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  1. I always thought he looked like a shaven chimp.
  2. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Someone on twitter claimed this is somehow an elaborate Sevconian conspiracy by SPFL.
  3. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Is Murrayfield really any worse than where PSG plays?
  4. MLS 2017

    If I remember right, Overtwon is a ghetto, Quite a bit of movement from Scotland to MLS. Danny Wilson to Rapids, Sam Nicholson went to Minnesota a while back. Think a kid from Falkirk went to Vancouver.
  5. I think that was the point lol. Congratulations to the Dons, hopefully this makes them bit more financially competitive, at the very least, with Sevco.
  6. MLS 2017

    Well I thought about it. If they really wanted it they can buy the name off the existing team. Which is really an amateur side.
  7. MLS 2017

    Today is the day Miami enters MLS. Please for the love of god no Miami United.
  8. Royal Rumble 2018

    Anyone who didn't enjoy the Vickie cameo has no heart.
  9. XFL back!

    Vince McMahon set to announce the return of glorious XFL!
  10. MLS 2017

    Good news for Miami, they are ready to announce a team, and United and FC is OFF THE TABLE, because those are already taken! Miami Vice FC would be AMAZING.
  11. Rangers and Celtic to merge?

    Don't you have better things to do?
  12. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Wouldn't their reserve team be liquidated with them?
  13. The New Stadiums Thread

    LAFC stadium will have safe standing with foldable seats a la Celtic.