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  1. Went along last night and it was painful viewing. Only reason I was there was for Bendtner tbh but want to see Celtic progress for Scottish Football. Forrest was murder and, although Rogic isn't a no.9 he looked half asleep. Does anyone at Celtic think the first XI needs a bit of a freshening up or are you happy with Brendan adding one or two?
  2. Really hope Rory doesn't score on Saturday and saves his first goal back in a navy blue shirt for St Mirren away. Fairy tale stuff.
  3. You were probs better than us for all of 30 minutes last year and it cost us. Fair's fair. But lets no forget the other shaggings we dished out to you lot... and that was with Bairdy up top. Just wait til you see Rory x Fash.
  4. Still not worried by this lot one bit lol. Team looks mince.
  5. Don't get smart just because he looks better in Navy Blue than yer Sky Blue stripes
  6. Lol'n at the above.
  7. Surely you don't think he meant the English Championship lolololol. Fuxake Lanky, get yer big neck out the sand, son. Luton pure toppling Newcastle United's attendance n that hahaha. Jeeeez.
  8. Hibs exposed that last year with the goals they scored but against diddies it could be a laugh.
  9. GK. Thomson RCB. Muirhead CB. Grant LCB. Gaspo RWB. Kidd RCM. McKee LCM. Taiwo LWB. Hippo CAM: Craigen ST. Loy ST. Austin Nice wee 3-5-2 for banter. Suits most of the players tbh. No gonna happen tho unless we play Hibs at some point in the season and Houstie decides to go like for like again like last years opening day.
  10. I'm bang up for McHattie tbh. We need LB cover so theres that. Also, Lukey was untested at LB when Houstie moved him there and he turned out dynamite. If PH works his magic we could be on to a winner. He might have gotten exposed in a p!sh team but in a Falkirk side who predominantly attack with the beautiful Peter Grant on his inside to keep him right I will be happy to give the lad a chance Get the i's dotted and the t's crossed, Kev. Also, mon the over wee Kev over in Buda.
  11. Is Dylan Bikey going to ICT?
  12. Not as good as the last pool pic when Bairdy was flexing. Had a rager for weeks.