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  1. Project Brave rumbles on..

    https://gmfc.net/2017/11/15/warren-hawke-project-brave-statement/ Sounds like Morton have been royally fucked by SFA
  2. Refs

    A bit off topic although how does the referee manage to caution for dissent etc if even he is swearing at players?
  3. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    If it’s true McKay is going to get the job wouldn’t it be better to have him as a director of football type role (so he can continue destroying youth football with project brave) and have the likes mcinnes as coach?
  4. Gordon Strachan

    Strachan has stepped down
  5. Team for Next Year

    Everyone calling for Ross McCrorie, the boy has played less than 5 first team games (and this was only due to an injury prone Rangers squad) having 1 decent performance against Partick Thistle. If we're giving players international caps on this basis then the likes of Ralston should already be starting every game.
  6. Hearts Stadium Development

    The office block attached to the stand is a fucking disaster, welcome to the 90s everyone
  7. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    I am not in a place to confirm nor deny
  8. Football Manager 2018

    Am I right in saying this 'dynamics' crap was already there and all they've done is build a dedicated screen to it and mature it?
  9. Who should retire?

    Okay I'll play devils advocate - where do you play Tierney when a RB comes along? Play either Robertson or Tierney depending on who is in form at that given time.
  10. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    Rather than putting the PE teachers through their coaching badges, we should have the school teams coach go through all of the badges and make it mandatory for schools to offer a team in every year - I know in my school only 5th and 6th years had the option of joining the football team and the knob that hosted the training sessions didn't have any coaching qualifications or had very limited qualifications.
  11. Who should retire?

    The EPL want to sign him as a LB (specifically Man U); we should be playing him in his natural, most capable position.
  12. Who should retire?

    I think we should be trying to arrange more friendlies during the year and starting to wean the older players out of the squad and the potential younger players in - even if this includes playing the 21s multiple times a year or increasing the number of closed door games we have. Ideally, we need to train the Celtic players to play without Brown - even at club level, when Brown isn't in the squad they don't play to their full potential. I'll be honest and admit I have never watched Scotland as regularly as I have done this campaign and from what I've seen, I don't believe we don't have different players for a select few who are on par with or even better than quality wise than the likes of Bannan and Philips.
  13. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Strachan to be sacked 11am tomorrow morning