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  1. Cumbernauld v Largs Sunday 3rd June 1PM

    Apologies I have updated the title!
  2. Well done to both clubs for thinking outside the box! Not sure who suggested it but seems a good idea to me .
  3. Another fixture moan

    The bit I do not quite get here is he takes so long to put the fixtures out and still gets it wrong!!! you must read this as it seems that it was changed shortly after it was posted on here. Do the decent thing and resign at the end of the season. I cannot say any more as I am stuck for words to describe this total shambles.
  4. Another fixture moan

    Not the case! He is there to do his job on behalf of the clubs! It is his duty which he has failed to do yet again! Easy thing to blame those that voted him in, it is only him to blame!!!!
  5. Another fixture moan

    I feel for you! It does make me wonder do the supporters matter to the Fixture secretary? It is absolutely unbelievable that they have given you 3 days notice for this game and there is no reason why it could not have been put on the fixture list! We are struggling to get numbers through the gates at the best of time, hang your head in shame fixture secretary as you, yes you are single handily making it difficult for clubs. You should do the decent thing and resign at the AGM!
  6. Or some might say it'll be in Largs' favour knowing what they need to do when all the other teams are finished. Swings and roundabouts, yes it will be in their own hands however with players availability and potential injuries it may not only time will tell! I have a feeling that Renfrew may just be ok as the other teams may slip up!
  7. Got to agree it is a crazy league and it will be an interesting week or two ahead.
  8. It does seem strange that Largs had played a lot more games and now are going to be playing catch up! Quite bizarre!
  9. Being honest at this time of year it can be a bit of a lottery? I will still have a wee guess but no money will be going on! Darvel Juniors (9th) v Shettleston (13th) 2 -1 Kello Rovers (11th) v Larkhall Thistle (12th) 2-1 Kilsyth Rangers (10th) v Irvine Meadow XI (6th) 0-2 Troon (4th) v Rutherglen Glencairn (8th) 3-2
  10. Very interesting that you make reference to the money that they have invested, where and how much? I am not sure if it was a coincidence or not however it seems when there manager was away for those few weeks the team slumped? IMO he has been key in getting them promoted. Well done to all at Cambuslang a good we set up there and should be a good addition to the top flight.
  11. Fixtures

    Really good that some teams are doing this, I hope the crowds turn up!
  12. Fixtures

    Guys why are we surprised? In the fixtures mans favour at the start of the season they slightly improved, it has been a nightmare with weather and some teams taking weeks to play their Scottish cup ties. There the sympathy ends ! He continues to have teams playing two teams when these fixtures come out some teams no midweek games, watch this space after the cup final! The game continues to struggle to attract new supporters and I have even seen some of the diehards fall away recently. He is not ruining the junior game however he is complicit in causing lots of problems! I could say more probably better not to?
  13. Irvine Victoria 17/18

    There is not a junior team out ther IMO that do not have a group of people working behind the scenes. Winton are in a fortunate position that they have a larger than most committee, that has worked tirelessly to improve the infrastructure there. They have not had much luck recently on the playing side , however with the right management team in place I think they would do alright. Only my opinion, you may feel otherwise!
  14. Irvine Victoria 17/18

    I think that the Winton job is a good move. The club have a great set up and potential!
  15. Fixture man strikes again

    I smell !!!