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  1. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Not jealous
  2. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Oh ah Alloa Might be talking shite but I'm sure we played eachother in Dumfries first day of the season the last two seasons you were here. See you then
  3. Mexico v Scotland Sun 3rd June 2018

    Are they green shirts behind the goal positioned in a "M"? If so then some lifetime bans need handed Out
  4. Mexico v Scotland Sun 3rd June 2018

    Clutching at straws trying to find positives out of this
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Regards Durnan it's clear to see that he would be interested in coming back but it's not what we are looking for,and him saying "Great club but no contact" confirms this. Fordyce can play Full back if needed but he's best at CB IMO. Holt on the otherhand is exactly what we need. Dont think it'll happen but if it does it'll be some coup
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    Naysmith does it quite regularly(not quite Morton extremes but running around) Even in the betfred cup against Hamilton he was half way on the pitch when we scored
  7. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Motherwell and Edinburgh City away hopefully. Stranraer away wouldn't be bad tho
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

  9. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hopefully Motherwell and Edinburgh City away
  10. Telegraph Fantasy League

  11. Rocket League

    Came across a "tamhibs1",and all during the game just talked in the chat His response to me being a queens fan was "unlucky:p"
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Yeah probaly not even get half that.Won't bring the same amount as they did in the cup unless they are having a good season
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    Wouldn't say great,Would of been more confident of finishing above Livi than Partick I was torn between a better away day or a potential higher league position so didn't know who to support,Better Away day it is
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    Regards Dykes this is a big season for him. We are going into the season with probaly him and Dobbie as our Strikers,he needs to add more goals to his game and he'll have a say what end of the table we are at IMO
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    Naysmiths Loan signings during his time have been impressive,Kane Kerr Thomas and Thomson. Some more of that quality please Gary Would like to see Stirling given chance out wide but I guess that boat has sailed.Probaly be a loanee in that role with Murray cover. A couple of Defenders needed but teams shaping up well. Also looking like Joe won't be returning so wonder where he will end up,some player and was refreshing at 10am hoping he was the big signing.