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  1. Did they not play well? It would be good for the others if Largs win or draw to keep it tight at the top!
  2. Bryan Slavin - Ardrossan Winton Rovers New Manager

    With yesterday's result it seems like Bryan has a big job on his hands. I would not be surprised if he plays himself as he did at Largs.
  3. Bryan Slavin - Ardrossan Winton Rovers New Manager

    A very good appointment, I am sure that with the squad he has he will be there or there about. Was Drew his assistant at Largs?
  4. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    As I have said in a previous post they look good going forward, however IMO they need to be better defensively!
  5. Sandy McLean

    Not really a very fair comment, they really have worked hard behind the scenes to improve the facilities. Probably one of the best set ups in the west. It hasn't been the same on the park but I am sure that will come.
  6. Sandy McLean

    If it is true there are a number of people who would jump at the chance, IMO Carlo or Gavin would do a good job there!
  7. Betting Odds Sat 2nd September

    About as good as me!! But I will still keep trying!
  8. Betting Odds Sat 2nd September

    It is a a funny old thing , I will not be touching that! Buffs not bad going forward, Pollok seem to be finding it tough. Bankies playing well as are Beith. Two draws for me!
  9. September 2nd West Premier fixtures etc

    Are you serious! Let's be honest it was not hard to improve, seems he struggles to look ahead seeing some teams having numerous home games!!! What is so difficult about home and away fixtures in the main? Primary schools, Amie's etc manage it.
  10. That does seem strange, looks very similar with Largs getting quite a few home games early on too! I am sure there is some logic in it, or then again!!!!!!!!!
  11. Is it me or have Glencairn made it difficult for themselves with poor starts for the past couple of seasons?
  12. Got to say it looked a good game, good coverage!
  13. Games Off Any News

    The way that the rain came down in the west particularly Glasgow area there is a good chance of some games being off today! Any News
  14. We may have to have a summer break :-)