isn't ever on. A liitle wordplay with the thankfully healthy Fide i thought was absolutely fine. Im away out to get some meat for my sandwiches. As a punishment I'll be buying chopped pork instead of roast beef.
  11. Depression

    Call nhs 24 or 999 if it gets any worse fella. Look after yourself.
  12. Slipperyp with a cancerous performance on this last page.
  13. So Pie & Bovril is absolute dugshite and the worst ever - I disagree. You are a detestable cretin - I agree.
  14. I wouldn't Bet on it......