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  1. West Juniors

    No I'm too sensible to be near the SFA [emoji39] It's just a rough draft the one I proposed but we already have east and south league's In the tier below the LL and HL so surely logically thinking west and north league's should follow to give four league's of equal standing in our four geographical compass points , this is a must for me and if the basics of this are In place then the follow on suggestions like you say would all probably enhance the concept . Dont stop at junior and get the amateur teams involved with a possible passage too if they have the ambition , that in my opinion would be a real pyramid and far better than the half baked stuff we have at present , the cream of the west juniors currently have no carrot being dangled with the south of Scotland league , the creation of a new west of Scotland league via pyramid would be a huge game changer , wouldn't fancy being left behind if a few top dogs went for it , stand at the bus stop or get on the bus ?
  2. West Juniors

    Nope no hunting of the lowland league required at all , junior teams in the west could fit into a west region league that is a tier below the lowland league and highland league just as the current east of Scotland and south of Scotland league's are , get a north region league on board and that gives us four tiers perfectly geographically split in the 4 regions in compass terms , four respective league winners in semi finals and onto a final with the winner going into the LL or HL ( west , east ,south of Scotland winner into LL or north winner into highland league ) Relegated LL team into league that suits geographically and relegated HL team into north tier below . Simple [emoji2]I would take most west league teams ( top juniors ) to win a four team playoff against most teams from north , south and east league's .
  3. West Juniors

    If that's what it takes yes and it's not really up to them , it's up to the hierarchy at the SFA to decide these things .
  4. Scottish Cup

    The silence is deafening down largs way[emoji2]it's right up with the phantom goalie that " never played " for largs against ladeside in the Scottish ( was it grant Weir ?) Seemed the largs guy that filmed every game was on holiday that day so there was no evidence of the goalie playing and ladeside protest was in vain desite everyone at barrfields that day seeing the man between the sticks [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    I agree with you 100 percent but Talbot are in a minority in the juniors with how well they're ran , they're a role model but lots of clubs do struggle to get by never mind bettering themselves .
  6. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    It's not as simple as just being able to better yourself though , not every club have got the dedicated committee that Talbot have nor the support of surrounding areas like mauchline , catrine , ochiltree etc plus a very strong and healthy support from auchinleck , Talbot deserved to be where they are but not every club has the infrastructure and dedicated people in numbers behind the scenes.
  7. West Juniors

    Don't know if it's a myth people saying the pyramid will sort out the senior slackers like east Stirling ,Clyde etc when they lose their league place , people said east stirling would fold with relegation etc , is there any evidence of any real Demise since they went into the lowland league ? If anything maybe it's a bit fresh to them and their fans .
  8. Player Available for Transfer

    Have read it all and yes big Mackie is putting a good case on here but said it at the time and still insist that it was a disaster waiting to happen appointing him , big man has never been in it for the long haul anywhere in the juniors and I dont ever see it changing even in management , it's just my opinion which I feel I'm entitled to without upsetting anyone.
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    You make a really interesting point regarding the junior cup semi finals , I remember going to two games at love street in the semis both Friday night games 1998 then 1999 I'm sure it was buffs v arthurlie twice with both victors them both nights eventually winning the Scottish cup , arthurlie and kilwinning respectively , back to the point of crowds kilwinning filled the Caledonia stand - behind the goals - on both occasions with some spill over going into the north bank cage to the left , the season we played buffs 2015/2016 they couldn't come close to filling behind the goals at bellsdale so yes crowds are dwindling , realise taking the game away from a senior neutral venue on a Friday night and competing with other Saturday fixtures will affect the crowd but even when you take the cumnock v Talbot scottish cup crowd this coming Saturday it will be maybe between 1,000 and 1,500 , this fixture in the Scottish in the 90's would have been pushing 3,000 , it's a shame to see really.
  10. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Exactly and somehow I don't think the good people of Dumbarton and brechin would find the juniors very appealing , mind you maybe a lack of fixtures , wading through piss to do the toilet , lack of floodlights , their largest domestic cup not having a sponsor and a season / rat race to the end crammed in to accommodate the evening times cup could be there thing [emoji2]
  11. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Must have been ages ago as they've now got a ground that's way better than any junior ground .
  12. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    What a load of shite lol, them both clubs owe junior football nothing whatsoever , it's dog eat dog and them dogs were Starving in the juniors and want fed at a bigger table , good on them both and best wishes to them [emoji2]
  13. Today's scores ?

    Whit ? [emoji23]
  14. Today's scores ?

    Wrexham and Cardiff aren't in England but .............
  15. Today's scores ?

    Football has went mental these days , a wee bit of muck and a few divots and the wee astro pitch snow flake mafia are out in force labelling it dangerous , man up and get on with it and deal with the elements , old school football never killed anyone [emoji2]