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  1. To be fair it's still hard to tell as they're all dog shite so far except Conrad, Jordan and Dunne.
  2. I'm gutted to say that Loy is done as a player! Offers nothing to the team.
  3. We're so lightweight it's frightening. 2 shots on target and 2 corners. Relegation playoff is a reality.
  4. 👁see Patrice Evra is a free agent.
  5. Bored of all this shit now, roll on Jan 2nd.
  6. No just ex old firm levels of grassing, cry baby assholes!
  7. I know kev made the eye gesture and it was caught on camera but what did McKee do?
  8. What about Joe McKee? Kev's ban means nothing to the first team really.
  9. Edinburgh city is his level, he should do well there. Hopefully become permanent in Jan. 🤞
  10. Don't count on it, he's rank rotten. Hopefully get him fit to offload in Jan!
  11. I have no problem with that as long as you/he stayed on the touchline and made cameos only [emoji106]
  12. I'm not too sure about that he got off to a flyer 5-2 victory today [emoji23]
  13. God help us, the 2 games I've seen him play he looked very nervous and his handling was suspect, I've also seen DJ and RT moaning at him. I actually fear for us on Sat, another 1-4 pumping [emoji17]
  14. Win or not he has to go. Craigen was never in the game yesterday, constantly out of position, not pressing from the front. I was looking for Sibbs to replace him near the end of the first half but he waits until we're struggling during the second before making that change. I've had it with his team setup, substitutions and excuses. It's time to put serious pressure on the BoD for change. It's clear he's not getting the best out of that team and should do the right thing now.