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  1. Premier League 2017-2018

    Stones was a few yards away, on the wrong side of the goal. That was a goal scoring opportunity. What difference does the minute it happened in make?
  2. Premier League 2017-2018

    Completely agree. He was through on goal, as clear a goal scoring opportunity as you will see, taken out cynically, and the ref gave a yellow.
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    Watching the highlights of the England vs Australia game and the Aussies are being really hard done by by this referee. That said I think Scotland would have beaten either of these teams today.
  4. Rugby - Union And League

    We played well. Made mistakes though. Own worst enemy again which is frustrating, but that's the best I've ever seen us against New Zealand so that's something.
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    Thought he was going to do it. Gutted.
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    Fantastic try!
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    Fucking referee
  8. Rugby - Union And League

    That was really really poor. A man extra as well.
  9. Rugby - Union And League

    So frustrating. There was a period in the first half where I thought it was the best I had ever seen Scotland against the all blacks, but some missed opportunities and some defensive mistakes have really cost us and in a flash the game is taken away from us. New Zealand are obviously very good but I think we should be kicking ourselves a wee bit just now.
  10. Rugby - Union And League

    Ffs. This is feeling like a missed opportunity tbh.
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Bit annoying it's on BT really. Wish BT would come up with a Now TV style thing so people without a subscription could just get a ticket to access it for certain days. Not having terrestrial highlights, for something as big as The Ashes, is pretty poor.
  12. whisky lovers

    Anyone tried Ardmore Legacy? It's £16 on Amazon which seems a decent price for a single malt.
  13. Pregnancy And Parenting

    We never bothered with a dummy, just one of those things that I didn't even think about. By the sounds of how hard it is to take it off them I think that may have been a good move.
  14. UKIP

    First ever leader of For Britain isn't even British. Sound like they are the new BNP.
  15. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Heard rumours over the past few days that Hearts, Hibs and we are all interested in him. Would he want to come back to Scotland so soon after leaving though?