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  1. We are in a good position in the league and our last game we beat Irvine Meadow. Yesterday was disappointing and the fact we were missing big players Smith, Meikle, Gemmell and Mcrobbie has been ill all week and come on near the end didn't help matters but ultimately we just didn't want it as much as Stonehaven who are a big strong side and we're worthy winners .Needs to be better next week at renfrew who are flying. But thanks for worrying about us mate.
  2. Newnains community football team

    How can Muirkirk play all these ex Newmains players? Did they buy them?
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed Cambuslang v Meadow yesterday. We dominated the match from start to finish and somehow managed to find ourselves behind. But we dug in and won quite comfortably in the end. Big thanks to IM who brought a good crowd through with them. Thought the ref got all bar 1 decision right. The first medda 1 was definitely a second yellow and had to go. The second medda red card was 100% correct and such a stupid red card after kicking our player who was on the ground 3 or 4 times. 1 of our players reacted and should have been off as well. Barry eley was then sent off for us and it was 2 clear bookings. Anyway great to see the crowds back at the Lang and there is certainly a feel good factor at the club just now.
  4. East Region South League 2017/8

    Guys just wanted to say was very impressed with Pumpherston yesterday on another day they could have easily have won that match. 2 red cards that were never reds and quite possibly 2 penalties that weren't penalties. I'm sure Pumpherston will continue to do well if yesterday's performance is anything to go by.
  5. Player for Transfer

    You better get back on to your info. You have signed Gormley and brannigan. Use are turning into a CRFC retirement home. Just kidding all the best today. Liam is top drawer. Will take a few games to get his match sharpness back but if you get him right you have got a bargain. The other boy I haven't really saw play but i know geo reccomends him so he must be a good player.
  6. Player for Transfer

    Haha good 1 glensmad . Your info was that he was going to Kilsyth . I said all along he was a good player. You are pretty smug for a guy who's team are bottom of the league and have bought 2 guys who couldn't get in our squad. I actually fancy use to win today - hope I am wrong.
  7. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    Mcrobbie is very good from Cumnock, Gemmell played at a very good level. Love had a good season at gartcairn and has been pretty prolific wherever he's been in the juniors and Hewitt had a very good season at Johnstone. Very much doubt Liam will play on Sat. Would be very unfair on boys that actually want to play for CRFC. Until Liam comes back and tells the club he wants to fight for his place and stay or we get an acceptable bid it won't change.
  8. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    He does train hard and is a good player. Nobody at CRFC would say any different. He hasn't caused one ounce of bother even when he hasn't been playing . I would prefer him to stay and fight for his place but its liam's call.
  9. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    Totally agree Spud. We are a new team in this league. Kilsyth are an established super 1st team who almost got to the prem last year. Would be a great move if everyone gets what they need. Also to respond to jinkys comments. I think all of the others boys would be a bit offended by your comments . There is no doubt Liam has great ability and we want to keep him . Liam's fork dipped at the back end of last season as he had an issue with his foot and just hasn't got back to his fine form (he possibly hasn't had a fair enough crack this year) It's upto him to stay and fight or for the clubs valuation to be met . It's quite simple.
  10. Player for Transfer

    We will need to see what happens I guess mate. Liam a great lad and not got a bad word to say about him.
  11. Player for Transfer

    It's not really . Liam has been well looked after by crfc. We have to pay transfers fees to other clubs. It's a business at the end of the day mate.
  12. Player for Transfer

    Free of my memory saves correct. We don't want him to go .
  13. Player for Transfer

    That scored 20 goals last year
  14. Player for Transfer

    Well I would start to doubt it . We were offered 800 during the week which was knocked. We are looking for offers over 1500.
  15. Player for Transfer

    Your info is wrong I'm afraid. Nobody has met or came close to the valuation. Liam is top drawer .