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  1. Social Justice Warrior

    Go look up the percentage of black students at elite universities who had all four grandparents born in the US.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    Let me get this straight: The President elect directing his future National Security Advisor to talk to the Russian government about new American sanctions just imposed is a bigger deal that the Secretary of State setting up her own email system outside of government oversight and lying to the public about the causes of an attack on an American embassy in order to prop up election prospects? You people are bonkers.
  3. The Official President Trump thread

    If all he did was have his team communicate with foreign governments after he was elected, but before he took office, he's in the clear. Like Welshy said, this has been done by everyone. The Logan Act has never been enforced and would almost assuredly be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court if anyone were ever convicted. William Perry, who was the Defense Secretary under Clinton and a member of Obama's campaign, secretly met with Iranian officials in Europe just after Obama's election. A centerpiece of Obama's election campaign had been new and open negotiations with the Iranians. http://foreignpolicy.com/2009/01/30/revealed-recent-u-s-iran-nuclear-talks-involved-key-officials-updated/ You have Bernie Sanders as a mayor traveling to Cuba in the 80s and meeting with government officials. If they so much as mentioned the embargo or mentioned something so small as a setting up a friendly baseball game then he would have been in violation of the Logan Act. It's a completely nonsense law from the 1700s when the country was being ripped apart about whether to side with Britain or France. If Flynn has more information than this about illegal activity it will be a problem. But communicating with the Russians one month before taking the Presidency, when Obama is specifically trying to throw a wrench in relations before he leaves, is not an issue.
  4. The Official President Trump thread

    Just reporting the news. This is going to be a massive story and Trump is going to go nuclear. I wasn't on the jury and don't know what they heard, but it seems a stretch to give this guy the benefit of the doubt given his past history. I suppose the jury didn't hear about that stuff though.
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    killiefan27: I was making no argument about whether it's right or wrong to have more environmental regulation. I was responding to what Trump has done differently than Clinton would have done which might make for better economic outcomes, especially for blue collar workers. National monuments don't have anything to do with Indian land. Obama had the highest amount of new national monument lands created of any President in history. The new rules applied to 60% of the water in the US, and was an end run around Supreme Court rulings limiting the authority of EPA bureaucrats to mess with property owners. Signals that the government plans to expand economic opportunity for manufacturing is not "meaningless." The owners of capital have to decide where to invest. One of the problems of the Obama era is that capital was going towards paper assets rather than brick and mortar assets. It's better for the working class if capital goes towards brick and mortar investments. I'm not making a trickle down argument theory about whether the rich should be taxed more or less. I'm saying it's better if they invest their capital in ways which provide employment to the working class. That number includes illegal immigrants. And for much of the Obama administration the rate of new immigrant workers outpaces the creation of new jobs. So far under Trump we are starting to see increased jobs at the same time as a slight decrease in the % of foreign born workers. I personally reject the idea that importing cheap labor is good for the overall economy. The owners of capital and land might make higher profits investing in the production of products which require near slave labor to reach those profits. I'd say that we should cut off the slave labor and make them redirect their resources towards other uses which may be less profitable, but better for the society as a whole. As I said, if the trends I noted continue for four years Trump will win reelection. I made no comment on whether this is likely or not likely.
  6. The Official President Trump thread

    Kate Steinle's killer was acquitted of all charges except felon in possession of a weapon by a San Francisco jury today. Her killing was a major talking point during Trump's campaign. Here killer had been deported 5 times from the US. Best I can tell he had 5 criminal convictions in three different states outside of his convictions for illegal entry. The federal prisons for some reason turned him over to San Francisco to face a two decade old marijuana charge. The charges were dropped. Immigration had a hold on him so they could pick him up, but San Francisco as a sanctuary city released him rather than complying with the Federal Government. His defense in the Steinle killing was that he picked a gun up off the ground, and that it went off accidently. He threw the gun into the water and fled the scene. Not guilty on both murder and manslaughter.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    Trump noted the stupidity of our policy and the people we were backing during his campaign.
  8. Social Justice Warrior

