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  1. Ton v sons

    I'm certain he sustained a groin injury against Queens on Saturday
  2. Queens v Morton

    Quitonogo's career isn't gonna go far with the amount of injuries he picks up !!
  3. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    Tidser & Harkins as a partnership doesn't work for me unfortunately both to similar , shifting Murdoch out right is a waste we need his engine & bit of dig in the middle of the park he's the only one willing to do a bit of digging for 90 mins !!
  4. Confirmed January Transfers

    i'm sure it'll get extended as kilday looks to be out for longer than expected, hopefully it is always liked Luca cracking player for us
  5. Confirmed January Transfers

    Looks like you forgot Luca in for Morton, i'll add him for you
  6. Players of the season

    i'll agree with you there he's been rock solid at the back!! either him or Oliver Harkins was iffy at the start but is strolling every game he plays now
  7. Queen's Park vs. Airdrieonians

    Yeah he's recently signed a contract extension till summer 2018, hopefully the game time he's got at Queens gives him the confidence to fight for a place in our first team as he looked a player when i saw him play couple of games he played for us
  8. Queen's Park vs. Airdrieonians

    He was loaned out to us for a bit and rarely played when he did play i wasn't impressed whatsoever he's no the best of players to have how he was with Celtic is beyond me or even loaned out to us may i ask how young Iredale is doing this season?
  9. Don't worry it's no anything like that dump they call paisley
  10. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    Look on the bright side......least we ain't Falkirk
  11. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    On a bad run of games and your practically calling for him to be sacked already? every team has a bad run of games it's nothing unusual, i heard against the midden yous were lucky not to come away with a point
  12. Number 1 looked a lot better computerised but doesn't live up to expectations in person
  13. Livi v Morton

    Don't think any team would be worried by that performance you mean***
  14. Livi v Morton

    The question is will Forbes be dropped to the bench for this game as duffy finally see his inability to help the team out when needed & will Jai play in his position where i think it should be is up front not lwb where he basically played most of Saturday