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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Is this why Bens game was off last night
  2. Fixture man strikes again

    Hearing no games 19th may due to royal wedding ???
  3. Mid week games announce

    Yoker and Port Glasgow both free sat 7th april i believe but have to play weds 11th against each other it's madness with boys struggling for midweek games surely one that can be avoided would help ?
  4. Yoker news today

    Is the long term forecast decent ?
  5. Scottish Junior Cup

    So when is the draw actually going to happen ?
  6. Yoker news today

    No that good,hopefully a home tie in next round would be a first though in this years tournament
  7. Yoker news today

    Being their da lol
  8. Yoker news today

    Hope you followed on twitter babfc the whe ho march, on the george brothers doing something right,obviously hard work pays off
  9. Yoker news today

    Apart from disallowed goal i cant remember shire having tgat many clear chances although Liam Campbell has had a cple of good saves in 2nd half,Yoker missing a few players on sat hope to see some of them back this week and maybe some fresh faces
  10. Transfer list

    Is there a current transfer list available anywhere for players on permanent transfers or even loan deals ?
  11. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Nobody mentioned it yet ?,draw for next round ?
  12. Giant Killers Rossvale in Scottish Cup

    Yoker well worth their win could have been 4 or 5 in end up but for some poor finishing
  13. Yoker news today

    Big spoonful
  14. Yoker news today

    Contacts in juvenile football i'd say as perhaps Yoker don't have the money to go shopping elsewhere,as for Mr Reilly my contact also said he was as hard working a manager you could get but obviously work commitments has killed him.
  15. Yoker news today

    First you can't get to juvenile football from the juniors and second Yoker have a pool of 19 signed players and i have it on good faith that 15 of they players were brought to the club by Graeme George and NO ONE ELSE