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  1. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Correct. Don't think there will be additional spots for the east, but it should be automatic - although if the SoS doesn't produce a licensed champion next season then the EoS winner won't have a play-off anyway. But if Threave do go up then it would be a good time to get a WoS tier 6 league started, to push a weakened SoS down to tier 7.
  2. Lowland League Cup 2017-18

    Where does the 31 March deadline come from? The Lowland League rules state all clubs must be licensed members on the completion date, which is defined as 30th June. It mentions a date three months before but that's only for written applications before the maximum number of 16 teams are in the league.
  3. In case you haven't noticed, the English leagues have twice the amount of teams in them...
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Looking at the "Last Licence Committe Review" dates in the PDF for the current licensed clubs, it seems like the the licensing committee meets in Feb/Apr/May/Aug/Oct. An embargo until July shouldn't make that much of a difference, especially as you can enter the EoS without a licence and the cut-off for the Scottish Cup etc. has passed.
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Heard that it's "several" Fife clubs who have applied, seems to confirm the rumours of the three Juniors (Crossgates, Dundonald, Hill of Beath, + Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts) But looks like Sauchie won't be applying:
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    Here's Kelty's original fixture list: So basically the home game against LTHV was rescheduled because of their Scottish Cup involvement, and the away game in January was no doubt called off due to the weather. Everyone knew the EoS/SoS play-off dates so it's hardly the league or Kelty's fault that LTHV are having to play catch up... But good to see Carnoustie are rattled enough that they need to make that statement...
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    Well at the moment Bonnyrigg don't have anywhere to go if they win the East Superleague, so even having half a promotion spot to tier 5 is better than the current situation. And not every team has ambitions of playing in the national leagues - getting an SFA licence or playing in a league with more benefits than the Juniors is more important than promotion.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    For next season if the rumours of 28-30 clubs in the EoS come true, it means those clubs will outnumber the amount of teams remaining in the Juniors (~27) in Edinburgh, Fife, and the Lothians. Surely that is the point of no return for any sort of SJFA involvement in the east at tier 6? By 2019/20 the easiest solution for the Juniors to become part of the pyramid is by joining the EoS.
  9. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    By my count there's 8 other teams in West Lothian, 11 in Fife plus Bo'ness, Linlithgow and Sauchie. If the EoS has 28-30 next season then that will outnumber the Juniors so surely a matter of time before there are no East Juniors left, especially if those three Superleague teams join. Dunbar didn't bother responding, Arniston replied yes but had a members meeting after and said no, Craigroyston, Newtongrange and Penicuik all said yes.
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    So basically only Arniston, Craigroyston, Dunbar, Newtongrange, and Penicuik will be left in the Juniors from the south-east of Scotland.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Joining the EoS doesn't get you automatic entry into the Scottish Cup, I think you needed to be an SFA member by last month to get into next season's competition automatically. There will be a couple more clubs though in the preliminary rounds if the West Premier/Junior Cup winners aren't the same team, Tynecastle via the South & East of Scotland Cup-Winners Shield, and no doubt some slight adjustments to the first round if the Highland League loses one or two members.
  12. Lthv 17/18

    A twitter thread from HV, basically asking why are games being postponed when the pitch is actually playable. https://twitter.com/Hutchie_Vale/status/987004376328949760
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Their nearest team in the Superleague are moving over to the EoS so you never know...
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    If you look at the League 2 results you'll see that there was only two midweek matches before the round of fixtures Tuesday 2nd January (doesn't really count as it was a holiday and it was "local" matches): https://spfl.co.uk/league-two/results/ Since then there's only been 17 midweek matches, plus one scheduled.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    Just had a proper look - seems like fairly basic stuff, 11 criteria. Things like first aid/medical provision, manager contract, coaching qualifications - and a few others are just "best practice". Shouldn't be difficult for most Junior clubs to achieve,