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  1. Early League Predictions

    Celtic Sevco Aberdeen Hibs Kilmarnock Motherwell Hearts St. Johnstone Dundee St Mirren Livi Hamilton
  2. To be fair it looked like they gave up at 2-1 up with 100 minutes to play ETA: tie is not over and I still fully expect United to come out and shitebag a win on Friday
  3. Just hope the livi players get the appreciation they deserve and the locals come out for the home tie. Not bothered about the result, free shot for us, but f**k sake west lothian come watch the team!!
  4. Would Halkett not still be eligable for YPOTY? If so, Lithgow for player and Halkett young player.
  5. Aaaaand we're on our waaay! Looking forward to this day out regardless of the result See you there!
  6. Pars v Sons

    Won our final 9 games in a row whilst rotating the squad and sealing promotion with plenty to spare last season, albeit League 1 is hardly comparable to ICT and United. I would imagine we will have a more recognisable starting XI on Saturday than we did last night. I will be pretty disappointed to lose on saturday regardless of who starts for us. 3rd place defo up for grabs
  7. Livi v ICT

    Hope ICT do get in the playoffs, I'd be much more confident against a team scraping a 1-0 against us with Maley in goals, Jordan Thompson (somehow) getting 90 minutes and a CM up front than I would be against the pars or United. We made 8 changes from Saturday but it didnt show for the first 20 minutes as we played some of the best football I have seen this season. It then became a case of not getting injured and seeing the game out. ICT did look threatening at times and Coll Donaldson (diving git he is) played a blinder but I am sure most would agree a draw would have been a fair result, not that we are too fussed anyway. Here's hoping ICT make the playoffs and we avoid defeat on Saturday to extend our run of not losing back-to-back games. Also, fair play to the ICT fans making their way down tonight. That is what it is all about, rather than watching the 'big' games on the telly!
  8. Thompson has shown nothing to suggest he should be in our starting XI. Only thing he has done is the cross to Hardie away to Falkirk. Robinson and Jacobs must be gutted not tp be playing ahead of him. He is the same as Boyd who has offered nothing since coming in. Few points: Frizzel looks good. Pacey with a bit of composure. Longride has been brilliant the last few games whereas Pittman has not been himself. (Although pittman is excellent 99% of the time) Where was Hardie v Dunfermline and Morton? Cadden is NOT a striker!! Harkins is a p***k but a great player Although our season objective was to finish 8th or higher, i will personally be gutted if we do not get second
  9. Think a Livi v Dundee final would be tasty. Dont see it happening though
  10. QoS v Livi

    Using BBC stats to back up a failing argument especially after QOTS could (should) have been down to 9 men is embarrassing. In short: We gave them 2 goals. One possibly offside? Our 4th looks to be one of the worst decisions since the peterhead game last year. Toddy is still sexy. Queens are shite Still second 10 games unbeaten Halkett strolled it as usual
  11. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    At half time, even 3-1 up, I still thought the way St Mirren were playing (barring the howler for the equaliser) was the best they had played against us this season and at no point, until the 4th goal, was I confident we would win. It was a free game for us and to get 3 points is incredible. With Morton dropping points it makes it even sweeter. What is weird is I still think some of our players were not 100% today but still were incredible. I have seen Halkett, Pittman, Alexander and Byrne all play better than today, but their effort and desire to win 50/50s and play for each other is immense. Only thing is, why is the rest of Livi stuck in the pub with their OF tops on instead of watching us when we play like that? I love watching this team, officially safe from 10th place, brilliant!
  12. the party's at your patch, so suck it up

    Might be wrong but i am pretty sure that Livi have never had to suffer that (post 95 anyway)
  13. Disappointing result. After a good draw midweek against 100 men, quite rubbish not getting something against only 14 men.. In seriousness, we were not great today but cant fault for effort. Queens defended very well, but has to be said another game again ruined by incompetent officials. Finnie at his best today. Frustrating game to watch, must have had most of the ball without threatening too much, but that was mostly down to the Queens defending. Shame it was a mistake that cost the game, although cant be too hard on Halkett, it is his first mistake (that i have seen) since week 2 away to Brechin. He is still a class above. I had a feeling today would not go our way, feel like this will be a poor quarter for us, however as long as we win our next 4 games v Brechin and Dumbarton we should be OK. Not too bothered about the play off places, just keep beating Dumbarton's results and that is all that matters.
  14. I agree to your post to a certain extent. To answer your question about the criticism, not sure criticism is the right word. It was being pointed out that Byrne had a poor game on Sunday and if Thomson was an option he would have been the ideal player to throw in the midfield. It should be said though, it was not just Byrne, the only player with pass marks from Sunday is Halkett (and Lithgow to an extent before his pen miss). The rest looked like they were out in having a piss up with the fans the night before. Having said that, they are a young team, they had a long journey and they have been playing well recently and still held their own and were very unlucky not to be in the next round. The three players you mentioned are pivotal as you said, and I don't think anyone would disagree. They are brilliant players but as all players do, they will have bad games. It would be good to have an option of the supposed quality of Thomson to use to rotate the squad when necessary, and In my opinion, Sunday was one of those days.
  15. Yeah I was a bit weary about us playing 3 a the back with Lithgow but he seems to really have taken to that formation and has settled really well so far this season. He will always be outshone by Halkett though, but so would most other CB's in our league. Unfortunately I missed the Morton game so can't comment, however going by the forums that seems to be the consensus, even from Morton fans. Can't say I am surprised either, both brilliant players. Interesting idea actually, would be nice to really be able to mark the occasion. On a tangent, will be interesting to see what team goes out against TNS, what happened to Knox playing 1st team football this season? Could we see him back in Keaghan's place?