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  1. Ton v sons

  2. Glaswegians

    Boostin Kev - a perfect example of a trampy Leith jakey. 100% guaranteed to have horrendous teeth
  3. The guy in Smith's. I asked today (Monday) Edit - I phoned on Friday and confirmed it today Edit again. I called at 13.44 on the 16th. Just checked call log
  4. FA Cup 2017/18

  5. Eldorado Wine - 'Scotland's favourite'

    El-D is a fine beverage as is Buckfast. The perfect accompaniment for a train journey. To add to the above, Cheers bar in greenock has 50ml El-D for the princely sum of 1gbp Im sure I seen it in the horseshoe aswell
  6. Glaswegians

    Location- Dundee but presumably from Ayrshire. Not sure you're qualified to give anyone a lesson on addicts.
  7. Queens v Morton

    Some effort by Dobbie, still the best player in the league. And also some save, Gats has a fair bit of stick (me included) but he is finding form. Probably due to the lower sugar content in Lucozade, all you ever see him drinking!
  8. Celtic tickets on sale at Smiths on Wednesday
  9. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Can't believe I've never watched the Winter Olympics before, tremendous
  10. Glaswegians

    case closed.
  11. Glaswegians

    Shocked at yet another whopper from yourself. Did you Skype Ronaldo from Antigua court? Boring Walter mitty fantasist, better change your big as i presume you are dribbling
  12. Glaswegians

    It has 9 (nine)
  13. Glaswegians

    You recall wrong
  14. Glaswegians

    100% this. It isn't even up for debate
  15. The Life in the UK Test

    I could virtually write the same. Better get packing