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  1. Friday Night Football

    I’m looking forward to the game, football fri and sat you can’t beat it
  2. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    They’re a waste of space these wee neds
  3. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    That’s a shocker, best wishes to him from all at Cumbernauld
  4. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    The parks fine but with rain forecast later it’ll be heavy

    Craigmark v Cumbernauld on

    Rob Roy v lithgae on
  7. I can’t see that many games being off, our Park was looking good on Wednesday so I’d be very surprised if that was to change by sat given the weather that’s forecast for today and tomorrow morning
  8. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Hopefully they’ll have learned there lesson from last week when despite the park being fine the ref called it off, the park was looking good last night and with the weather that’s forecast for through here there shouldn’t be any issues with the park
  9. Chris and Spud are sound guys, I hope that Kilsyth won’t be relegated and they’ll be able to get in the players they want for next season
  10. Games Off- Sat 9th Feb

    The park was playable today, one bit of water in the goalmouth area which was swept away whilst the ref was standing there, a strange decision to say the least. Rob Roy getting an inspection so early has come back to bite them big time. The park is in that good condition we’ll probably be training on it shortly
  11. Games ON - Sat 10th Feb

    It’s on according to their twitter
  12. Wishaw Juniors F.C. - Manager

    John McEown [emoji848]
  13. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

    You’re having a laugh with that comment are you not
  14. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

    Personal abuse towards players isn’t banter, and I’m not referring to any shouts made at yesterday’s game. I’ve seen it often enough over the years, you’d get lifted if you made the same remarks to someone in the street
  15. Good luck with that one Peter