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  1. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

    GIRUY spoonburning, slum dwelling, junkie Leith scum!
  2. Celtic fans care way more about this than the rest of us and it fucks me right off when I see them trying to cosy up to fans of clubs who despise them as much as Rangers, boke inducing. Those titles and Rangers will forever be tainted by what has happened and that for me is enough, sick to the back teeth of hearing about it.
  3. Amazing what a night on the wagon can achieve.
  4. When it comes to sevco and court cases, the wait is never that long to be fair.
  5. Rangers European Tour 2017/18

    Not really good enough from the sevco galacticos, Waghorn and The Blue Cafu really are pretend footballers, although Cardoso looks like a considerable upgrade on that dud Kiernan. pre season game really and I am sure they will avoid the hilarity of a 1st round exit.
  6. St Johnstone FC European Tour 17/18

    Thought Saints looked poor last night but it really is shite that these games come so early in the season. Hope you turn it around in the 2nd leg a go through.
  7. League Predictions

    Smelly tramps Sevco tramps Hibs St Johnstone Dundee Aberdeen Hearts Partick Motherwell Kilmarnock Ross County Hamilton Accies
  8. League Predictions

    Falkirk, this really is our season..believeSt. Mirren Dundee utdMortonInverness DunfermlineQoSDumbarton LivingstonBrechin