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  1. Bored of all this eyeball chat now. It's taking the focus away from our dire position and what we're going to do about it. Let's keep together it's all we have. What's happening with the community ownership?
  2. How's the new signings looking?
  3. Because they make it up as they go along.
  4. He had a few good games towards the end of the season purely down to being awkward IMO. The championship isn't his level. The situation we find ourselves in, we need grafters, like Baird but with more quality.
  5. Balatoni is only signed until the end of Dec I think.
  6. No.... just utter shite.
  7. At least he tries 100% every game can't say that about others, sadly!
  8. Aero was in Craigens face having a go during the game for lack of cover accusing him of being lazy.
  9. I disagree , I think the majority of the fan base agree the msg needs replaced and this is the only viable way to do it. The alternative is we just sit back and continue to moan like fook on social media and do nothing. The club is on its knees both on and off the park! Part-time football beckons.
  10. Exactly the same reason I didn't sign up as there were no shares involved. It was purely info gathering but the 2 fan groups that were there (Motherwell and st. Mirren) only have 2.5k members at best. I think we could do much better.
  11. Apologies if I missed it but has there been any discussion on the fan ownership? Who's willing to get behind it? It's the only way we are going to progress as a club imo.