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  1. The Official President Trump thread

    Where have I ever said I'm in favor of segregation? I never have and the facts of my life do not back it up. The first house I bought was directly across the street from a black guy. I hire black people at one of my jobs. My boss asks me not to so I could easily avoid working with them if I wanted. I've rented to a black person at one of the rental properties I own. In fact, every single one of you would behave exactly as I do when it comes to race in the US. Nothing more. Nothing less. I also don't know anybody who's in favor or segregation. That would be an odd opinion to hold. Again: 1. That doesn't mean we should further the problem with free trade. 2. If automation is such a problem (you are correct that it is) then the last thing we need is low skilled immigration to take service industry jobs. 3. There is an alternative economic system to that embraced by the Anglo world. Germany, Japan, and China all have government policies which promote exports and a strong manufacturing base. The US from its founding up until the Cold War had a similar policy. Britain built it's empire on the back of a similar policy.
  2. Zimbabwe coup

    The Kims are Asian and they have to be on the list. Castro is European, and he'd be on the list as well. Edit: I suppose the Kims might not qualify because the north part of Korea was pretty shitty when they took over. They just stayed in their lane.
  3. Zimbabwe coup

    Was more going off economic outcomes.
  4. The Official President Trump thread

    Tax cuts for the rich are irrelevant to people in the middle. Corporate interests sometimes are the same as those of the working class. Sometimes they aren't. Modern environmentalism is a net negative economically for the working class. Many of the problems faced by the working class in the US, both economic and cultural, correlate with mass low skilled immigration, not the advent of liberal capitalism. I'm in favor of political borders between nations over which movement is restricted by force. Most people are.
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    The Atlantic article again: Yes, Trump voters understand this. That's why we think political boundaries should be drawn on cultural lines whenever possible and that multiculturalism leads to social dysfunction. Let's set aside her use of the word "murder" and her belief that the only possible penalty that equals "punishment" for those cops that do f**k up is a murder conviction. Really? No city blocks have been burnt down by people mad at NFL kneelers. The national guard hasn't been activated to deal with angry football fans. I can't believe this author is actually a serious person.
  6. Zimbabwe coup

    Look at people from the last few decades. Where does Mugabe rank among the individuals who were most disastrous to the overall well being of their country without a war being involved. Basically judging on pure incompetence. He's got to be near number 1 on that list.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    So, file this away under "no shit Sherlock?" Fundamentally, the political interests of the white and black working classes as they see them could not be farther apart. They are incompatible. There's zero chance that the two groups will ever be able to work together. Just look at any jurisdiction in the country in which the black working class gets political control. The first group to disappear from that jurisdiction is the white working class. In my view what's good for the white working class is generally good for the black working class, but they don't see it that way. There are a couple of funny points in this article. It accuses predatory lenders of screwing over people of color and causing the housing collapse. No, the government used both carrots and sticks to get lenders to give housing loans to unqualified people of color, which then led to the collapse. Yes, a few very smart people knew what was coming and got out at the right time. Maybe some people did lobby the government to create this system so they could engage in a "get rich quick" scheme. But the root cause was boneheaded government policy thinking that home ownership turns the underclass into a middle class when it's actually a middle class lifestyle and culture that leads to home ownership. The article makes the point that families with actual sick people or drug overdose victims weren't more likely to vote for Trump. This makes perfect sense. Those people have more immediate interests that need addressing than the system that got us here. People who are doing ok, but are surrounded by these issues are more likely to look at the systematic problems. Trump at least offered an alternative system, rather than just triage and a continuation of the same system like the Democrats. Finally, there is a such thing as a "diversity tax." Stuff like having to drive an hour to work and paying 30% more for a house than the one that's located 5 minutes from your work because you need a school system where most of the kids speak English. This "tax" falls disproportionately on people in the middle and lower middle economically. Most of the benefits of immigration accrue to the immigrants themselves and then people at the top of society. People like this author never address this issue. They just write it off as bigotry, when there are real negative economic consequences to diversity for many people.
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    The bigger issue is the Hispanics and Asians buying into the narrative. Victimhood gives you social status in certain settings and potentially a leg up over other people.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    It's important to keep track of what young minorities are saying about politics as we have embarked on this multicultural experiment. https://genforwardsurvey.com/assets/uploads/2017/10/GenForward-Oct-2017-Final-Report.pdf 18-34 year olds. Percentage of respondents from each group who say racial groups share common problems and can be political allies: Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians: Blacks - 77%, Asians - 64%, Latinos - 75%, Whites - 74% People of Color and Whites: Blacks - 45%, Asians - 49%, Latinos - 52%, Whites - 84% So it seems that white people are being naïve if they think multiculturalism is going to lead to anything other than greater and greater identity politics.
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/how-a-conservative-group-dealt-with-a-fondling-charge-against-a-rising-gop-star/2017/11/17/b3b4b8da-c956-11e7-b0cf-7689a9f2d84e_story.html http://ijr.com/2017/11/1020133-exclusive-30-sources-expose-sexually-explicit-evidence-harassment-ohio-gop-rep-wes-goodman/ Apparently this mofo wasn't even taken the most basic steps of discretion. He was fondling the teenage sons of donors at fundraisers, and sending dick picks to people he'd just met. The second link is the money article with screenshots of his messaging.
  11. ESPN 30 for 30

    My favs are The U, Pony Excess, You Don't Know Bo, Youngstown Boys, Requiem for the Big East, Brothers in Exile, Of Miracles and Men, The Gospel According to Mac, Four Falls of Buffalo, Fantastic Lies, Believeland, Catholics vs Convicts. The Dan and Dave podcast was a great nostalgic trip for me because the 92 Olympics are the first that I can remember and that marketing campaign is seared into my head.
  12. NFL General Discussion

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/19/sports/football/why-people-in-mississippi-have-to-watch-the-giants.html Interesting article on how the tv networks decide which markets get which games.
  13. NFL General Discussion

    The lead NFL investigator for Elliot's case says he didn't believe the woman. The head of the NFL's investigation unit said that she found the woman less than credible in one of their multiple interviews. The final report given by the NFL's investigative unit to Goodell did not include a recommendation regarding punishment, which is highly unusual according to sources. The police found no reason for a charge. Yes, it's in the interests of the NFL to not be seen as a league of "thugs." The post-Jordan NBA and their successful proactive steps to counter that image shows that clearly enough. The problem is that the NFL is alienating their players and owners with their steps. And their steps are designed to mollify activists rather than aimed at their actual fans or the general public.
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    No way they get jobbed up by the ChiComs. Too high profile and UCLA/the Pac 12 have too many important links to high level people in China. Here's an article on a lower profile American athlete languishing in Chinese jail. Played low level Division 1A college football, and then pro in the Arena and Canadian leagues. He was coaching in China. In jail for an alleged bar fight. The Chinese government presented no evidence, the security footage show he didn't hit anyone, and one of his accusers was caught lying. Been in jail for 14 months and it's been 4 months since his trial concluded. No verdict had been handed down. https://sports.yahoo.com/former-football-player-jailed-china-without-ucla-lavar-donald-trump-bail-234329198.html
  15. The Official President Trump thread

    JFK was both of those things.