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  1. West Region

    Don' think when I managed at amateur level I would have allowed a 14 year old to take our games Would be very surprised if this was accurate
  2. West Region

    Good point My only observation would be (using your example) is that Pennyburn coonsil pitches will be maintained by best equipment and a team of coonsil workers where as (and I don' know there circumstances) the buffs need to rely on co.mittee volunteers etc to ready pitch - this will be more obvious in lower leagues though were the standard of pitch is not so good
  3. West Region

    The other reason that the Juniors may seem a little more pernickety is that is the away team travel and the game is then put off - the home team are liable for their travel costs
  4. West Region

    It is mainly because an amateur team can book any park they want say for example Blochairn Star are playing Tynecastle at the cage and on the Thursday they know pitch may not be playable - they can book a 3g pitch (as long as opponents are ok) and they have a load of council facility or even Junior/senior 4G pitches they can choose from. In the Juniors the park needs to have certain requirements - we (St Roch's) for example would not ne able to book Glasgow Green or somewhere like that - we could if opposition agreed go to a "Junior" 4 G park for example Petershill. While that option would get the game on it wont happen often as then the home team would loose out on revenue - eg shop, bar etc.
  5. West Region

    Or even play the west of Scotland ties on the 7th as some of these will involve more travel than the central ties?
  6. West Region

    Probably too late now that fixtures have been set but why not reschedule fixtures for 7th of April for League games. We could have the Central League cup fixtures played on Monday nights - maybe starting on the 16th of April - the Final could be on a Friday night at the start on June. Means that teams with a backlog - eg Wishaw - would be able to prioritise tournaments - teams that go out of Central Cup and have backlog can be scheduled for future Monday nights if backlog.
  7. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    Spellng is nott the point hear
  8. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    Clydebank (currently bottom of the league) too good for the Junior's will obviouly finish out of the bottom two? Also does their allusions of grandeur Carter for the fact that they have no ho(l)me park?
  9. Looking To Volunteer To Help Club If Needed

    If you cannot get a local team - give us a shout at St Roch's FC
  10. Games On?

    St Roch's v Neilston is ON
  11. Website

    Feel free to use any images from www.strochsfc.com or from our Twitter account
  12. West Region promotion & relegation - who plays who ?

    4th in Central plays 14th in Super 1st 4th in Ayrshire plays 13th in Super 1st
  13. Games off 20/1/18

    Next weeks original fixtures now listed for March 10th
  14. Games off 20/1/18

    Fixture guy gets lots of stick but this is very sensible response to weather this weekend - all fixtures put back a week so cup replays should not get in the way. Who says common sense does not sometimes prevail.
  15. Games this weekend

    Think a wee bit of common sense should apply today - I get the whole thing about waiting till the last possible minute to try to get a game on but I am confident of making the following prediction - there will be no Junior games in Glasgow tomorrow - ZERO. That includes 3G parks. Please no Sean batty observations. My point is not about forecasting the weather - it is about giving people as much notice as possible to plan/replan their Saturday. Our game (St Roch's v Neilston) has no chance of being on - will check park this afternoon and again tomorrow morning to be absolutely sure - Petershill Park is 5 minutes walk from us and 3G and I am will to wager has ZERO chance of being on. Should we not be letting fans etc know at the earliest possible convenience instead of the hope against hope until the 10am announcent tomorrow morning. Yes we need to get figtures played but common sense approach would allow hundreds, maybe thousands of punters across the city the chance to make other plans - maybe even travel doon the water to watch a game that makes it.