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  1. Friendly this Saturday (16th Sept)

    St Joes are looking for a friendly this coming Saturday, we already have home grass park booked. Anyone interested get in touch! Cheers
  2. Friendly 5th August

    Cheers mate
  3. Friendly 5th August

    Cheers let us know when you find out mate
  4. Friendly 5th August

    St joes will play if still available mate?
  5. Friendlies - Fixtures & Results

    St Joes playing Renfrew Juniors at their park tonight. Hurlford have called off for the 5th of August if anyone has a park and wants a friendly
  6. Friendlies - Fixtures & Results

    We got this filled earlier today mate, appreciate the offer
  7. Friendlies - Fixtures & Results

    St. Joes got 4 games scheduled starting tomorrow We also have a park booked for 7pm kick off 9th August if anyone interested 22nd July - GHSFP 26th July - Renfrew Jnrs 2nd Aug - Maryhill Thistle 6th Aug - Hurlford AFC
  8. Worrying times!!!!!!!!!!

    Another post giving Colville a bashing, if it's not that it's Hurlford and Shortlees. Starting to get boring now!!! Colville are the strongest team in amateur football, which makes it easier to atract players. Why would they not strenghten in this case? I wish them all the luck, and hope that they can get through the 1st couple of rounds of the big Scottish. (As should every other amateur fan) We had a narrow defeat to them in the West this season, they are the bechmark and we'll be looking to go one better and cause an upset next time we meet in one of the majors.
  9. ** Management Team Wanted **

    Sad to hear that shawlands have folded after 60 years. Had some good battles with them over the last few years as well.
  10. Shawlands fp

    Hope you pull through Scott, would be a huge loss to SAFL & to all the guys that have kept Shawlands running for 60 years
  11. St. Joes - Pre Season Friendlies Wanted

    Cheers for the offer mate but we're just sticking to Saturdays, think we have just about filled all our dates up now anyway
  12. Central Scottish Premier Champions

    Congratulation Colville on winning the league only dropping 2 points is some achievment. Also good luck to them and Southside in Scottish final. Think it will be a tight affair after losing narrowly to both teams in West and Scottish this year.
  13. St. Joes - Pre Season Friendlies Wanted

    We have a fixture the 22nd so will take the 5th of August
  14. St. Joes - Pre Season Friendlies Wanted

    Hi Mate, Are you available for Saturday 29th July? Thanks Moose