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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Well done to the club for making the right decision. A lot of respect for Housty who has given me some of my best Falkirk games. Sadly it came to a point where there was no other choice but to let him go. Buzzing that Maybury and that have been punted as well.
  2. Aye, solely to give Housty pelters.
  3. If Housty is still in charge, we have literally no chance of getting anything from this game.
  4. Consistently spouting pish sir.
  5. Maybe cause Housty is a fucking arse who lacks respect to most clubs we play.
  6. f**k me, still another 45 on this utter gash to go.
  7. This is a fucking depressing watch.
  8. Zero buzz about this game. Or this season in fact. 1-1 or 2-1 Livi FT. We really are a mess just now. If Livi win this, surely yer man Housty has to go.
  9. Feels the first time in ages that I've had literally zero buzz going to games.
  10. Why were folk clapping that shite at the end? We were bottom of the league until 10 minutes to go.