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  1. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    At half time, even 3-1 up, I still thought the way St Mirren were playing (barring the howler for the equaliser) was the best they had played against us this season and at no point, until the 4th goal, was I confident we would win. It was a free game for us and to get 3 points is incredible. With Morton dropping points it makes it even sweeter. What is weird is I still think some of our players were not 100% today but still were incredible. I have seen Halkett, Pittman, Alexander and Byrne all play better than today, but their effort and desire to win 50/50s and play for each other is immense. Only thing is, why is the rest of Livi stuck in the pub with their OF tops on instead of watching us when we play like that? I love watching this team, officially safe from 10th place, brilliant!
  2. the party's at your patch, so suck it up

    Might be wrong but i am pretty sure that Livi have never had to suffer that (post 95 anyway)
  3. Disappointing result. After a good draw midweek against 100 men, quite rubbish not getting something against only 14 men.. In seriousness, we were not great today but cant fault for effort. Queens defended very well, but has to be said another game again ruined by incompetent officials. Finnie at his best today. Frustrating game to watch, must have had most of the ball without threatening too much, but that was mostly down to the Queens defending. Shame it was a mistake that cost the game, although cant be too hard on Halkett, it is his first mistake (that i have seen) since week 2 away to Brechin. He is still a class above. I had a feeling today would not go our way, feel like this will be a poor quarter for us, however as long as we win our next 4 games v Brechin and Dumbarton we should be OK. Not too bothered about the play off places, just keep beating Dumbarton's results and that is all that matters.
  4. I agree to your post to a certain extent. To answer your question about the criticism, not sure criticism is the right word. It was being pointed out that Byrne had a poor game on Sunday and if Thomson was an option he would have been the ideal player to throw in the midfield. It should be said though, it was not just Byrne, the only player with pass marks from Sunday is Halkett (and Lithgow to an extent before his pen miss). The rest looked like they were out in having a piss up with the fans the night before. Having said that, they are a young team, they had a long journey and they have been playing well recently and still held their own and were very unlucky not to be in the next round. The three players you mentioned are pivotal as you said, and I don't think anyone would disagree. They are brilliant players but as all players do, they will have bad games. It would be good to have an option of the supposed quality of Thomson to use to rotate the squad when necessary, and In my opinion, Sunday was one of those days.
  5. Yeah I was a bit weary about us playing 3 a the back with Lithgow but he seems to really have taken to that formation and has settled really well so far this season. He will always be outshone by Halkett though, but so would most other CB's in our league. Unfortunately I missed the Morton game so can't comment, however going by the forums that seems to be the consensus, even from Morton fans. Can't say I am surprised either, both brilliant players. Interesting idea actually, would be nice to really be able to mark the occasion. On a tangent, will be interesting to see what team goes out against TNS, what happened to Knox playing 1st team football this season? Could we see him back in Keaghan's place?
  6. Agree 100% mate. Compare Pittman to Fox and the gulf is massive. Pittman 1st name on team sheet every week (Alexander aside), but you notice particularly v Brechin and Saints what we miss without Keaghan in the middle
  7. Thought I was the only one who thought that about Fox. Could never fault his effort or loyalty through that time, but he's no Keaghan Jacobs in terms of quality, seen better players than him let go for nothing. Glad Keaghan will get the recognition of most capped for Livi - definitely deserves it
  8. Morton v Livingston

    Guess it just seems like longer after being in L1 last year and i am sure we failed to beat Morton at all the season before. I am confident that if we get a bit of luck we have been lacking so far in the league games we can get something here, but not under estimating Morton. I am sure we will be looking to bounce back from Saturday though
  9. Morton v Livingston

