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  1. General Politics Thread

    Blairite slogan.
  2. General Politics Thread

  3. The Official President Trump thread

    I'm guessing that reason is because it's white cops who are murdering innocent blacks.
  4. General Politics Thread

    What conference have you been watching? Delegates have been literally booed for suggesting we should stay part of the single market (which is effectively Labour's position considering we aren't taking a vote on it this year so last year's position still stands). Many of Blair's policies are still ones supported by the party, it's those policies we (all of us, Corbyn included) are trying to defend from the vicious Tory cuts. A few Jewish delegates doesn't convince me of anything when overwhelmingly Jews are deserting the party and voting for other parties. Watching it being swept under the carpet concerns me. You seem to think I should just be a cheerleader for the party and not air my opinions when I disagree with aspects of it. I'm still a member, I still campaign but a lot of what is going on is making me deeply uncomfortable. When the party moved in a direction you didn't like you literally left the party, now when it's moved in a direction I don't like I'm supposed to just be a happy clapper and not express my disagreements with aspects of what we are doing?
  5. General Politics Thread

    Ken Loach is someone on the extreme end of the anti-Zionist cause. He doesn't simply want to criticise Israel's government, he doesn't believe Israel should exist at all. As I said above that in itself doesn't necessarily mean you are an antisemite. However when you listen to him defending an antisemite, and in that defence actually repeating and agreeing with the antisemitic claim he made, when you look at what he has said about antisemitism in the past it gives his antizionism a whole new context. He is not someone the Labour Party should be giving a standing ovation to (not simply for his potential antisemitism mind) and I can't help but wonder what our comrades in the Israeli Labor Party think.
  6. General Politics Thread

    Did you watch the video in the first clip as I'm not sure how listening to that, then putting his anti-Israeli arguments into your mind and his claims that Israel's actions make antisemitism understandable as anything short of antisemitism.
  7. General Politics Thread

    Speaking of the topic of racism there's a lot of racists on Twitter getting angry at the Labour Party having a picture of a mosque on their conference backdrop. Shocking! Apart from a) what's wrong with a Mosque, and b) it's actually the Brighton Pavilion.
  8. General Politics Thread

    No, I don't think criticising the Israeli government is antisemitic, nor even criticising Israel as a state however I do think calling for a boycott of the country, comparing it to Apartheid and people from the country at film festivals, whilst defending an antisemite (and repeating his argument) and saying antisemitism is 'understandable' as a whole does make him antisemitic. There are plenty of critics of Israel who aren't antisemites, but it's clear a lot of the criticisms of Israel are antisemitic.
  9. General Politics Thread

    http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/shelagh-fogarty/ken-loachs-defence-of-livingstone-splits-opinion/ http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/radiohead-israel-palestine-boycott-bds-thom-yorke-ken-loach-meet-discuss-it-a7835291.html https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/film/2014/aug/25/ken-loach-calls-for-cultural-boycott-of-israel http://m.jpost.com/International/British-film-director-Rise-in-anti-Semitism-understandable
  10. Pretty sure the correct term is a 'recovering supporter'. Particularly those of us with vivid memories of the McGhee era. I quite like that article as obviously he's been waiting all season for us to actually lose a domestic game so he could write it.
  11. General Politics Thread

    He's consistently tried to apologise for antisemites, advocated for Israelis to be banned from attending events and promoted myths about zionist control over the arts.
  12. General Politics Thread

  13. General Politics Thread

    Screenshotted for those without Twitter:
  14. General Politics Thread

    Nick Cohen article: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/sep/25/smear-student-robbie-travers-racial-politics Travers responded by saying he was wrong about the job Cohen claimed he lied about. So his old boss posted this reply: Interesting that Travers doesn't seem to be denying that the ISIS thing was totally made up, but still has as his pinned tweet a comment saying he was under investigation for joking about ISIS.
  15. General Politics Thread

    He's been fun to watch today. Getting called out for his lies by the national media and unable to handle it is quite amusing.