    The problem is that their "justice" brings us screwy end results. For instance: We institute affirmative action to help the descendants of slaves get into elite colleges and get a leg up. Ok. Seems fair in a way. The actual end result is a massive amount of the beneficiaries are the children of elite Africans and elite African immigrants (perhaps even sometimes the descendants of the people who sold slaves to America), not the descendants of slaves. And the least likely demographic to attend elite colleges by qualifying test scores are rural, working class white males from the Midwest. But that's "justice" to these people.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    I'm not debating you that he's been a failure on the legislative front. All of his accomplishments are administrative and can be undone when a Democrat get's back in charge of the executive branch. You suggested that since he has no important legislative achievements that any good news about the economy is incidental to the Presidency and would perhaps be better under Clinton. I'm suggesting that Trump has been reversing Obama regulations that held back the economy, and this is especially true in sectors of the economy that rely heavily on blue collar work. Specific regulatory policies: 1. Revoked rules put in place in 2010 which limited new offshore and Artic drilling. 2. Began process of withdrawing the national monument status Obama added to over 500 million acres of public land, which would allow economic development of the resources on those lands. 3. Repealed numerous Obama executive orders which made it more difficult to develop natural resources and construct power plants. 4. Began process of repealing Obama rules which massively expanded the definition of what types of water were potentially subject to bureaucratic control under the Clean Water Act. 5. Allowing local politicians to request expedited review of environmental permits for economic development, so that government bureaucrats in the environmental agencies can't stifle economic development with which they disagree by dragging their feet on the permitting. More general guidelines which provide positive signals to business: 1. Ordered the Secretary of Commerce to review all trade agreements for any that he thinks should be renegotiated. 2. Established a new Office of Trade and Manufacturing tasked with coming up with ways to reduce our manufacturing trade deficit. Appointed an economist who authored a book called Death by China to head the new office. 3. Ordered the Secretary of Commerce to investigate illegal steel and aluminum dumping by foreign companies. 4. Ordered the Secretary of Commerce to conduct an overview of which federal regulations most hinder manufacturing, and whether they should be repealed. Those are just a few examples from his first couple of months. There were also numerous executive orders dealing with fewer regulations on financial companies, but I was sticking with more blue collar work for my list. Hillary would have made such work subject to even more regulation than Obama, instead of less as Trump. Despite all the doom and gloom that you hear about the economy in the fake news, the actual polls show massively increased business confidence since Obama has been gone. People have to decide where to invest their money. If rich people invest it in capital expansion rather than paper assets that's good for working people in the economy. http://news.gallup.com/poll/215048/small-business-owners-optimism-highest-years.aspx?g_source=ECONOMY&g_medium=topic&g_campaign=tiles https://www.nfib.com/surveys/small-business-economic-trends/ Notice the giant jump about the time a certain historical event happened. There's also statistics showing that the job growth has been going to Americans at the expense of immigrants. During Obama's Presidency the % of the workforce which was foreign increased 2% to 17%. Under Trump we already seeing job growth at the same time that the foreign % of the workforce is starting to edge down. The gains are going to American workers. This is probably as much due to the tone set by Trump administration (and perhaps the media hysterics scaring illegal immigrants out of large parts of the country and into sanctuary cities) as any actual policy change. Even the Economist admitted that blue collar wages were starting to increase under Trump, though they of course offer a bunch of caveats as to why this might be incidental or short term: I do think that Trump being in office is already creating modest improvements in blue collar employment, while Clinton would have led to more modest negative results. There's evidence to back this up. We will see if the trend continues throughout his term. If it does he will probably win a second term despite all the chaos.
  10. NCAA College Football 2017/18

    I hope TCU beats Oklahoma and adding that meaningless championship game screws over the Big 12.
  11. Congratualtions Harry & Megahn

    On sports talk radio they were discussing how the morning news shows in the US interrupted their programs for the breaking news that Harry was engaged. Apparently they literally stopped the interviews in the middle. They were wondering if he's the only person in the whole world whose engagement would get that treatment in the US. I didn't even know she was half black from the photos until I started to see all the headlines about it.
  12. Social Justice Warrior

    Because despite all those electoral victories everything real conservatives want to "conserve" in their society for future generations is continuing to swirl down the drain at record speed.
  13. Social Justice Warrior

  14. The Official President Trump thread

    Major regulatory changes. The US has become more and more an administrative state guided by vague legal statutes over the past decades, and it was the hallmark of the Obama years. Trump has taken a bulldozer to the Obama regulations.
  15. The Official President Trump thread

    True redneck country. Brothers Osborne Cadillac Three Hipster bro country, dude. Some of it's pretty good, but don't act like it's David Allan Coe.