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  1. Birmingham

    When I was there the other month I was staying in a lovely little hotel at Five Ways. It was a nice walk through some posh parts from there to Edgbaston for the test match.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Through the vagaries of my mind, I recall travelling home from a midweek game at Brockville back in the mid 80s and Jimmy "were you at the game caller" Sandison and Bill "c**t" McMurdo were going at it hammer on tongs on the radio phone in. Glorious days for the phone in, now its the fat sexist p***k and his OAP pal on Radio Scotland and a crew of drooling inbred old firm knob guzzlers on independent local radio. Sad sad days.
  3. Gordon Strachan

    If by unlucky you mean horsed at Hampden because England tore an unfit Colin Hendry apart every single time they had the ball because Brown made an arse of it by picking him, then you are right.
  4. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    O'Neill convicted over his drink driving, 3 times over the limit = 16 month ban and £1300 fine. With the colour his schnozz is looking in recent photos he's surely got to be the favourite.
  5. Scotrail

    I say old bean, have you been dropped on your head? No need for such uncouth behaviour.
  6. Scotrail

    May as well drink piss from a can than drink that vile stuff. Anyway, anyone know where in relation to the old station the new Forres station is?
  7. Central Sectional Cup final

    My version of the Cup final poster, I think I have accurately reflected the West Regions marketing campaigns.....
  8. 23rd and 30th December - Blank?

    23rd is more likely to see lower attendances than the 30th - last minute Christmas shopping, recovery from works nights out etc etc. And also maybe the players want some weekends off over the holiday period.
  9. P&B Dead Pool 2017

    Looks like he drank himself to death.
  10. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    He said "not Scottish", if you are eligible you are deemed Scottish ergo Strachan didn't do what he said. Better luck next time old thing, pip pip.
  11. Carlisle United News

    I was there old thing, Carlisle are hoof ball merchants and not very good at it. Only player I recognised in their team was Danny Grainger who to be frank had an absolute mare, not as much as the home keeper in costing the goal but there you go. First time at Carlisle, city of the drunk and drugged by the looks of things.
  12. Bigger Change Than Just The Manager?

    Hi there old thing, can you provide me with a list of the players that Strachan capped that were not qualified to play for Scotland? I'm intrigued as to who these players are that weren't eligible that he was apparently able to get past the SFA and FIFA scrutiny of such things. thanks in advance.
  13. Friendly Next Month

    I thought it was fellow World Cup qualifying failures The Netherlands, great excitement if they have been dumped for a decent side.
  14. Friendly Next Month

    That the SFA have put that sexist racist poltroon in charge of the national team, even if only for one game, says it all about the complete and utter cretins that are in charge at the SFA.
  15. Friendly Next Month

    And sexist and racist.