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  1. Football Podcasts

    And who are the target demographics for The Guardian?
  2. If Scotland were...

    Scotland and just about everyone else who failed to qualify from UEFA deserved to be there more than Korea.
  3. South Korea v Mexico

    Mexico deserves no credit for this one. This Korean team is trash.
  4. Football Podcasts

    Its an English podcast, aimed towards English audience.
  5. England's Glorious Failure

  6. The New Stadiums Thread

    What are those railroads by the stadium site? What trains run on that? Can they maybe build a station by the stadium?
  7. The New Stadiums Thread

    Does anyone have pictures of Brentford's new stadium?
  8. Great Unexplained Questions of Wrestling

    Who kidnapped Samoa Joe?
  9. Even when they are winning they come off as clowns. Terrible club.
  10. N H L Returns

    Vegas in the Finals, I think this is even better story than Leicester City.
  11. Yes, and 100% of their ticket revenues should go towards other SPFL clubs, split equally.
  12. MLS 2017

    Rumor is Miami's team name will be Miami Freedom FC. I am not crazy about it but years of United and City, I will take it.
  13. MLS 2017

    Think Ibra still got something to offer. Rooney is done.
  14. Scottish League Champions Without the Old Firm

    Congrats Dons fans.
  15. Other Leagues 15/16

    Largely a symbolic gesture. iirc clubs in Israel are only able to name themselves after persons that are deceased. Loathsome move from a loathsome club regardless. They make Rangers under Struth look like club of tolerance and social progress.