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  1. 'Humped again like usual" hahaha.
  2. The Kerr tackle was a thing of pure beauty.
  3. Ya fucking grass
  4. Starting to think Jimmy85 runs the DAFC twitter account.
  5. End of the day, get it right up yees ya bunch of sad, whiney, grassing roasters. 1 point out of 12 hahahaha.
  6. I genuinely canny wait til Hippo scores the winner in the play-off final.
  8. Peak seething.
  9. The Pars must be loving this. For once this season they appear slightly relevant.
  10. Grant228 still spewing it seems.
  11. It's no even a dive tho? The thick fucker goes fleeing into Hippo's ankles. A ban would be fucking mental. Wouldn't surprise me if the Pars would celebrate it. Would sum up their utterly depressing season.
  12. Fuxake it's Monday evening and these Fife roasters are still spewing hahahaha. Fucking gimps man.
  13. Look at the state of those fucking nicks hahahaha.
  14. Think Pars fans need to go away, sit down and decide if they care about us or not.Conflicting posts all over this thread. Let us know soon plz x PS - get it right round yees.