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  1. Brechin City v Dundee United

    Though we played some good stuff in the first half and really should have been ahead.The United lad Gillespie should have been sent off for a dirty tackle in the 1st half.2nd half after we hit the post we fell to pieces and went back to being same old Brechin again.Fair play to United they turned it up a notch in the 2nd.But as soon as they scored I knew that was it. our lack of fitness compared to a full time team and the heads going down after the first goal really showed tonight.
  2. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    You absolute c**t
  3. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    f**k you CTDH
  4. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    f**k you CTDH you c**t if your actually in the mafia don't ever speak to me again you absloute c**t f**k off
  5. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Thank you sir
  6. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Citydiehard you sir are a w****r I hope you die a horrible death you c**t I formally leave the mafia
  7. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Dods must stay whatever he says is god
  8. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Please realise citydiehard what we achieved last season is nothing short of a miracle you c**t.fair enough you are entitled to your opinion and. I'm entitled to mine I think your an inconsiderate c**t who needs to take a look at the fact the club are attempting to operate at a above there at hats off to the BCFC committee for the work they do what they actually do for the club financially they don't get the praise they deserve I'm sorry for been so upfront but I just think as do my navy colleagues that Darren dods deserves a 2nd chance based on last season and I agree
  9. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Citydiehard can get to f**k I love Darren for what he done last season dods must stay [emoji173]️
  10. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    You sir are a fucking clown grow up you baldy b*****d i know exactly who you are Dods is a good manager what he achieve last season is nothing short of a mirical we are a club who is overachieving on paper give us a fucking chance you baldy c**t.(drunken rant over dods must stay if we sack him we are fucked)
  11. Livi v Brechin

    I think we're missing a target man style player up top.Once we have jacko back I think him and orsi could work well together up top.As for the goalkeeper he hasn't looked the same this season as he has been the last couple of seasons
  12. Livi v Brechin

    I think you need to look again at who you think CDH is cos it certainly ain't who your implying it is [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Livi v Brechin

    Bit gutted at that result wasn't able to make the game today due to work commitments.Same reason why I won't make the next few games.It looks like we pushed Livingston all the way and were unlucky not to come away with a point.Surley were due a bit of luck in a game soon I think we have been missing jacko upfront and when we have him back we should start picking up the points. Anyone shed some light on what happend with the first goal I seen on the internet it was a goalkeeping mistake just wondering if fans who were there think the same thing.Also anyone who wants dods sacked needs to take a long hard look at themselves after his achievements last season. (Looking at you CDH)
  14. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    It's a shame that thought he was a good player when he played for us