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  1. Rangers + Celtic Penalties

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Afternoon folks, Quiet afternoon in the office and we got on to discussing the up coming old firm match. A colleague commented that Rangers will "no doubt get their usual penalty against Celtic" and I can't for the life of me remember when Rangers last won a penalty against Celtic and vice-versa. Can anyone advise on the below: When Rangers last won a penalty against Celtic? When Celtic last won a penalty against Rangers? How many each team has had against the other? Tried searching online but can't seem to find anything. Thanks in advance.
  3. Junior Committee Vacancies

    Hi everyone, Have seen from alot of comments on numerous threads that Junior football is in need of new bodies for ageing committee's so thought I would make up a thread for clubs to post any roles they are needing people to fill and for those interested in getting involved to note their interest for any prospective clubs. Although I have limited knowledge and experience I would be interested to hear from clubs in Aberdeen + Shire about potentially getting involved and helping out. Hopefully this can help some teams out in some way. Cheers
  4. PETERHEAD - 17/18 Season

    From the few games I seen last season you could see they were missing Sutherland. They lacked the physicality and little bit of quality in the final 3rd once he left. Will hopefully get a good amount of entertaining high scoring games next season.