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  1. Is east lothian the only mainland county without a professional football team ?
  2. Radio

  3. Fudge and Ad Lib were flatmates IIRC? Fudge was an excellent forum member.
  4. German Election

    Personally, I'm not for or against multi-culturalism. I don't really care where people are from and I judge everyone as independent entities. There are some examples where multi-culturalism works like universities placing 4 freshers in a flat randomly. Placing 400 folk from the same country in another country in a random block of flats ( and it's encouraged by councils making money by filling vacant properties) is utter madness. A "Britishness" test is a stupid idea. If the people entering the UK were sensibly integrated I would have voted remain. Although I've always been in favour of EFTA /EEA, something my leave vote hasn't recognised.
  5. German Election

    I voted to leave and I have legitimate concerns over the management of immigrants by the last 3 UK governments. Not all leave voters are thick bigots, but you are.
  6. It's going to be the name of Statts new bike. Statts is mentally ill.
  7. Little victories thread for this pish.
  8. You edited that to add "verge of tears, etc etc" and you're claiming I'm rattled! Away and talk to your bicycles.
  9. I rearranged the letters so it reads. KIA DECE
  10. The government should send you round the high schools to give talks on 'How not to conduct your life'. "Hi, my names Statts, I'm 41 and I have a collection of bicycles with their own names"
  11. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Posted in Feb that we lost a baby at a later stage. The clearblue stick is showing pregz again, which I'm delighted about. Just very scared about the scans. Complete change of emphasis from excitement to trepidation.
  12. Yep. I can see an afternoon well spent with discussions about women and football. I suspect you'd be around break-even point after ploughing forty quid into the quiz machine. Sounds like bliss comrades.
  13. Could you please outline whatever you perceive ( wrongly as racist ) and report it. Then we can laugh at you and move on using our chosen transportation. Mine's is quicker and more expensive.
  14. Ab-so-bloody-exactly. Posting ability is a journey, not some permanent place in history. Take the poster banana for example - who has a plus reputation of nearly 2000, a quick scan might make you think he's an excellent poster. Delve deeper and you soon find out he's a truly awful person. That's why you make an excellent point Mark Connollly.