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  1. He's made an arse of it at United and then at York, think Jackie boy will need to start again with the likes of Morton or Qots and prove he's still got it.
  2. Glad it's decided either way, he was always going to move on at some point and we could have spent all summer waiting for it to happen. We move on and appoint a new manager and JR moves on with his career. Hopefully the club have spent the last week or two working on his replacement and we know who it is pretty soon. Robbie Neilson hopefully.
  3. If jack is offered the job then going by that interview I'd say he was off. He couldn't keep the smile off his face when talking about and seemed excited by it all. Fair play to him he more than deserves the move anyway, just a gutter we maybe wont be getting at least one crack at the premiership with him.
  4. You could be correct m8. Replacing him as the only saints manager in the premier league next season going by your fast declining season. Could be a case of St Mirren up and St Johnstone down if you's don't get the finger out.
  5. Good shout. Ex St Mirren man and 100% win record as manager this season.
  6. I'm just glad your abomination of a club appointed yer man csaba, taking him out the equation should we need to appoint a new manager. From top of the pile to 14 points behind in a matter of weeks.
  7. 'Thats your fault ya stupid f**k'
  8. Pretty sure the big man played in the Raith team when we scudded them 5 nil at the end of last season and he, along with the rest of his team mates had an absolute nightmare that day. Looked a totally different player last night though. Surprised it took JR so long to get Gary Mac on to go up against him. He won absolutely everything in the 2nd half.
  9. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Would I be correct in saying that yer man csaba's record since he took over is now worse than that of Ray Mckinnon??
  10. No one can m8 because he doesn't