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  1. Super 1st division promotion

    We aren’t missing anyone now . Full quota minus Morton last night. Well beat . Striker for glens was outstanding. His second free kick was unbelievable. Big game on Saturday that we need to show up for.
  2. I think you are doing Lang a slight disservice there. I thought played really well and worked out socks off and took our chances at the right times. As for Kilsyth yes it was a poor result but I think next season is when you will notice the difference when Chris can bring in his own players . He is a top manager and he knows what he’s doing. So I fully expect Kilsyth to be a major player next year. with Cumbernauld winning last night it brings them right back into it . It now looks like 8 teams going for the 6 spots. Going to be an interesting run in . The double header with glencairn and meadow will have a big say in matters as well.
  3. Was at largs today and it was a well fought battle. First half was even and then we got 2 players sent off - 1 for patting the big embarrassment number 5 on the head and he won’t down like he had been shot - he’s actually a good player but we won’t forget that in a hurry. Largs took advantage and got the win fair play. On a side note All of the committee and the majority of the fans at largs are such nice hospitable people but my god the Bucky boys in the shed really let your club down. Some of the shouts towards opposition players both yesterday and 2 weeks ago was actually disgusting even largs fans were telling them to shut up. Surprised a club like largs allow it to happen . If I was to describe them they are like the neds from still game with the clobber they had on. If you are on here neds grow up and start showing support to your own team rather than some of the vulgar stuff you have been spouting because I’m fairly certain you wouldnt come in our terrace on the 28th and behave like that.
  4. Irvine Meadow XI sign Peter Gemmell

    Great big player - big strong striker with great feet - scored a lot of goals at Cambuslang and played at a very good level.
  5. Both clubs fined and fixture to be replayed.
  6. Some big results yesterday. Glencairn doing well and winning at a hard place and also Kilsyth who seem to be kicking on now - I always knew they would as Chris is a top manager and a great guy. Also Irvine Meadow look like they could come out the pack and it will be a hard game for us down there next week.
  7. Arthurlie Fire sale

    To be fair I have a certain degree of sympathy for ogilvie. He has a relatively poor side in terms of quality In that league as the table shows but a massive club like lie should be doing better. They signed Hal Bohme from Cambuslang and he is a top player and will certainly give them a wee jag.
  8. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Don’t dive in Peter lol . Why was Hamilton not playing thought the changes made helped glens. Still fancy glencairn to be in the mix.
  9. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    To be fair Fraser done his fair share lol
  10. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Surely not mate? Largs were better for the majority of what I saw - I missed the first 20 mins right enough but when I was going in there was nobody there but don’t panic I went straight to the pie stall and handed in my £6 . It was a fiery game and I’d say an enjoyable game considering it was 0 0. Also a healthy crowd which is always good to see.
  11. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Thought it was a good point for glens as Largs will be kicking themselves with the chances they missed
  12. The fact that 4 players have left us to go to you probably resembles that you are not a million miles away from us. I didnt know brannigan tbh as he didnt play and as far as I am aware he has now left you but Gormley, Savarese and Kerr(all very good players) have moved to you guys and I would imagine on very similar if not better money.
  13. Glensmad thats a fact. We pay fair wages - maybe a bit more than you guys but nothing crazy. We are very lucky that we have a good committee and that the supporters trust run several events throughout the year to help the club including race nights, speakers night and a christmas raffles etc. Im sure you and your club do the same. The club has gone for it this year with the hope that we can get promoted. It is going to be very difficult but hopefully given our good recent form we can be up there challenging.