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  1. Queens v Falkirk

    Wasn't there today so can't comment on today but everytime I've seen him he's been dire
  2. Battle of the Brechin and Border Bumpkins

    Not went up today but just found this,Fair play to Brechin that is quality
  3. Battle of the Brechin and Border Bumpkins

    0-0 or 1-0 either way not gonna be a goalfest Big chance for Brechin to get there first wim
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Liked the flags on the open terrace,Guess that's to do with the new SLOs? Also good to see a wee bit of singing,Would happily welcome that back as palmy has become a bit of a graveyard but aslong as it stays just that and doesn't end up getting the club in trouble again
  5. Queens vs Pars

    2 points dropped,should've won
  6. Montrose v Queens

    Today's highlight for me has to be some of the queens faithful belting out YMCA after Dykes' goal
  7. Montrose v Queens

    Could do with a win and a couple of goals after results last couple of weeks
  8. St Mirren V Brechin

    Queens fan was ejected yesterday
  9. The shinier, improved St. Mirren FC 2017/18 Thread

    Any posters in this?
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    I'm not usually one to crictise a player before he's even had a start but I seriously don't see what he brings it just feels like naysmith signing a mate,He's certainly not the type of player we needed so why was funds not used for what we need:a ball playing centre mid and I completely disagree if he is ahead of Stirling in the pecking order just because of what he has done in the past
  11. Inverness v Queens

    Don't disagree,think even taking tapping out for Lyle and playing Dobbie 'in the hole' would work well also
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Good to see higgy hasn't forgot about us Saw him and Lewis Kidd outside stadium yesterday,bit of a weird combo
  13. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Why does dykes play out wide ahead of a natural winger like Stirling? Why were we so negative playing two defenders down one side and a big striker down the other,ffs Naismith not this again,We should be attacking teams what's the worst that can happen Thought Kerr done good Again today Our defence was fine I thought,Attack is one of best in league but midfield we have two hard tacklers,desperately needed a ball player midfielder in summer