    Was scrolling through and thinking the same - that cage is preferable to the way their stewards treat away fans anyway and more comfortable and better view too. Hate going to Greenock at the best of times for those reasons, but to pay £20 for the privilege? Nah I don't know who thought this £2 charge is a good idea, was always going to cause a backlash - sounds more like Livi of seasons gone by tbh As for the game, when did we last win there in the league? I am not optimistic for this one
  10. Typical Livi v Saints game Away win, freak goal, controversial moment etc. Ball just didn't seem to bounce right for us, any shots spilled never landed at our feet. 50/50 balls just never quite broke for us. Was definitely a red card, not sure what was going on with the Jack Ross incident though, seems like Thomson has forgotten the rules - same as when Carrick was forced off after treatment following the red card, typical Thomson, clueless refereeing. I like Jacko, but he can be hit and miss. I have seen him play brilliant as a CB but he is more of a wing back - he can be great getting forward but when he is not on his game it can cost us at the back. Same with Gallagher, top quality on his day but we will struggle to do well when he isn't playing well. Both were not great today and it cost us, but after 17 games unbeaten and a tough run of 2 games in a week for the last month you can't be too critical. Thought Thomson in the middle took some time to settle in the game but was actually one of our best players after we wen 1-0 down. Didn't see much from Danny, Rafa, or Byrne today which was disappointing and these are core players for us. For me this played out a bit like the Brechin game, a bit average first half but going in at HT with confidence only to throw away two early second half goals and then play out an incredibly frustrating second half. It is hard watching your team chasing a game and not being able to get decent crosses in and loosing possession cheaply. Have to say, the number 5 and number 10 for St Mirren were brilliant today, good finishing from Reilly to, despite the poor defending still had plenty to do. Our next two league games are Morton and Queens - this will give us a better indication of how our season could shape up - need to be beating these two teams to have a chance of mid-table comfort. Well done St Mirren - I am sure we will repay the favour back in Paisley as is the norm!
  11. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    What is it with Livi and getting shit draws? Drawn against a team in our league, beat them to get another away to a Welsh team that plays in England in a Scottish cup. Not to mention they beat us last year!. Was hoping for an away day to Ireland tbh, Not easy going getting to Owestry Town Can never seem to get a home tie either
  12. Week 1 - Aberdeen Week 2 - Livingston
  13. The Best and Worst of 2016/17

    Best team performance (Livingston) Could pick from a few games. The first game against Stranraer. The 4-0 away to Airdrie. The 2 times we beat Alloa 3-1. The 3-0 up at Brechin (and the 3-0 at home) and the two recent home games v Queens Park (4-0) and Peterhead (4-1). All of these games showed us playing some fantastic football and some cracking goals. Worst team performance (Livingston) I will split this over 2 games - the first half away to East Fife when we lost 3-1 and ended with 9 men, and the second half at home to Queens Park when we lost 2 goals in a couple of minutes. Best individual performance (Livingston) Scott Pittman in almost every game. Same goes for Craig Halkett since he went to CB and also Gallagher since his return. All 3 have been outstanding this season. Worst individual performance (Livingston) Probably Kelly for the first game away to East Fife, shocking first half but he wasn't helped by his defence. I remember Crighton having a stinker a few months ago when every kick just seemed to go out of play. Think it was just before our winning streak started. Clutching at straws because we have not really had any player really have a notably horrible game. Best team performance (opposition) Probably Albion Rovers when they came to Toni Macs and won 2-1. Brilliant counter-attacking football. They were also good to watch unlike QP who despite playing in a similar way and getting the same result were incredibly dull. Worst team performance (opposition) Airdrie, Airdire, Airdrie or Airdrie. Or Stranraer on day 1. Or Peterhead last week. Or either of the away games to Brechin they were pretty poor.. Take your pick. Best individual performance (opposition) Only one player that sticks out and that is Jonathan Page when East Fife came to Livi and won 1-0. The last time we were beaten. I don't think any EF fans would disagree that we would have comfortably won that game by 3 or 4 goals had Page not been playing. He was solid, won every tackle, every header and made about 3 clearances off the line and in the box. With respect to EF, I would be surprised if he is not playing with a championship team next season or a title-chasing L1 side. Worst individual performance (opposition) Boateng for Airdrie at the start of the season. Danny Mullen must have given him nightmares! Russell has also been useless on the 5 occasions we played Airdrie and he usually loves a goal v Livi!
  14. Livi v Peterhead

    It looked tight at the 4th goal whether it was offside - probably was. However if it was offside it should have been a pen and probably a sending off for the 'keeper. Agree about the linesman, useless for both sides. Always waiting for the ref to make the decision first instead of 'assisting'