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  1. If Halkett leaves who would you want to see as captain?
  2. I think it’s massive that he is staying at the club. He’s been a massive part of last 2 seasons. Him and Pittman Are a joy to watch. I’m sure he would have had other options but shows how much he’s committed. lets get Halkett and Hardie signed and that will be fantastic
  3. Sibbald isn’t a swap for Byrne is it?
  4. No thanks to Houston
  5. Read that Dundee want Halkett
  6. This could be the start of players leaving us. Josh was good player for livi on his day but not one of our main players. I’m worried we are going to lose Byrne and Halkett now and that will be a massive blow for us. Hopefully this all gets sorted out sooner rather than later
  7. I know it’s been spoke about but with Hoppy uncertainty we are running the risk of losing our main player imo. Halkett will have had offers. Byrne will have had offers , Mullin hasn’t signed I don’t think. Longridge hasn’t signed. If Hoppy goes and Halkett and Byrne that will be a massive loss for the club. Hopefully things get sorted asap
  8. He’s been incredible this year for livi my player of the season along with Halkett. He’s had so much to deal with but hasn’t let it affect him at all. Very well done to him great credit
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2676306/shaun-byrne-livingston-heartbreak-stronger-parents-play-off-win-premiership/
  10. What a day yesterday was? Who still hasn’t signed?
  11. There’s usually a link to vote for player of year but haven’t seen it this season
  12. I haven’t seen anything online , that’s what happened last year.
  13. I would hope Hoppy would stay along with the rest of our main players if we go up. any idea how to vote for player of the year?