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  1. QOS V League Leaders

    One is a goalkeeper
  2. Queens v Dundee United

    Leighfield Mercer Fordyce Brownlie Marshall Thomas Jacobs RankinThomson Dobbie Dykes I hope this is Thomson out wide cos if we are playing a 4-5-1 long balls to Dobbie we have no chance,I'll be pretty disappointed in naysmith aswell if he's not going for this and instead trying to "keep it tight"
  3. Dumbarton v Queens

    Leighfield was superb(New number 1?),Defence done ok,Seeing Thomson and Jacobs starting in the middle was a delight and thought they done well.Out wide Thomas looked good but Dykes was our most ineffective player not that he played bad.Up top Dobbie looked lively and Lyle surely Naymsith he still has something to offer Pitch was terrible but glad it went ahead as the results today all went in our favour.Beat Dundee Tuesday and we are in playoffs,this season has certainly been a rollercoaster of up and downs.Delighted tonight and anyone know where that penalty landed,checked my garden and it's not there so must've went further
  4. Ayr vs Raith

    Ayr Ayr super Ayr
  5. Ayr vs Raith

    Is this game in doubt or is the weather fine up in Ayr? Just wondering as thinking about going if our games gets called off
  6. Dumbarton v Queens

    Leaving in a bit and I just know it's gonna be called off isn't it?If it's called off relatively soon then I won't have too much a problem but if it's a late call off then there's really no excuses as the forecast is for more rain
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    Just came across this,Beautiful
  8. Dundee United v Queens

  9. Dundee United v Queens

    Shat it
  10. Dumbarton v Queens

    Shut the roof
  11. Dundee United v Queens

    Quite amazing how we are approaching the final run in of the season and still have to play eachother Three times
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    It wasn't like he came out to a chorus of boos After about the 3rd time of kicking it out the pitch in a dangerous area people got frustrated and rightly so,he had a shocker Dykes on the other hand I've been impressed with recently,I like him Rankin and Jacobs were both poor.Marshall being my MOTM yesterday
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    I didn't boo,and never have But just because Murray is young doesn't mean it's acceptable to cross the ball out the park about 10 times and not receive stick It became extremely frustrating
  14. Dundee United v Queens

    Shut up 0-4,Dykes two Dobbie two
  15. Queens v Pars

    Gary talks about over using players.I like Fergusson but I'd start Todorov tomorrow Also,after the St mirren game there was a rant about players letting him down and that there would be changes.Could this possibly have been aimed towards Rooney and Thomson? Could've just been injured though.