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  1. Would you drop Lyle after the Brechin and tonight performances? Id agree Kane dobs should be our main Strikers but I don't feel like Lyle deserves to be dropped f**k it play all 3 and stick big Dykes up there aswell
  2. If he's carrying a knock we don't need to be forced into playing him my point is I don't think we are lacking quality upfront I like the idea of Lyle and Kane upfront.
  3. Dobbie out In all seriousness does he need to play everygame?Why not start Lyle and Kane on Saturday,Wouldn't say either deserve to be dropped? Obviously all 3 could play but if pick two why does it have to be Dobbie and someone? ETA:Is this controversial?
  4. With yous playing Brechin next week I can see yous staying here
  5. Week 1:Aberdeen Week 2:Ayr united Week 3:Dundee united
  6. Fair enough Good that we are actually able to change formation though,Bench today there was no centre midfielders although not every week will All 3 play but still I'd say that is our priority now if any money is available.
  7. They have Yes,Although against Brechin Rooney and Marshall done well coming further further but Dumbarton then again may not be the game to try it Yes only three positions but likely one will be Danny or Even Dobbie in behind two Strikers which I find more effective, Personally I feel Dobbie Behind Lyle and Kane would be better than Stirling and Danny out wide with Lyle and Dobbie up top With full backs creating width staying wide?Whats your thoughts on that,No? Suppose it's all just prefence and it's probaly a absolute shit idea but as of yet I've not realised yet
  8. Said it before n ill say it again,3 at the back with Rooney and Marshall wingbacks and whatever selection of Strikers Gary wishes Home to a team we realistically should be beating aslong as it doesn't end up 5 at the back then I'd be happy to see it. cmon gaz m'man try it out,for me?
  9. Would take a point now Not many teams will get anything from here this season
  10. Yeah,Suppose he couldn't really of dropped Lyle after last week Strange playing a Cm on the wing when you have 3 Wide players on the bench though,He must realise all 3 are shit at tracking back
  11. Tapping ranking and Jacobs all start? This can't be a 4-5-1 unless Dobbie is on the wing? ETA:
  12. Got the suitcase ready Just in case
  13. Have to miss this game today unfortunately Could get hammered but could nick a draw,Too hard to call depends what team shows up ETA:0-4 Dykes on fire