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  1. Partick Thistle Ross County Dundee Utd Dunfermline Inverness Caley Thistle Morton QOS Falkirk Ayr Utd Alloa Athletic Early thoughts are Ross County probably start as favourites with Partick, Dunfermline and Falkirk as dark horses. County and Partick both have benefactors bankrolling then and this may be able to spend more than the relegated teams have in the past. Dundee Utd are surely looking at major cuts to the playing budget and could be a candidate to be next year’s Falkirk from this year. Dunfermline probably looking to retain the nucleus of this year’s playoff team and push on to challenge whilst Falkirk are making noises about spending big to try and get out of this league. At the other end of the table I can’t see past the part time Alloa Athletic going down however hopefully they’ll at least put up more fight than Brechin managed. Ayr I think could surprise people and avoid the relegation playoffs, but I can’t see them managing to be as good as Livi were this season as a newly promoted side. Prediction: 1. Ross County 2. Falkirk 3. Dunfermline 4. Partick Thistle 5. Inverness 6. Ayr 7. Morton 8. Dundee Utd 9. QOS 10. Alloa
  2. Who are we supporting in the playoff final? On one hand Livi staying down might be good for us next season, but on the other I always kind of like to see the championship team go up because the odds are so overwhelmingly rigged against them.
  3. General Politics Thread

    Literal creationist John Mason has sparked twitter outrage. A constituent tweeted at Celtic urging them to improve their parking for disabled fans, tagging his local MSP Mason in the tweet. Mason’s helpful suggestion was that the man support a different team instead. As good as the SNP generally have been for Scotland, the Glasgow East branch does seem to attract its fair share of zoomer politicians.
  4. Minimum Alcohol Pricing

    Agreed. Worth stocking up on the decent beers now before they put the price up.
  5. Last year there were ten spaces available in the qualifying and this year only six.
  6. 21st Ideas?

    The Garage. Not only will you learn something new and have a great hoot, but you'll have something to take home afterwards.
  7. If Loy isn’t injured then we are literally sacrificing a bench spot through choice
  8. Hazard McGhee-Watson-Grant Kidd-Taiwo-McKee-Robson Sibbs Longridge-Jak Subs: Mutch, Tumilty, Harris, Blair, O’Hara, Welsh WTF has happened to Thomson, Muirhead and Loy?
  9. Premier League 2017-2018

    I don't think you should have Ian Wright in there, his best football came pre Wenger. I've cheated a bit and went 3-4-2-1 Anyway for me it has to be: Seaman Lauren-Campbell-Adams-Cole Ozil-Fabregas-Vieira-Pires Henry-Bergkamp
  10. Saw in the herald that Joe McKee has a year left on his contract, never realised that
  11. I fancy that Dunfermline will get the point they require at Caley Thistle and even if they don’t, I think Livi probably take something at home to Inverness in midweek. So we’re looking at Livingston getting the bye and a United/Dunfermline QF. From purely selfish point of view, I want the team that is best place to win the championship next year to go up (or the premiership team 11 to stay up if that’s the case), who would that be?
  12. If 18 is the squad size we are looking at and Hartley is planning on sticking with the 3-5-2 then I think it will be something along the lines of: 2 GKs (Probably both new, depending on Mitchell’s recovery) 5 Centre halves (Muirhead, Grant, McGhee + 2) 3 wing backs (Robson + 2) 4 midfielders (Sibbs + 3) 4 forwards (Longridge + 3) So probably looking at 12 new signings. Hazard, Thomson, Watson, Tumilty, Taiwo, Blair, Welsh, Kidd, Jak, Nelson, Loy, O’Hara and Shepherd probably all away, mostly by choice of the club. Of that lot Tumilty and Kidd are the two I wouldn’t mind keeping, whilst I’d absolutely love to see Jak and Nelson back but can’t see that happening.
  13. Also I see there is a guy called Mitchell on the bench, is that a young guy or do we actually have two goalies on the bench?
  14. 4-4-2 with Harris and McKee playing and Muirhead and McGhee as full backs. What a fucking Peter Houston of a line up Thomson Muirhead-Watson-Grant-McGhee Harris-Taiwo-McKee-Sibbs Longridge Jak
  15. Can we call both of our forthcoming meetings draws and get pished instead?