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  1. I haven't seen one of THOSE Sevco fans on P&B until now.
  2. Hearts Stadium Development

    I thought the old stand gave Tynecastle character. Shame, the new stand looks kinda dull.
  3. Still a much more efficient construction project than Berlin Airport.
  4. First game back at Tynecastle with new stand and its not televised? Who runs SPFL?
  5. Country Before Club says McLeish

    Dumb. Who are the ones paying their bills?
  6. NFL General Discussion

    Sees the Browns-Lions score. Um, what?
  7. TNA General

    I really tried to give this company a chance. I am done. I wish all the talents and employees the best. The so called management should all be out of work.
  8. TNA General

    Apparently they pay people to attend their shows now.
  9. TNA General

    I am not going to encourage their ridiculous behavior.
  10. MLS 2017

  11. I have zero understanding about rugby. Don’t they play rugby in football stadiums with smaller pitch? Why does Murrayfield have such a big pitch?
  12. Eh, it’s better shaped for fitbaw. Neither stadiums are perfect but I think Murrayfield is better.
  13. As opposed to Hampden, which was clearly designed for fitbaw?
  14. Week 8

    In case any Scots here are making a trip down south for the game, I apologie in advance as American, for the Browns.
  15. NFL London

    Its funny considering how NFL wants to export its product, they end up having shittiest product in London.