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  1. I'm not too sure about that he got off to a flyer 5-2 victory today [emoji23]
  2. God help us, the 2 games I've seen him play he looked very nervous and his handling was suspect, I've also seen DJ and RT moaning at him. I actually fear for us on Sat, another 1-4 pumping [emoji17]
  3. Win or not he has to go. Craigen was never in the game yesterday, constantly out of position, not pressing from the front. I was looking for Sibbs to replace him near the end of the first half but he waits until we're struggling during the second before making that change. I've had it with his team setup, substitutions and excuses. It's time to put serious pressure on the BoD for change. It's clear he's not getting the best out of that team and should do the right thing now.
  4. Fans may dislike a manager/player but no real "fan" ever wants their team to fail just so they can say told you so. What a ridiculous comment!!
  5. Very gently I would suggest [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. You're an interloper so you don't count.
  7. Wow... ok so there's 2 numptys that give a toss. [emoji106][emoji106]
  8. I stand corrected, only you then. [emoji106]
  9. What's your point caller?
  10. And so the McKee injuries begin.......
  11. Who cares, I don't know anyone who's interested in this pointless cup.
  12. What's the names you heard?
  13. Yes there's more too it.
  14. You clearly know feck all about football then. Then again you're a Ton fan.