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  1. St Mirren to win the league

    i don't know whether to take this as sarcasm or serious........
  2. 20 years of age Wishaw he was born and yes Scotland under 21s he has been involved with knocked back an offer from Doncaster Rovers last year, other than that just rumours of numerous clubs interested his contract runs out summer 2018 If he can calm down the injuries then he has a bright future ahead of him with the power & speed he has at his advantage. his best option is following Leigh Griffiths going to a Scottish Prem club and showing his ability at that level and hopefully moving forward
  3. Hahaha this gave me a good laugh
  4. Saints v Sons

    it's a shame it never rained folk like you need a wee wash
  5. He's gotta find something to entertain himself cause his team ain't doing any entertainment for him..... they are entertaining other fans hahaha
  6. He would much rather be at Barrow than Falkirk right now
  7. He's just one of many unhappy Falkirk fans
  8. Thinking back on the past That's cute
  9. i'm wondering this myself pretty confused
  10. Get Kudus signed up for this game
  11. i really don't know with Morton, my heart is telling me a win then my heads telling me a falkirk win is on the card!! this inconsistency is terrible i'll go with my heart and go for a 2-0 win Morton
  12. what are the prices for away fans for this game?
  13. many fans do you think we will take through on Saturday? i'll go 500/600