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  1. by trecking upto to invy bairnardo san x
  2. Mate, even Bainsford looks good in the sun.
  3. Just read back the initial post and don't understand why some Brechin fans got so defensive. Said the stadium looks a shitehole, which it does, and that I was looking forward to going, which I am. f**k me, what a precious bunch.
  4. Oaft, too many vodkas at that point last night it seems. [emoji85]
  5. Brechin trying to be relative, Jesus.
  6. Will only have to go three times tbf as Brechin are going right back doon.
  7. Brechin's a shitehole, I want to go home.
  8. Kelpies right next door but.
  9. If I ever say I canny wait to go back to Glebe Park I hope someone would take me to one side and have a word.
  10. Never been to Glebe Park before. Looks a shitehole but. Looking forward to it.
  11. Canny wait for Joe Boy's next pearler of a hit next season.
  12. Either way, if we don't go up this season, I think Housty will jam it. I hope not tho [emoji22].
  13. One of the best smiles in football imo.
  14. Prove them all wrong Housty my man. [emoji170]
  15. League 1 shite. Pipe doon.