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  1. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Would not think so - you would need to ask them ..... We get on well with most clubs, there is a bit of added rivalry with one or two teams but nothing of note A couple of whereabouts are sure to follow but in the main we have good relationships with other teams
  2. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    St Roch's 5 Benburb 4
  3. Junior Club allegiances (Or lack of)

    www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/15805605.Treasured_family_snap_gave_me_a_new_love_for_the_beautiful_game/ Check out this article in today' newspaper and it might answer the Ops question Sure this is similar to many clubs and a good wee read Not sure how to add link but if you search google Evening Times treasured family snap it takes you to article
  4. Fixtures and season end

    We have heard a lot on here about the new expectations around fixtures First batch till December Second batch till March Final batch at end of Feb till......?? The Bad weather and Scottish Cup has obviously impacted on the second batch being put out on time and the fixtures currently out till 3rd Feb which is encouraging. Here is the question - when batch 3 get released they must run till 2nd week in June (when the constitution says season ends) this will stop the crazy Monday wednesday fixtures with 6:30 kick offs that teams obviousley will struggle to get to. My team St Roch's still need to go to Lesmahagow, Port Glasgow, Shotts and Forth away - 6:30 kick offs would be difficult for us so it would be a relief if fixtures came out with every Saturday available considered rather than cramming fixturs in April and May - let the season run till 2nd week in June on Saturdays Just my thoughts - what do you think ???
  5. Festive friendly match thread

    St Roch's v East Kilbride ADV Friday 29th December - kick off 12:30 James McGrory Park
  6. Friendly Required 16/12/17

    St Roch's
  7. Friendly Required 16/12/17

    Our game 99% off We will come down to buffs Would need to be 1pm
  8. Games 16-12-17

    Mate - sorry for the confusion - I said will be on for a game of marbles - which is played on concrete Unfortunately our groundsman forgot to turn on our under soil heating so we are pretty much fucked .....except for the marbles off course
  9. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Our game will 99% be off tomorrow Our next game is ??? It too bothered about fixtures till March ... just give us the January ones so we can try to get sponsors st This is a basic ask ...
  10. Games 16-12-17

    St Roch's v Glasgow Perthshire will be on If anyone fancies a game of marbles
  11. Festive Friday Friendly

    Does any team fancy a game on Friday 29th of December v St Roch's at James McGrory Park 1pm kick off - we will provide Turkey sandwiches and a wee tonic
  12. An club looking for a game please get in touch Looking for a game 1pm at James McGrory Park weather permitting 07513231176 Andy
  13. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    No Maryhill v Neilston
  14. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    Cheers Terry
  15. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    This will also apply to the current "3rd tier" to the new second tier - the Premier League to Championship situation should be pretty straight forward - club who finish 12th play the team that finish 5th and 11th v 6th would be the sensible option. But what happens at next level which of the bpottom two play the Central 4th and which plays the Ayrshire 4th. A draw for this situation should be made asap.