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  1. The "Old Photos" thread

    Worlds greatest hairdresser, 50p short back n sides, anyone else go there?
  2. Sorry but we're not all experts on obsessed bloggers vernacular, like yourself.
  3. Maybe you'll find some lead on the roof when you repair it?...probably your best chance of investment.
  4. General Politics Thread

    You greenied it less than an hour ago...chief.
  5. Any sign of the buckets of cash donated to klan1872_for a ...stand at the training ground yet?
  6. We don't know!...please update us on what obsessed bloggers are saying , cheers.
  7. Who are 'they'?...is it these obsessed bloggers that Rangers fans obsess about?
  8. Please donate £20 a month to the racist bigots and the fans champions...C1872
  9. Carillion enters liquidation.

    A dying company still signing contracts and pretending everything is fine while execs collect fat bonuses ...didn't know Davy was in the construction business too.