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  1. New windows.

    http://www.southsidewindows.co.uk https://trustedtraders.which.co.uk/businesses/southside-window-systems-ltd#reviews
  2. Research survey

    Done mate. You might want to have a look at the Q6,7,8 options. Survey allows you the option to answer the "if yes" question even if you answer no. Best of luck with your studies.
  3. Quick Question Thread

    Nice, and your dog is a beauty.
  4. Mhairi Black appreciation thread

    What's your number?
  5. Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams

    I'm a Dick fan (yip) and I really did enjoy the first episode. It did feel a bit budget Ridley Scott, reminded me of the 80's Day of the Triffids BBC adaptation, but the story was good and the ideas thought provoking. Good cast too. Will watch again.
  6. Team Themes 2017

    Thanks for doing all this work Div, looking great.
  7. Kezia Dugdale

    Can't imagine that it would be a particularly difficult job leading a group of people going nowhere.
  8. The Celtic 2017/18 thread

    Armstrong signs 2 year contract
  9. They are a detestable government. Folk asking for justice, they won't get it. Guaranteed to get a "Judge led Public Enquiry" where lessons will be learned resulting in a legion of minimum wage kids on zero hours contracts fitting sprinklers before getting told to bugger off back to their hovels. Meanwhile the bloody coward of a Prime Minister hides in session with a bunch of bigoted homophobes before sacrificing a goat, so Her Majesty The Queen can tell us about the next round of strong and stable austerity cuts whilst wearing the world's most expensive hat. Anyone who puts X on a ballot paper beside a Tory should take a right good look at themselves. Never mind, we can spend our money on WMDs so we can turn millions of random strangers into Pompeii exhibits, rather than give people decent homes where they can live without the danger of being reduced to a pile of fag ash.