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  1. Post split fixtures

    Why not move St Johnstone/Partick to Perth? I could be wrong here, but I'd imagine that achieving a 19/19 split for as many teams as possible is considered more important than avoiding scenarios where a team has to travel to another team three times.
  2. Cup Final Date

    I'm sure I read that UEFA allowed it in 2012 as a one off but then cracked down on it after that. The cup final should always be on Saturday at 3pm. I'd actually like to see the premiership playoff final be a single game on a neutral ground on the Sunday of the same weekend at 3pm.
  3. Cup Final Date

    Celtic beat Hibs 4-2. I believe it was on a Sunday as they put it on the same weekend as the champions league final and thus weren't allowed to televise on Saturday. Ever since then they've played it on a Saturday a week or two before the champions league final.
  4. Cup Final Date

    Except for 2013 when it was a Sunday?
  5. They play at home. In fact Barcelona B have a state of the art 15000 seater right next to the nou camp
  6. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    So what exactly is your genuine question?
  7. Tinder

    I posted that two hours ago. Quite frankly the entire GB women’s curling team would get ridden rotten. Although Eve was better when she was blonde a few years back.
  8. Tinder

    The athlete's village is famously shagger central. I bet she's getting pumped rotten as we speak.
  9. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Conversely, why shouldn't things like badminton and judo be in the winter olympics to balance things out? Only really the outdoorsy sports that need to be in a particular one.
  10. Rugby - Union And League

    So, I'm not a massive rugby fan, but always watch the internationals and at least check the results of the Pro14 game. Being a fan of Scottish rugby, is it normal that I look out for Glasgow and Edinburgh and want them both to win? Or am I beast for that because they've Old Firm esque arch rivals?
  11. McLeish's coaching team.

    No surpise that with a Sevco man in the top job, they've surrounded him with Celtic men to balance it out. Seriously, the mentality of the SFA defies belief. This stuff is not just the greatest poison to Scottish football, but to Scottish society as a whole.
  12. Hang on, was Yogi the inventer of the false 9?
  13. NFL General Discussion

    Doubt it, he'll just be the Mike Glennon type of this year, someone will sign him as the "starter" but replace him with a high draft pick.
  14. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    O'Neill was drink driving. That's different from having a drink problem (arguably more dangerous though), but apparently McLeish has been a steaming fool in recent interviews.
  15. Premier League 2017-2018

    Erm, three. Which is more than any other European country in that time period. Italy and Spain have two clubs each (Although Real and Barca have won it five and four times, respectively, and Munich have won it twice). But England has the most unique champions this century.