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  1. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  2. Oaft, Bairnardo with the telts.
  3. If he wasn't a diving wee f**k the first time round, he might of got it. Get it roond ye.
  4. I canny believe I'm still watching this shite.
  5. That Kuate boy is a fucking roaster hahahah.
  6. Purely to stick a massive middle finger up to the SPFL, hope Hammy get through this.
  7. Where did all these United fans come from?
  8. Can we just all agree that Bairdy and McHugh are both shite so we can move on plz x
  9. This. Which is incredible. The boy is a fucking imposter.
  10. Gallagher's chance at left back now. Should be interesting.
  11. Very short list tho which is extremely worrying. Doesn't look like many coming or going.
  12. Shame about Sir Bob, but he had to go. 3 league goals is not acceptable in this league. But as mentioned above, he will forever be remembered for causing some mental moments both home and away. So wish him luck.
  13. Craigen was absolute mint in the play-offs. Can see him being a big player for us next season, thats if Housty plays him in the right position.
  14. Sam Stanton? Jesus fucking Christ.