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  1. i really don't know with Morton, my heart is telling me a win then my heads telling me a falkirk win is on the card!! this inconsistency is terrible i'll go with my heart and go for a 2-0 win Morton
  2. what are the prices for away fans for this game?
  3. many fans do you think we will take through on Saturday? i'll go 500/600
  4. His contract is up next summer
  5. will be very close game but all Morton fans are confident going to Dundee Utd and getting a result after our last 2 weeks so lets hope for a cracker.
  6. The thing Morton should really focus on over a Quitongo transfer is the sell-on clause. Obviously there's a lot of risk in that because if he was going to say, an English Championship club he could get injured or might not cope at that level then return to Scotland on a free transfer etc, but with the kind of transfer fees being flung around at that level now it's a risk we should take. If we were given a choice between, for example £250K with a 20% sell-on clause or £500K with no sell-on clause, I'd be taking the smaller sum of money up front in the knowledge that if he did do well at that level, his next move would be for millions. I'm by no means saying he is guaranteed to be a success at that level, but that's a decision the board are more than likely going to have to make soon. If it's Swansea we should ask for £8M with a 75% sell-on clause, considering how much Falkirk have managed to swindle out of them.
  7. What makes you think it will be so comfortable in intrigued to know......
  8. The goals is a thing lacking in his game and Morton fans will be the first to admit that but he's scored 2 goals in his last two games and an assisted 1 while giving every team he has played a hell of a time and every fan knows that if the lad contributes by adding more goals & assists this season I reckon we could get a bit say 250k/300k ? look at some of the Falkirk players that have went for silly money lol. Just hope he doesn't go down south and ruin himself like most folk do.
  9. Hahahaha!! that's sure shown him who Jai is!! brilliant
  10. Yeah like I says unfortunately he wont be here much longer, he will go to an English club get ruined and come back like Tidser done, Quitongo's best option is to do a Griffiths and go to a team like Dundee, Motherwell show his ability at that level and go further
  11. Quitongo has just turned 20 he will easily be the best striker in this league but unfortunately he wont be here in January I wouldn't say ' a long way to go ' that's a bit far.....
  12. The boy knows he's good hence why he acts the way he does I suppose! I must say if he was in the opposition team id have a boo at him lol