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  1. Any idea who the trialist s were ?
  2. I've no idea who they are im just speculating atm
  3. Maybe the other two are Lewis spence and issac layne ?
  4. Be another good signing [emoji106]
  5. Saying on mcgeevers Twitter that he has signed with us cracking signing [emoji106]
  6. Someone posted on our forum that mcGeever has signed for us
  7. McGeever always impressed me when I seen him play against us last season would be pleased if we do sign him
  8. Just realised the spelling mistake [emoji23]
  9. Anymore more news on the issac layne rumor ?
  10. Would be great if he signed for the club was a great player for us when we had him on loan [emoji106]
  11. Confirmed on the website now that hill,McCormack,trouten,Rodgers and Caldwell won't be returning also says the manager is talking to a number of players with announcements expected shortly [emoji106]
  12. Looking forward to a local derby next season [emoji12]
  13. Best of luck to all of them who we have released does anyone know who we have under contract for next season ?
  14. Think we need to spend within our means if I remeber rightly last time we got promoted to this level we took a massive gamble financially on some players and ended up with debt when were relegated the following season
  15. Any rumours of any incoming transfers heard that Isaac layne may be on his way back to us anyone heard anything else ?