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  1. Games Off

    Pitch inspection to take place tomorrow morning at holm park
  2. New Stadia

  3. New Stadia

    Exactly. I'm sure they'l find a field to watch somewhere if the clubs change to synthetic grass.
  4. New Stadia

    You've got the right to say whatever you want mate, I'm just pointing out that saying you'd abandon your local team for something as progressive and forward thinking as an artificial surface is moronic. Also, take the celtic chatter elsewhere, No one here cares.
  5. New Stadia

    Why not? are you playing upfront for your local? No one's saying you don't enjoy football at this level, however, saying you'd go elsewhere if your team start playing on a plastic pitch is just laughable.
  6. New Stadia

    A plastic playing surface and you'll go elsewhere ? [emoji23] have a word with yourself mate.
  7. Livingston v Glenafton

    Bang on [emoji106]
  8. Livingston v Glenafton

    Every cloud eh [emoji12] enjoy it mate hope you tank them!
  9. Livingston v Glenafton

    All this over £20 lol
  10. Bankies v pollok

    Any highlights from Sunday?