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  1. Alex Rae is a right good shout for you guys. One of St Mirrens most successful managers if you actually believe his pish. Seriously though, decent move by your board to get this done now, still plenty of time to get back in amongst the teams fighting for promotion.
  2. Decent response to last week. Don't think we played particularly well but result was never really in doubt after we got the 2nd goal. Looking like we will be there or thereabouts at the top come the end of the first quarter and given we still have a few key players to come back in the next couple of weeks things are going well. Reckon we will be back on top of the pile next week when dunfermline and United play out a draw and we take 4 off Brechin.
  3. Probably because it looks like everyone of them are standing there and not giving a single f**k. Body language looks terrible, arms folded, leaning against the dugout. Devoid of ideas and thrown in the towel by the looks of it.
  4. Pars vs St Mirren

    3-2 the buds or 0-0 or 6-5 f**k knows man.
  5. St Mirren v ICT

    'get seshed' terrible patter
  6. St Mirren v ICT

    1877 club m8, free entry after the game if you fancy a pint
  7. St Mirren v ICT

    Still there yes.
  8. Think there's some sort of deal between the selling consortium and SMISA + GS that should the club come into any unexpected income ie: player sales, then part of those funds will be used to speed up the payments still due to the consortium from the takeover of the club.
  9. Nah m8 if it means I get to laugh at you's all season it's worth every penny.
  10. Seriously but lads, are yous still going to win this league cos I'd hate to think I believed everything you's were saying before the season started and backed you's to win it. That's a quid I couldn't have spent elsewhere man.
  11. Another Easy peasy 3-1 victory for the buddies. Reilly Sutton and Mackenzie with the goals.
  12. Easy peasy for the buddies, 3-1 Reilly, Morgan and Stelios with the goals.