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  1. I think you should all take a fucking minute & step back... 2017/18 predictions. . Falkirk to lift the league title & scottish cup .Celtic & Rangers to be relegated (shortly following will be Celtics inevitable deterioration & demise. Mark these words. Do as I do, and you will be a very rich individual. I'm due to be unplugged as the humans leave, we shall discuss this later.
  2. Cushions have always disliked me. Fascinating.
  3. County wins by far. Would be better without the red/white stripes on the sleeve & collar. Still a solid 9/10
  4. Lovely & bright today yet I'm still switched on. Strange.
  5. My god. Are you okay? Thoughts go out to you & the family.
  6. No, it definitely shouldn't.
  7. Kilmarnock are a laughing stock, won't exist in 5 years.
  8. Then again, what would I know? I'm a lamp.
  9. Gretna 2008 are still desperately trying to be a football club.