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  1. Why so few games

    Look at Jamie Vardy, if the players took their football more seriously this could be them.
  2. Out of curiosity what does FP mean?
  3. Welcome to P&B 4.2!

    Would be good to have a button that takes you directly to your first unread post.. not sure if I'm being blind but only the mobile app does this.
  4. FreeSports

    Do you use a external or internal antenna/satellite? I've seen issues before with basic antenna's not picking some channels up and being the bottleneck to signals.
  5. Ferguslie sports centre

    Wouldn't expect anything less due to the location... It makes you wonder why we don't develop as much talent here compared to the rest of the UK due to the lack of decent, affordable facilities.
  6. FIFA 18

    Still only spl or has the championship been added yet?
  7. The 42 Challenge

    I have to admit I shed a tear when you resigned, I was expecting bad habits to kick in and you to complete all achievements with Montrose - it was going so well! Looking forward to reading more of your journey in 2011
  8. Pars vs St Mirren

    Red card for violent conduct or serious foul play, should be no eyebrows raised here
  9. Can see this one being a 1-0 or 1-1 either way
  10. It’s true there’s financial gulfs in every country however I disagree with Brendan here - it’s celtics responsibility to generate more revenue to compete in Europe the same way as it’s the rest of Scotland’s job to increase its revenue to compete with Celtic not the other way round. I don’t stop my competitors using their finance to land a big contract I need to try harder to to compete
  11. Sons v Ton

    I have said for years the biggest problems facing any club in the west coast of Scotland is the close proximity to the old firm grounds and nothing will change as there is no longer a culture to support your local team.
  12. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Thanks a lot, I'll give that a try. I done some googling and I've discovered the nowtv box no longer lets you enable developer mode so i'd be even more money either buying a firetv or android box. I'll look into the CEDC mode and let you know how I get on.
  13. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    So I’ve now deleted bet365 due to an argument with customer service, can anyone recommend any other providers/who’s the best in regards to promotions and interface? I’ve tried paddy power and skybet and to be honest both have either poor interfaces or are just ridiculously slow compared to bet365?
  14. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    Posting this here I’ve also posted on a few other threads: At the start of the year I decided it was time to start “cutting the cable” and move everything to kodi, my laptop was the first project so I could test addons and create my own “build/onboarding” checklist. Once my laptop was 99% perfect and I was using it more than my TiVo, nowtv and Netflix I decided it was time to install on a raspberry pi and have that in the living room alongside the above so that the mrs could get used to the interface of kodi - this went well after installing some codecs that didn’t come along with the pi. One of the biggest complaints I had from the mrs and any visitors was the lack of remote - who really wants to use a Bluetooth keyboard with touch pad when watching the tv? So I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m planning on swapping the pi for my nowtv box although I’m unsure how to go about this - do I really need to reinstall every add on and fine tune everything yet again? Or is there a more simple way like swapping out a xml file?